Soriano EV Giaguaro V1S and V1R

Soriano electric has ‘boxer’ motors

Italian motorcycle company Soriano Motori is making its first electric motorcycle with twin motors arranged in a twin-opposed “boxer” fashion like BMW’s famous engines. The motors of the EV Giaguaro (Jaguar in English) work together for full power or independently for optimum range. Soriano Design and Product Development Director Sergio Moroni says the project is a …

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2019 Savic electric motorcycle prototype orders setbacks

Electric Savic on track after virus setbacks

Australia’s first full-size electric motorcycle, the Savic C-Series, is on track for their first customer delivery this year after coronavirus pandemic setbacks. Savic Motorcycles founder Dennis Savic (pictured above) says bike development is “going relatively well”. “We have some new suppliers and it’s driving a significant, but positive, redesign of the powertrain unit which will be key …

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RGNT No. 1 electric internet motorcycle

RGNT No. 1 bike tracks your location

The Swedish RGNT No. 1 electric bike has a 4G connection for real-time data logging, tracking your bike’s location and automatically downloading software updates. Given the reticence of riders to download the COVIDSafe app, we wonder how many riders would approve of their bike being connected to the internet so authorities can track you! The …

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AKO tilting electric trike

AKO tests tilting trike prototype

Lithuanian start-up AKO is now testing its electric-powered tilting trike prototype which is somewhere between a motorcycle, trike, car and plane. Like the Piaggio and Yamaha leaning scooters, the Yamaha Niken leaning motorcycle and the non-leaning Can-Am Spyder roadster, it has two wheels up front and a single wheel at the back. But the most interesting …

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Fuller 2029 Majestic electric motorcycle

Fuller electric has transparent wheels

This electric bike from Fuller Moto features transparent wheels, a super-slim body and 3D-printed titanium parts, but it has a century-old body design. As LA bike designer Roland Sands says, electric bikes don’t have the constraints of traditional motorcycles (engines, petrol tank, exhaust pipe), so they can be quite revolutionary in design. The Fuller 2029 …

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Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon

Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon plugs in

American fun bike manufacturer Cleveland CycleWerks has joined the electric motorcycle race with their new Falcon BLK and are seeking an Australian distributor. For years now, the Ohio-based company has been designing small-capacity fun machines that have been built in China and retailed for less than $5000. “We do not currently have an Australian distributor,” a …

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Fonzarelli NKD is first Aussie mini electric subscribe

Subscribe to an electric motorcycle

Riders can now subscribe through to hire the fun, dual-sport Grom-sized Fonzarelli NKD, the first Australian-made production electric motorcycle. The Special Edition is capable of up to 120km range and 100km/h top speed and is now available through Blinker in Brisbane and Sydney for $120 a week. The electric mini bike and a range of …

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Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle short circuit minutes enevate

Enevate drops electric bike hurdle

Electric motorcycles could soon recharge to 75% capacity in as little as five minutes, according to Californian battery company, Enevate. Company spokesman Bill Blanning tells us they are “talking to motorcycle and scooter makers worldwide” about their Li-ion batteries that use silicon-dominant anodes.  “We are not ready to disclose that just yet. Stay tuned,” he says …

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2019 Savic electric motorcycle prototype orders incentives

Call for incentives to build electric bikes

The Australian Government should offer incentives for the fledgling electric vehicle industry in the wake of the demise of domestic automobile manufacturing, says Savic Motorcycles. Founder Dennis Savic (pictured above) plans to kickstart production of Australia’s first full-size electric motorcycle, the Savic C-Series, this year. He says the process of accessing a government investment grant or low-interest …

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