BMW sidestand charger patent drawing

BMW Motorrad plans sidestand charger

BMW Motorrad has filed a patent for a sidestand charger that looks like it belongs to an electric motorcycle, lending more weight to an electric future. It follows a patent application last month for a frameless electric motorbike with the motor and battery making up the bulk of the frame. These patent applications seem to give a …

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BMW E-Power Roadster electric

BMW reveals E-Power Roadster prototype

BMW Motorrad has been toying with the idea of an electric motorcycle for some time and has now revealed the working E-Power Roadster prototype at a small media event. For now it’s called the E-Power Roadster and it is the first time an electric BMW motorcycle has been ridden by journalists. However, it’s still a long …

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bmw serious about electric motorcycle

BMW serious about electric motorcycle

BMW Motorrad seems to be getting serious about an electric motorcycle, judging by their latest patent application for a frameless motorbike. The patent drawing, published by Electrek, shows the motor and battery making up the book of the frame, linked via upside down forks and a single 45-degree mono shock to the swingarm. The Bavarian company already …

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BMW F 900 R and RX

BMW release new F 900 R and XR

BMW Motorrad has revealed a surprise with the launch of the new “Dynamic Roadster” F 900 R and F 900 XR with more capacity and tech. Most punters had been expecting an F 850 RS, but BMW has turned up the wick with these adventure sport models. Here is the full official BMW press release on …

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BMW F 850 GS Rallye for NZ GS Trophy

BMW F 850 GS Rallye and R coming?

BMW Motorrad could soon be adding a limited-edition F 850 GS Rallye and an F 850 R production bike to its expanding line-up. The company has prepared a special F 850 GS Rallye for the annual International GS Trophy Oceania competition in February 2020 in New Zealand. While they have been specially prepared for the GS …

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2020 BMW R 1800

BMW R 18 cruiser spy photos surface

Spy photos of the production version of the BMW R 18 cruiser prototype that dropped jaws earlier this year now comes with an oil cooler, longer pipes, bags and a fatter front tyre. We expected there would be some differences between the beautiful and simplistic prototype and it seems engine cooling for emissions regulations will …

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Is BMW planning supercharged M bikes?

BMW Motorrad has applied for trademarks for the model names M 1000 RR, M 1000 XR and M 1300 GS which hints at performance versions, possibly with superchargers. Their car division has been using the M model code for performance models for years. They have more power, better suspension and brakes, plus styling differences, usually …

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