Vietnam on a budget

Riding around the world on a budget

The idea of traveling the world on a motorbike may seem laughable, especially on a budget. In reality, it is not just possible to do so, but quite a number of adventurers, have already done so. Guest blogger Peter King says the goal of this article is to assist would-be adventurers in planning a successful …

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Daniel Rintz in Dream racer TV Somewhere Else Tomorrow film travels world without money

Riding around the world without money

When Daniel Rintz finished uni he was worried about getting tangled up in a boring job, so rather than wait to save money, he decided to ride around the world – without money! Daniel simply did odd jobs to keep him in food, fuel and spare parts for his 1988 BMW R 80 GS.  The …

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Second-day blues alcohol motorcycle travel

Do you suffer second-day riding blues?

Do you play up on the first day and night of a long motorcycle trip and then suffer the second-day blues with a headache and muscular aches and pains? The first day of a long ride is easy because you are fired up, excited and fresh from sleeping in your own bed the night before. …

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Canadian couple Diana and Loren Schroff of Brisbane are addicted to long distance motorcycle travel around Australia and their native North America.

Canadian couple addicted to long trips

Canadian couple Diana and Loren Schroff of Brisbane are addicted to long distance motorcycle travel around Australia and their native North America. They plan one major road trip every year and have just come back from a 64-day, 22,571km lap of Australia this year. “We could spend the next 10 years riding around Australia and …

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World on Wheels offers free DVD

Australian-based motorcycle travel experts World on Wheels (WOW) are offering a free DVD of their trips so you can see just what you are in for! Here’s the trailer. The free DVD includes 12 five-minute videos of each of the WOW trips being offered in 2017. They were edited by former Road Rider editor Mick Matheson who …

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Mike and Denise Ferris World on Wheels borders

World on Wheels expands its borders

Australian-based motorcycle world travel company World On Wheels are expanding their borders to introduce another couple of new destinations in 2017. They are also trialling a completely new direction with their first World On Water exercise, sailing for a week through the magnificent Croatian islands. WOW owners Mike and Denise Ferris (pictured top) say they keep adding new destinations …

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Guatemala Ferris Wheels travel insurance budget

Warning on motorcycle travel insurance

Just because you have travel insurance does not necessarily mean you will be covered for riding a motorcycle when travelling overseas as some riders have found out too late. Veteran tour operators Mike Ferris and Peter Colwell have advised riders to carefully check the fine print and exclusions on their travel insurance before heading overseas …

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Top 10 tips for riding long distances

Riding long distances for days on end is something that most bikers think of at one time or another. Being free to roam the roads along a beautiful stretch of country on the way to somewhere is the big draw of a motorcycle road trip. It certainly is for the author of this article, American blogger Lucas …

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