Royal Enfield Himalayan Sleet invests

Royal Enfield invests and adds camo

Royal Enfield will expand its model range and world-wide network as the Indian motorcycle company invests $160m next financial year. This comes as Royal Enfield has released a new Himalayan Sleet model with camouflage black and white paint. RE invests The massive investment will include new wholly-owned subsidiaries in Indonesia and Thailand to cope with …

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2016 Royal Enfield Classic 500 vibration

Aussies solve Royal Enfield vibration

Adelaide’s Royal Enfield custom builder, Carberry Motorcycles, has followed up its 1000cc V-twin with a plate that stops the retro bikes’ traditional vibration. The engine vibration reduction plate is only available for Royal Enfield 350cc and 500cc Unit Construction Engines (UCE) which have two bearings on the left and one on the right. The plate …

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Royal Enfield 650 twins factory

Royal Enfield surprises with 650 twins

Royal Enfield has surprised everyone with a pair of 650 twins, rather than the expected 750cc Interceptor. The Interceptor INT 650 and Continental GT 650 were unveiled overnight at the EICVMA motorcycle show in  Milan after they had revealed the engine at their UK Technical Centre at Bruntingthorpe. Royal Enfield claims the 648cc, single-overhead-cam, eight-valve, …

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Carberry Enfield 1000cc engine vibration

Carberry Enfield V-twin engine on sale

Adelaide’s Royal Enfield custom builder, Carberry Motorcycles, has released its first Indian-made 1000cc V-twin engine for worldwide sale. Called the Double Barrel 1000, it consists of two joined carbureted 500cc single-cylinder Royal Enfield engines. The V-twin engine produces about 42kW of power at 4800rpm and 108Nm of torque at 5250rpm, compared with the single-cylinder’s 20kW …

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Royal Enfield Classic 500 custom bobber bob

Will Royal Enfield bob the Classic?

Royal Enfield could be planning to bob its Classic or Bullet models after the resounding success Triumph has had with its new 1200cc Bobber. The Triumph Bobber has been so successful the Avon tyre company that supplies the bike’s rubber has had to expand production to meet demand. That level of success must have other …

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Royal Enfield CEO Siddhartha Lal on the new Himalayan engineer

Royal Enfield Himalayan updated to 750cc?

Royal Enfield boss Siddhartha Lal has confirmed that several models, including the Himalayan adventure bike, will be updated with engines up to 750cc. He says the main motivation for bigger capacity engines comes from the Indian market, not export markets. This is surprising given Royal Enfield’s biggest seller is the Classic 350 which sold 4,16,693 in …

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