Harley-Davidson Road King in New Zealand

Best advice for riding in New Zealand

The best word of advice I’ve received about riding in New Zealand is that if it’s wet on one coast, it doesn’t take long to ride across to the other side of the island and bask in sunshine! I received that sage advice in 2015 while on the ferry from the North to South Island. …

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New Zealand Peeps

You meet the nicest people in New Zealand

I have returned to Australia after a two-week motorcycle tour through New Zealand with new opinions of Kiwis and their gorgeous country. What a friendly bunch they are. They are the most welcoming nationality I have encountered … Apart from the cranky lady at the Auckland transport information desk who told me upon our midnight arrival …

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New Zealand

New Zealand: Good, bad & the ugly

As we cruise back into Auckland at the end of our two-week Hobbit Odyssey to return the trusty Harley Road King, we think back on the best and worst of summer riding in New Zealand. The Good: 1 Scenery. There really are no boring parts; at least we didn’t see any. And it changes quickly …

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Mt Ruapehu crescendo

Hobbit Odyssey Day 14: Crescendo

When the co-founder of New Zealand’s oldest motorcycle tour company recommends a road as one of his favourites you know you are in for a crescendo to finish your Kiwi tour. Day 14 of our Hobbit Odyssey motorcycle tour of the North and South islands on a Harley-Davidson Road King starts in beachside Wanganui. They …

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transport stage

Hobbit Odyssey Day 13: Transport stage

Even when we are just expecting a transport stage in our two-week Hobbit Odyssey, New Zealand surprises us. Day 13 of our tour starts with breakfast in our home stay in Hanmer Springs with over 300km to the Picton Ferry then another 200km from Wellington to Wanganui. It’s a long day by Kiwi standards as …

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Mountains at Hanmer Springs rest day

Hobbit Odyssey Day 12: Rest day

Even the Dakar Rally riders get a rest day, so we’ve programmed in a short ride today to recover on our 14-day Hobbit Odyssey tour of New Zealand aboard a Harley Road King. Riding every day for the past 11 days has exhausted our sense of beauty with the ever-changing postcard scenery and it’s also …

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Harley at a Maori meeting hall Quake City

Hobbit Odyssey Day 11: Quake City

Nothing beats local knowledge when you’re riding overseas and today we have an old friend in Christchurch who reveals the treasures of the riding roads down the Banks Peninsula to Akaroa and the secrets of Quake City. It’s day 11 of our Hobbit Odyssey tour of New Zealand on a Harley Road King and we’re …

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Harley, Lake Pukaki and Mt Cook travel insurance

Hobbit Odyssey Day 10: Mt Cook

If anything symbolises the majestic beauty of New Zealand, it’s Mt Cook as viewed across the azure waters of Lake Pukaki. The last time I’d seen this view was in winter with bleak skies, a black lake and a mysterious snowy peak veiled in heavy mist. But on the 10th day of our epic Hobbit …

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Lanarch Castle

Hobbit Odyssey Day 9: Castle

From King of the Road to King of the Castle, today we have ventured across Central Otago to the east coast and opulent Scottish settings. Day 9 of our 14-day Hobbit Odyssey tour of New Zealand on a Harley Road King has been yet another feast of varied countryside, engaging roads and charming townships that …

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Kingston Flyer for sale - contrasts

Hobbit Odyssey Day 8: Compact contrasts

Despite only travelling 255km today, we hopped from cold and windy misty mountains in the Lord of the Rings Fiorland to hot Utah-style landscapes in Central Otago. That’s the beauty of New Zealand. It is a compact land of contrasts. The eighth day of our Hobbit Odyssey tour of New Zealand on a Harley Road …

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