Continental TKC 70
Continental TKC 70

Continental TKC70 tyres for long adventures

The Continental TKC70 could be the new choice for long-range adventurers.

The TKC80 has been the choice of many an adventure rider, but they are known for wearing out too quickly, especially on heavy and powerful bikes such as the ubiquitous BMW R 1200 GS.

The TKC80 is excellent in the rough, but if you have to do any road miles on tar to get to the adventure part of your trip, you can quickly square them off and nearly deafen yourself in the process.

Continental TKC70 ContiTrailAttack2, TKC70 and TKC80
ContiTrailAttack2, TKC70 and TKC80

Riders doing more road miles have been opting for the ContiTrailAttack2, but they just don’t have the off-road bite needed.

Now the German tyre company has released a tyre that sits right in the middle of the two: the TKC70.

Continental claims that on the road, the TKC70 has good stability, is hard wearing and has low noise levels thanks to the small central rear band.

They also claim wet grip is improved by a special tyre compound and wide “sipes”. These are the thin cuts on the tyre that help pump water away from the contact patch, increasing grip on wet roads.

The Continental TKC70 is available in the following sizes:

  • 100/90-19 M/C 57T TL M+S
  • 110/80 R19 59V TL M+S
  • 120/70 R19 60V TL M+S
  • 3.00-21 M/C 51T TL M+S
  • 90/90-21 M/C 54T TL M+S
  • 120/90-17 M/C 64T TL M+S
  • 130/80-17 M/C 65T TL M+S
  • 140/80 R17 69T TL M+S
  • 150/70 R17 69V TL M+S
  • 170/60 R17 72V TL M+S
  • 4.00-18 M/C 64T TL M+S
  • 150/70 R18 70T TL M+S

  1. to tel the truth, I have just got to the end of my Conti TKC 70s. Not a bad tyre by any means, but under the same conditions, same trips even, they barely made 13,000 kms (just 8,000+ miles) compared to the OEM Bridgestones 17,200 kms (10,700 miles) which pleased me just as well on my 2014 V Strom 1000.
    I generally get good tyre mileage so I expected equivalent to the Bridgestones.
    The front has some wear left but is very cupped and has become noisy.
    I do 90% tarmac, 10% gravel/dirt..
    Maybe I’ll try the Pilot Road 4 Adventures this time

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