Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon

Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon plugs in

American fun bike manufacturer Cleveland CycleWerks has joined the electric motorcycle race with their new Falcon BLK and are seeking an Australian distributor.

For years now, the Ohio-based company has been designing small-capacity fun machines that have been built in China and retailed for less than $5000.

Cleveland CycleWerks Heist and Ace
Cleveland CycleWerks Heist and Ace

“We do not currently have an Australian distributor,” a company spokesman told us.

“Not sure if the bike (electric Falcon BLK) will make it there at this point, but we would love to get our network back up and running.”

Falcon BLK Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon

The electric Falcon BLK is along the same lines as their previous lightweight low-capacity models.

They claim a top speed of 137km/h (95mpg) and range of 290km (180 miles) which is probably in city traffic, with about half that range on the highway.

Price in America is $US14,995 which is about $US400 more than the Zero FX.

They will also have a Falcon 01 moped edition which costs $US7995 and has half the battery capacity.

Falcon BLK is powered by a 13kW motor with four power modes (Eco, Custom, Ego and Wheelie for a power boost) and uses a conventional motorcycle chain driving the rear wheel.

It has two 2.2-kWh “Angry Pixy Power” packs that use Samsung cells which look like they can be taken out to charge up. Maybe you can have powered-up spares ready to go.

Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon
Swappable batteries

It features a “robot bent” and hand-welded frame.

Like their conventional models, Falcon BLK has minimal appointments such as a tiny headlight, single bar-end mirror, blacked-out rims, 200mm disc brakes and non-adjustable suspension.

The company will join other American motorcycle manufacturers Harley-Davidson, Lightning Motorcycles and Zero Motorcycles in the race to win market share of this nascent market.

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