Solar power Cake Kalk electric motorcycles

Solar power coming for electric motorcycles

A Swedish partnership is being forged to build small portable solar power chargers for electric adventure motorcycles that can be used in remote areas where there are no mains charging points. A portable solar charger would be a great advantage in Australia with our vast distances and plenty of sunshine. It’s a great step forward, …

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Remo Klawitter's Zero DSR electric motorcycle record

Rider shocks electric motorcycle record

Range is the big barrier for electric motorcycles, but a German rider has been able to shatter that barrier by riding 1134.3km in 24 hours and setting a new electric motorcycle record. Remo Klawitter of Berlin rode a Zero DSR electric motorcycle from his bicycle shop to the Land Centre for Renewable Energies in Neustrelitz …

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Krautmotors electric 1976 BMW R 60/6 we'd own

Krautmotors BMW R60 is an electric motorcycle

You wouldn’t believe this classic 1976 BMW R 60/6, built by German customiser Rolf Rieck of Krautmotors, is actually an electric motorcycle. It’s a work of art and absolutely beautiful. While most electric scooters and motorcycles look a little odd or cartoonish, this classic is something we’d actually like to own and be proud to be seen …

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Kymco proposes battery swap scheme for Ionex electric scooter hybrid

Kymco proposes battery swap scheme

Battery swap vending machines could be the key to the introduction of electric vehicles with long charging times, according to Taiwanese scooter manufacturer Kymco. The idea is not new. British company Battery Traction Ltd came up with the idea in 1938, but it was sidelined by World War II. Better Place also suggested the idea …

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BMW eRR electric sports bike emissions promise

Free rego promise for electric vehicles

The South Australian Labor Party has issued a promise to improve access to electric motorcycles by waiving vehicle registration and stamp duty on new electric vehicles for five years. Of course, the promise is reliant on the party retaining power at this year’s state election, although it should be noted that the party has been …

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Emflux ONE electric motorcycle electric motorbike

Indian Emflux ONE electric coming

Not an Indian Motorcycle electric bike, but an Indian-made Emflux ONE electric bike may soon be coming to Australia. The fully-faired sports tourer has a top speed of 200km/h, 80% recharge time of 36 minutes, range of 200km in the city and 150km on the highway at 80km/h. They will cost about $US9350 (about $A12,000) …

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