Teo Jock Ross head-on crash committal criminal

Committal for head-on rider crash

A daughter of renowned neurosurgeon Charlie Teo will face a committal hearing over a head-on crash with former Comanchero boss William “Jock” Ross in September.

Nicola Annabel Teo, 24, faced the Windsor Local Court yesterday (12 December 2019) were the matter was adjourned until 6 February 2020 for a charge certification committal in Windsor Local Court.


Head on wrong side crash teo committal
Charlie and Natalie Teo (Facebook image)

A committal hearing is held to determine if the matter should proceed to trial. It provides the defence an opportunity to test prosecution evidence and for the Magistrate to decide if it is a strong enough case to face trial in a District or Supreme Court.

If found guilty, Teo could face a custodial sentence.

Police are expected to provide the court with CCTV footage, witness statements and physical evidence.

They will alleged Teo was driving on the wrong side of the road when she crashed her Toyota Landcruiser head-on into a Ross, 76, near Wiseman’s Ferry, NSW, on 26 September 2019.

Head on wrong side crash
Teo’s Landcruiser at the accident scene

Ross suffered extensive leg and internal injuries.

Teo is currently on conditional bail.

Ross was a former Commanchero president who instigated the infamous Milperra Massacre on Father’s Day in 1984, in which seven people were killed.

Jock Ross head on crash
Image: Channel 9

He was shot and jailed for more than five years. He later left the club and is now a Rural Fire Service captain and grandfather of 12.

  1. It will be an interesting case to keep an eye on when it comes back to court, does being the daughter of someone famous protect you from the consequences of your own actions? It seems to me that way too many drivers are still driving distracted because of things like mobile phones, etc.

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