Energica Ego

Energica powers 2019 electric MotoGP

Electric bikes will race in support MotoGP races from 2019 and the Italian electric motorcycle company Energica will supply the bikes. The FIM Moto-e World Cup will run as a support event at select MotoGP rounds around the world. There is no word yet on which rounds will feature the electric races, but they expect …

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Energica EsseEsse9 electric motorcycle benefits

Benefits of an electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are coming sooner than we think and the benefits could outweigh the drawbacks such as high purchase price, charging time and battery range. Several specialist electric motorcycle companies and several traditional motorcycle manufacturers have electric bikes or scooters in the market or concepts waiting in the wings to hit the showroom. Purchase prices …

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Energica EsseEsse9 electric motorcycle

Energica Eva EsseEsse9 goes retro

Often called the “Tesla of motorbikes”, Italian firm Energica has unveiled its third model, the retro Eva EsseEsse9. Unlike most electric bikes which look modern or even futuristic, this looks quite classy and could almost be mistaken for one of the new breed of retro bikes. It seems retro is the new cool. There has …

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Bultaco Albero

Bultaco unveils Albero electric street moped

Famous Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Bultaco has produced its first street moped, the Albero, powered by an electric motor. In 2014, Bultaco announced it would return to production with electric road motorcycles. The news came as a shock from the company made famous by its two-stroke off-road bikes. The new bikes were to be the Rapitan and …

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2018 Zero Motorcycles claim 360km range

Zero electric motorcycles claim 360km range

Zero Motorcycles continues to improve the range of its electric bikes, now claiming a maximum of 360km, up 40km from the previous models. However, Aussies can no longer buy the bikes after Zero Motorcycles pulled the plug on imports to Australia and Asia in June, citing unfavourable exchange rates and taxes. The world’s biggest electric motorcycle …

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Kalashnikov electric motorcycle

Kalashnikov fires into electric motorcycles

The famous maker of the Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle is now turning its attention to building electric motorcycles. It’s not uncommon for weapons and motorcycles to be made in the same factory. Doing World War 1, most British motorcycle companies also made munitions. BSA started life as the Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited. The Russian Kalashnikov conglomerate …

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Honda reveals electric self-balancing concept Honda Riding Assist-e self-driving

Honda reveals electric self-balancing Assist-e

Honda is set to reveal the Riding Assist-e electric version of the self-balancing concept it unveiled in January, 2017. The Riding Assist-e electric self-balancing bike looks production-ready. Below is a video of the earlier concept that has a small combustion engine.  Other differences are a more robust frame, possibly a battery pack under the solo seat …

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Tacita T-Cruise electric cruiser

Italian Tacita electric cruiser preview

Italian electric motorcycle company Tacita has launched an electric cruiser. It looks a lot like a Harley-Davidson Street 500 and has a turbine sound similar to the Harley electric Livewire. The T-Cruise was launched in the USA this week and is featured in this video where you can hear its turbine sound and see it performing …

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Avionics electric board tracker tough

Electric board tracker moped unveiled

Since batteries and electric motors can take just about any shape, designers are free to create all sorts of strange vehicles, even this board tracker from European company Avionics. They have unveiled their electric board-tracker-style moped made of wood and steel with orders from September, but no prices announced yet. It’s not the first old-style …

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