Charley Boorman

Charley Boorman breaks leg in crash

We have just heard that well-known and loved motorcycle traveller Charley Boorman has broken his leg in a collision with a car while attending the media launch of the new Triumph Explorer in Portugal.

By all reports, the Triumph ambassador has had surgery in hospital and is doing OK.

Details are a bit vague at the moment and there is no word on whether he was riding or driving.

News updates will happen by Twitter, through @biketruck – his long-time friend Billy Ward.

Billy Ward - Charley Boorman
Billy Ward

Billy writes on his Twitter account: “CB had accident today in Portugal @ Global launch of Triumph Explorer. In hospital but OK. Send him yor best. Will update U.”

The funny man followed up with: “ is now in surgery but was in good spirits before going in. Was smiling and joking before he seen the needle!”

And: “Awaiting return from surgery. I’ve ordered a nurses uniform – always wanted one. He didn’t see the funny side. Update lata.”

Ending with: “Charley Update: OK, he’s come round after op. Smiling, looking forward 2 getting home. All good. Update 2moro. Nite!”

Please send Charley your best wishes via Twitter.

Charley is a much-loved and frequent visitor to Australia where he leads Outback tours with Compass Expeditions.



  1. Hope Charley is doing OK. I’d love to see Tiffany Coates standing in for him rather than his engagements having to be cancelled. Would be great to see more of this top female motorcycle adventurer.

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