Ibiza is a party on the roads

Ibiza is a motorcycle party on the roads

The Spanish island of Ibiza may be renowned for electronic music and night life, but automotive writer Paul Joshua reckons it’s also great for riding. “Its snaking roads connecting one beach cove to the next make it the perfect playground for exploring with a motorcycle,” says Paul who comes from Brisbane. If you have a …

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Toulouse France Where motorcycle parking is a paradise

Where motorcycle parking is a paradise

As cities continue to resist freeing up spaces for motorcycle parking, there is one country that seems to be paradise for motorcyclists. Former Brisbane chef Michel Bonnet, who has returned to his native country of France, says we can learn a lot from his country. He says there are rules, but the gendarmerie seems to turn …

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MotorbikeWriter at the Ducati Museum pilgrimage

Pilgrimage to revamped Ducati Museum

The pilgrimage to Ducati’s factory in Borgo Panigale in Bologona, central Italy, is now an even deeper experience for the faithful after the recent revamping of the company’s museum. The focus has broadened from Ducati’s substantial racing history to include its proud road bike heritage. It also includes exhibits from its earlier days making radio …

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Stalking Valentino Rossi in his home town

Veteran motorcycle journo Mick Matheson and family took a motorcycle trip throughout Italy recently and he put together this article and video on stalking Rossi. My daughter Ariel is a massive Rossi fan. Yes, one of millions, and as irrepressible as the best of them. She is on a mission to meet the great MotoGP champion. …

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European cops

Rider tips on European cops

If you’re heading off to ride through Europe, beware that the European cops, the guardians of the roads, who will be eagerly watching you and how you ride.  Remember, France Spain and Italy together with Germany employ 60% of all Europe’s police officers. FRANCE The Gendarmerie will “eyeball” anyone crossing “La Manche”, Brits in particular, as we …

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MV Augsta Turismo Veloce 800

MV Agusta enters travel industry

Italian motorcycle company MV Agusta appears to be moving into the lucrative motorcycle travel industry offering tours in their home country on their new Turismo Veloce 800 sports tourer. MV Agusta tested the new business with a seven-day tour earlier this year across three Mediterranean islands from Sicily and ending with a tour of the …

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Long Way to Vladivostok

Riding the long way to Vladivostok

Veteran Aussie motorcycle adventurers Shirley Hardy-Rix and Brian Rix packed their big Beemer in 2015 for a trip from Greece the long way to Vladivostok and have now released an inspiring book of their travels. The Long Way to Vladivostok, published by Aussies Overland, is available online or as an eBook via email. Their six-month …

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World traveller Jacob in Croatia

Young rider is experienced traveller

At the age of just 21, Lithuanian-born world traveller Jacob Laukaitis has done more motorcycle travel than most veteran riders. And he’s not stopping anytime soon. This northern summer Jacob rode 8000km across 15 Balkan states completely alone and without maps. “I don’t like using maps, because I think it’s much more interesting to (sometimes) get …

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