speed camera radar speeding fines rich rich

Higher speeding fines for the rich?

Is it time for Australia’s speeding fine system to be overhauled so the rich don’t get away with comparatively light fines while working Aussie motorists pay among the highest fines in the world? According to British website GoCompare, Australians rank sixth in the world with the highest fines and 10th in relation to their average …

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herd mentality road safety traffic

Speed enforcement causes herd mentality

Years of rigid speed enforcement have created a herd mentality that could be just as dangerous as having high-speed lunatics in our midst. Over the past 20 years, traffic in our nation has been beaten into submission by the heavy handed use of speed cameras and police patrols. The road safety rhetoric has changed from …

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How to Find the Best Motorcycle For You

(Sponsored post for our North American readers) Buying a motorbike is an investment, so you want to get the best motorcycle for you! “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair…” The Eagles knew what they were talking about. Motorcycles are a symbol of freedom, of masculinity, and of dreams coming true. The US Motorcycle …

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RIP fallen riders crash lone

Lone rider dies in overnight crash

A motorcyclist has died after his bike left the road and hit a pile of rubble near Walgett in central NSW overnight. Police believe the 20-year-old man was travelling along Opal Fields Road, Cumborah, between 7pm and 7.30pm (Wednesday 1 May 2019), when the crash occurred. “He failed to reach his destination and people went …

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Dunlop Sportmax Alpha 14 tyres Ducati GT1000 chicken

How wide are your chicken strips?

Chicken strips can be one of the biggest causes of embarrassment for riders and may even be a safety risk. In case you’ve been riding in a vacuum, “chicken strips” is a term for the shiny, unused part of a motorcycle tyre’s tread. They signify that the rider hasn’t leaned the bike over very far …

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Bikebox motorcycle theft apartment

The Best Apartment Amenities for Motorcyclists

Let’s face it, not every apartment is motorcycle friendly, and some seem to forget that motorcycles even exist. Motorcycle awareness is an issue that needs to be addressed over time, but for now, our best bet is finding apartments that have motorcycle friendly amenities. The more successful that these facilities are, the more likely it …

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Yamaha Ténéré 700 2019 tip

Yamaha Ténéré 700 prices tip

Yamaha will release its much-anticipated Ténéré 700 adventure motorcycle late this year in Australia and we tip the price will be about $16,500. Our tip is based on the recently announced UK price of £8699 where the Ténéré. That is 27% less than the UK price of the KTM 790 Adventure at £11,999. In Australia, …

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Victory Empulse TT electric motorcycle

Are electric motorbike range claims a hoax?

Electric motorcycles are coming on a wave of hype about range of more than 300km, but are the claims a hoax? Traditional petrol-powered motorcycles are quoted in terms of miles per gallon or litre per 100km. It provides a reliable and realistic guide to the range from a bike’s tank. Riding hard or conservatively doesn’t …

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Kawasaki H2 paint supercgarged

5 Top End Superbikes you can buy today – if you’re lucky

By Victoria Chase: freelance writer and digital marketer* Sometimes a superbike comes along, and you can’t imagine how anything that comes after could ever possibly be better. These bikes are amazing feats of engineering with a whole bucketload of passion thrown in. It’s always difficult to narrow down the list of the top 10 superbikes, …

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