Rocsie wood E-motorbike

E-motorbike made of leather and wood

Hardly a week goes by without an email from some new company making an electric motorcycle, but this one caught our attention because it is made of leather, wood and metal. Like many of the electric motorcycles being produced, it’s an urban-based mahicne, not much bigger than a bicycle and weighing just 32kg. It’s made …

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Roundabouts road safety

Roundabouts a major rider danger

Roundabouts are just as dangerous for riders as intersections says Austroads which has called for riders to be considered a priority in “Safe System” design. Their aptly named report, “Understanding and Improving Safe System Intersection Performance” says intersections account for 30% of all vehicle crash injuries, but a massive 47% for motorcyclists. It confirms the …

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Lane filtering lane splitting America blame

Police blame rider in autonomous car crash

Blame for an autonomous car crashing into a motorcycle has been placed on the lane-splitting rider, despite the fact that it is legal in California. It’s not the first crash involving an autonomous vehicle and not the first where a motorcycle was not detected by autonomous vehicle sensors. It also comes as a US panel …

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Simone Watts motorcycle Ambassadors

Call for riders to be ambassadors

Motorcyclists have had a bad name for too many years and it’s time for riders to actively be good ambassadors for their pastime, says Simone Watts. There are several things riders can do to avoid fostering negative images: not speeding through school zones, not revving their bikes at 5am in the suburbs and not popping …

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Oxley Highway hillclimb speed reductions RMS safety standard limits moto fest

‘Dictatorship’ cuts Oxley Highway speed

A “dictatorship” has cut the speed on 44km of the Oxley Highway from 100km/h to 80km/h with no negotiation, says a rider representative. Save the Oxley Campaign founder Ken Healey says he and various stakeholders were called to a meeting with NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey at noon today to discuss the changes. “Straight away …

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Brett Rossiter hitting charge - NSW police bond

Former cop on bond for biker attack

A former police who threw an object at a rider causing him to crash has been placed on a six-month good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded. The incident occurred when NSW Senior Constable Brett Rossiter (pictured above) was performing random breath tests in Narwee, Sydney, on November 6, 2015. When rider Paul Cook failed …

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