Chance to own rare museum bikes

Allen Smith in the Australian Motorcycle Museum with his Munch and NR750 vintage

A rare two-wheel-drive motorcycle is one of several rare motorcycles being sold after the Australian Motorcycle Musuem at Haigslea closed about three months ago.

Owner Allen Smith says he wants to enjoy his retirement and found the museum tied him down. However, he will continue tho operate his import business, but do the buying himself at US and Japanese auctions, rather than sight-unseen through a third party.

Drysdale Dryvtech at Australian Motorcycle Museum Munch
Drysdale Dryvtech

He says there will be several rare bikes going up for sale soon, starting with the Dryvtech 2x2x2 motorcycle built by Australian motorcycle designer Ian Drysdale in the 1990s as a concept bike for the Australian Army.

It is being offered on eBay with a reserve of $10,000 and the auction closing today at lunchtime.


“It’s not of interest to me anymore,” Allen says. “I just bought it for display in the museum. I’m not into trail bikes.”

Y2K at Australian Motorcycle Museum

Allen says he bought a few rare bikes over the years for some variety in the museum ad may sell them, including one of only 300 Honda NR750 race bikes and his Martine Turbine Technologies Y2K fitted with a Bell Ranger jet turbine engine as owned by Jay Leno. “My son, Michael rides it, but only up and down in a straight line,” he says.

However, he won’t be selling his brute-ugly German Munch Mammoth signed by Friedl Munch.

Australian Motorcycle Museum Munch
Munch Mammoth

Allen collected his bikes over several decades of importing and working in bike race teams. His collection also includes a one-off carbonfibre Vincent Black Lightning and a 1988 Norton F1 rotary which is one of only 135 built. Paul McCartney owns number one and Smith owns number three.

Meanwhile, Allen’s import business is going strong, selling about 20o0 bikes a year and two more containers on their way from overseas.

Contact Allen via email.

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  1. I have a highly custom hand built 1967 BMW motorcycle for sale. It was built by world class master bike builder Joe Palermo in Edgewater, FL. Who passed in 2015. it has been professionally appraised at $ 55,800.00. If you know of anyone who might be interested, I kindly request to have them contact me.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Sincerely, Mary Palermo

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