Cheaper, safer helmets for all Aussies

International-standard helmets are now available for sale throughout Australia after the Federal Government changed the rules that made them illegal for sale, even though Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory have already made them legal to wear.

Now riders should be able to access a wider range of safer helmets.

They should also be cheaper because they don’t have to be tested and approved again in Australia, which adds costs to the helmet importer who passes that on to the buyer.

importer Robert Ferrington.

“We have been moving quite a few ECE helmets with full knowledge of the ACCC,” he says.

“As it stands the ACCC will neither prosecute nor give us a leave pass until the law is amended in January.”

  1. Hi I have the
    Schuberth C3 Pro Dark Classic Helmet according to website it is DOT and ECE certified
    Can you advise where I can get the gazetted law paper work from I live in NSW

    1. It is not a matter of what the Schuberth web site says, it is a question of the certification/compliance marks on the helmet itself. Look at the chin strap and if it is UNECE 22.05 compliant you will find a sewn in label with the E No and the helmet Serial No. The manuals and sales material supplied with the helmet should also indicate whether you purchased a DOT or UNECE compliant helmet

      You can read the NSW Gazette Notice on my web site and there are also links to the Gazettes

      Look at the bottom of the page and you will find everything you need including an overlay setting out the UNECE 22.05 labeling requirements and what the labels look like

      There should not be any need to show any police gazette notices as all State police have been briefed on what is legal, if anyone encounters police who are not, contact your State MRA

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