Honda doubles down on electric minibikes Super Cub

Honda doubles down on electric minibikes

Honda has doubled down on electric minibikes with a patent filing for their long-promised electric Super Cub and a trademark application for an electric Motocompacto. The former has been around since Honda trotted out a prototype at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. Electric minibikes Honda said the EV-CUB electric scooter would be available from 2018, …

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Honda android

Honda follows Harley-Davidson with Android Auto

Honda is adding Android Auto to its Goldwing infotainment system for music, phone calls and messaging with a software update next month.  This follows Harley-Davidson which became the first motorcycle company to offer Android Auto in March. It’s tit for tat really, as Honda Goldwing was the first with Apple CarPlay in 2018 and Harley followed a year later with the …

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Honda aerodynamic rear end

Honda patents aerodynamic tail

Honda has filed an application for a patent for an aerodynamic tail that looks a little like those spoilers we see on “fully sic” fast fours and 1970s supercars. Winglets have been added to the front of MotoGP bikes over the past couple of years to address aerodynamic issues. Now Honda is looking to add …

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Honda telescopic side stand

Honda patents telescopic side stand

Honda’s blitz on motorcycle patent applications continues with the latest a telescopic side stand. Instead of a solid, sprung stand you flick out to prop up the motorcycle, this stand is like a telescopic camera tripod. We can understand the need to make side stands more secure from flicking back and allowing the bike to …

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Forks Goldwing patent

Honda Goldwing forks extended

Honda has filed a patent that indicates it may be planning to extend its Goldwing double-wishbone forks to other bikes in its range. Two patent drawings show the suspension being used on a neo retro CB1100 and a C125 Super Cub scooter. So anything in between could be suitable for the suspension. To us, it …

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Honda CB-F concept

Honda virtually unveils CB-F concept

The pandemic has forced the cancellation of the 47th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, so motorcycle manufacturers have chosen to virtually launch their new products, including the Honda CB-F concept. This “modern retro” is a tribute to the CB900F of the 1970s-80s. But don’t get your hopes too high that it will come to Australia. The 20-13 …

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Honda electric FireBlade

Honda patent suggests electric Fireblade

The latest patent application drawings from Honda seem to indicate the Japanese company is planning an electric Fireblade, albeit with high bars. But don’t get too excited or outraged yet! Most traditional motorcycle manufacturers have toyed with the idea of electric motorcycles for years. Some have produced electric scooters, mobility scooters, trials bikes and trail …

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Combined braking systems

Honda patent suggests Blackbird return

Patent drawings seem to suggest Honda may be reviving its high-speed Blackbird sports bike with eight aerodynamic winglets. In September, patent drawings of winglets that automatically deployed above a certain speed were accompanied by drawings of the Africa Twin and Fireblade. When both were unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan last month, neither …

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