Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon

Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon plugs in

American fun bike manufacturer Cleveland CycleWerks has joined the electric motorcycle race with their new Falcon BLK and are seeking an Australian distributor. For years now, the Ohio-based company has been designing small-capacity fun machines that have been built in China and retailed for less than $5000. “We do not currently have an Australian distributor,” a …

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Fonzarelli NKD is first Aussie mini electric subscribe

Subscribe to an electric motorcycle

Riders can now subscribe through to hire the fun, dual-sport Grom-sized Fonzarelli NKD, the first Australian-made production electric motorcycle. The Special Edition is capable of up to 120km range and 100km/h top speed and is now available through Blinker in Brisbane and Sydney for $120 a week. The electric mini bike and a range of …

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Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle short circuit minutes enevate

Enevate drops electric bike hurdle

Electric motorcycles could soon recharge to 75% capacity in as little as five minutes, according to Californian battery company, Enevate. Company spokesman Bill Blanning tells us they are “talking to motorcycle and scooter makers worldwide” about their Li-ion batteries that use silicon-dominant anodes.  “We are not ready to disclose that just yet. Stay tuned,” he says …

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2019 Savic electric motorcycle prototype orders incentives

Call for incentives to build electric bikes

The Australian Government should offer incentives for the fledgling electric vehicle industry in the wake of the demise of domestic automobile manufacturing, says Savic Motorcycles. Founder Dennis Savic (pictured above) plans to kickstart production of Australia’s first full-size electric motorcycle, the Savic C-Series, this year. He says the process of accessing a government investment grant or low-interest …

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Z electric motorcycle concept drawing

Z electric motorcycle just a drawing

This Z electric motorcycle is just a drawing, but it shows the potential for electric bikes to have some wild non-traditional designs. California design student Joseph Robinson imagines an electric motorcycle in the shape of  the letter “Z”, similar to the Racer X shaped like an “X”. Drawing While the images look realistic, they are just artistic …

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Zero Motorcycles SR/S plug

Zero plug in electric SR/S sportsbike

The biggest electric motorcycle company, Zero of California, will finally plug into the sportsbike market with the launch of the SR/S. Over the past 14 years, the company has produced dual-sport models and last year added the naked SR/F streetfighter. The Zero SR/S is basically an SR/F with a fairing. Zero says it’s “the most …

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Switch electric eSCRAMBLER

Switch designs electric eSCRAMBLER

New Zealand electric motorcycle company Switch is seeking funding to homologate its stylish go-anywhere eSCRAMBLER and bring it to market in 2022. Founder Matthew Waddick has already produced an electric conversion kit for a Honda Cub as part of his Shanghai Customs company and is now working on the eSCRAMBLER through Switch. “We are going …

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pursang electric motorcycles

Coming soon: Two new Pursang electric scramblers

(Contributed post) First released to the market in 1967, the Pursang motocross motorcycle went out of production in 1984 and quickly gained mythological status. The Spanish bike, famously ridden by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, was revered by motocross fans across the world. However, it remained boxed in history until the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show in …

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Suzuki electric slow

Suzuki slow to plug into electric revolution

Suzuki has been slow to plug into the electric motorcycle revolution, but looks like finally joining the other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, at least in the Asian market. The big four Japanese manufacturers have all been slow in announcing their intentions with electric motorcycles and scooters. However, in April 2019, electric vehicle website Electrek claimed Honda, Yamaha, …

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