Nawa racer has hybrid battery with ultracapacitors

NAWA Racer electric has hybrid battery

NAWA Technologies has revealed an electric café racer with a hubless rear-wheel motor and world-first ‘hybrid’ battery system, combining next-gen ultracapacitors with a lithium-ion battery. They say it is the first time an electric motorbike has used ultracapacitors. Nawa claim it is 25% lighter, 10 times more powerful, with five times more energy. Yet they …

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Tarform electric pineapple express

Meet the electric pineapple motorcycle!

The Tarform electric motorcycle is claimed to be more environmentally sound as it uses non-toxic, biomaterials such as flax for body panels and pineapple material in the seat. Not sure if we would like sitting on the rough end of the pineapple, but at least Taras Kravtchouk, the New York founder of the Tarform electric …

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Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

Your electric bike could charge your home

Imagine riding home from work on your electric motorbike, then plugging it into the mains where it then helps charge your house? Or running out of power and being able to recharge your bike off another electric vehicle so you are not stranded on the roadside? Researchers at Sydney’s Macquarie University have developed a bidirectional …

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Tacita T-Race Rally

Electric Tacita launches at Dakar Rally

Italian electric motorcycle company Tacita will launch their rally edition at the Dakar Rally which moves from South America to Saudi Arabia in January 2020. But the Tacita T-Race Rally won’t be competing in the 7500km rally, 75% of which will be in power-sapping sand. How could it with just 220km of range in eco …

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Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle short circuit minutes

Recharge electric motorbike in 5 minutes

A Canadian company is working on battery technology that will recharge an electric motorcycle in about five minutes without reducing battery life. The discovery by GBatteries is a potential boost for electric motorcycles and other vehicles as recharging time, not range anxiety, is the biggest hurdle. Harley-Davidson claims its LiveWire electric motorcycle can be recharged …

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2019 Savic electric motorcycle prototype orders giants

Orders start for first Aussie electric motorbike

Australia’s first full-size electric motorcycle, the Savic C-Series, has launched today in Wollongong at the Australian Motorcycle Festival with orders accepted for for first 49 bikes. The updated prototype revealed today is a far cry from the one unveiled a year ago, thanks to feedback from the public, according to founder Dennis Savic. Prices Pricing is …

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2020 Energica Eva Ribelle range anxiety

Energica eases electric range anxiety

If range anxiety is the biggest hurdle for electric motorcycles, Italian company Energica, who supplies the bikes for MotoE, may have the answer. Their new Ego and Eva have a larger battery with up 400km (250 miles) of range. Now that’s a substantial amount and it should ease any range anxiety you might feel about …

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Hadin electric cruiser

Why are there so few electric cruiser bikes?

When Harley-Davidson announced it would make an electric motorcycle, most people thought it would be an electric cruiser style. However, the iconic heavy cruiser company produced the naked LiveWire sports bike, instead. Over the past decade, many other electric motorcycles have been launched, mainly by start-ups, and most have been dual sports, commuter bikes or …

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