Cuba Mrs MBW

Cuba is a mysterious rider pearl

Cuba is a mystery wrapped in an enigma – inside a time warp – that you have to see and ride now before its next revolution under the economic reforms of Raul Castro and the thawing of relations with the USA. But good luck hiring a motorcycle! About nine months before arriving, I contacted the …

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Cuba Mrs MBW

Cuba scams its way into our hearts

Motorbike Writer and I got ripped off big time in Cuba, but despite the many scams Cuba is one of the most interesting places we’ve visited and we hope to one day come back and see how much it has changed. We tried to hire a motorcycle or join a motorcycle tour, but ran into major problems …

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tacos and tequilla tour4

Mrs MBW endorses organised bike tour

My first organised motorcycle tour has been a raging success and I’d fully recommend it for a couple, particularly in countries where you aren’t confident with the route, customs and language. We’ve just finished a 19-day tour through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize with Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris (soon to be known as World on Wheels) …

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The crew finish their tour at Puerto Morelos Mexico

Mexico offers wide variety for riders

Mexico is a quarter of the size of Australia or continental USA, yet has several disparate regions that offer motorcyclists a wide variety of riding conditions. In the north, there are vast deserts offering thrills for adventure riders; central Mexico hs towering mountain ranges with juicy, winding tarmac’ in the south, the roads snake through thick jungles …

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Guatemala Ferris Wheels travel insurance budget

Guatemala wins riders over

After a six-hour border crossing from Mexico to Guatemala and arriving at our hotel in the dark about 10pm, riders on the Tacos n Tequila tour with Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris were not very complimentary about the country. SEE ALL THE PHOTOS HERE We had been asked for a bribe to smooth things along, but …

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Mexico roads Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris World On Wheels

Mexico is roads, roads, glorious roads

If you want to ride endless, smooth, knee-down asphalt curves, don’t go to the Italian Alps, head to Mexico, the world’s secret motorcycle nirvana – but do it within the next five years! We have just finished the first week of the three-week  Tacos ’n’ Tequila tour with Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris (from January to …

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Adventure riding Mexico

Adventure riding requires adventure

If you want a holiday, try a Women’s Weekly cruise, but if you want some adventure, try a Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris tour. SEE ALL THE PHOTOS We are currently in day four of the inaugural three-week Tacos ’n’ Tequila Tour of Mexico and it is living up to the adventure moniker with perfect motorcycle nirvana …

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Mexico is motorcycle nirvana

Mexico is a secret motorcycle nirvana

If ever you needed any evidence that Mexico is motorcycling nirvana, the road from Toluca just outside of the capital to Zihuatanejo on the western coast is living proof. SEE ALL THE MEXICO PHOTOS The 400km thrill ride over the Sierra Madre ranges came on the second day of the inaugural Tacos ’n’ Tequila Tour with …

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Mexico filtering

Mexico 1: Filtering practice

If you want to get plenty of filtering practice, a trip to Mexico is a must. On the first day of our three-week Tacos ’n’ Tequila Tour through Mexico with Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris, we experienced the extremes of ancient and modern civilisation. The tour starts outside Mexico City with its population of 21 million …

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Cuba with Extreme Bike Tours

Cuba opens up to motorcycle tours

Adventure seekers have a new destination to explore on two wheels, with motorcycle tour company Extreme Bike Tours launching its first tour of Cuba in 2016. It will be the first tour outside Asia offered by the company since it was started by motorcycle fan Zander Combe in 2011. His company will offer 13-day tours from …

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