Beartooth creates a wireless so you can connect with other riders when you are out of phone range
Beartooth creates a wireless so you can connect with your riding mates when you are all out of phone range

Connect with riders off the phone grid

Adventure riders who lose smartphone connectivity in the bush can now connect with their riding mates and track their position with a new device called Beartooth.

It uses a 1GHz bandwidth to set up its own 3.2km network so you can still text or speak to your riding mates and find them on off-network maps, even if you are way out in the outback with no phone or wi-fi service.

The device is smaller and lighter (130g) than most modern smartphones and connects via Bluetooth to become an antenna for your phone.

Beartooth creates a wireless so you can connect with your riding mates when you are all out of phone range

Download the iOS or android app and it turns your phone into a network that allows you to text your nearby riding mates with the same device and app.

It also activates a push-to-talk function which turns your phone into a walkie-talkie and you can share GPS locations via topographic or street maps so you don’t get lost.

Beartooth has a rechargeable 3000-mAh lithium-ion battery and can be used to charge your smartphone.

The early-bird start-up price is US$249, but that offer is expected to double when it goes for general sale next month.

It’s a lot to pay to stay connected just with your riding mates and if you run into trouble, you still won’t be able to call for help.

  1. It’s a fantastic and great! What will they think of next? I just can’t keep up with all this technology..

    All this stuff comes out so quick that I,m still thinking what I should get for my next adventure when something new comes along to add. First world problem I know..

    They will have to start putting car size batteries in bikes or have I missed some other gadget that will run all this gear?

      1. Hi Mark I think Peter was being sarcastic but he has a point about the gadgets that keep coming out some of which are wonderful and others are just a wonder as to why they even bothered.
        This particular device for the most part could be filled by an app and an antenna from an old car hands free kit.
        However his point about the bike battery is not lost on me or any rider who farkles their bike, with all the gadgets lights butt warmers etc we want to fit to a bike we sometimes forget that all that needs power and often the factory alternator can’t cope. Fortunately with the advent of power packs and portable solar cells and roadside assistance we don’t have to McGyver a battery out of some coins and a bucket of pee. I think a story on jump starters and batteries might be a good idea.

      2. Thanks Mark for the link. Hi Al, I’m confused about all this technology. I’ll get there slowly. Plenty of research to do.



        1. Don’t worry too much because as soon as you figure it out it’ll be obsolete and the next big thing will do its job even better and make you breakfast but still not quite do what you want or fit anywhere you have to put it without another gadget .

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