HJC releases Star Wars and Marvel helmets Punisher tinted visors

Rider confusion over tinted visors

Australian and European helmet standards allow tinted visors that filter only half the available light, yet car windows can be much darker, filtering as much as 65%. In a strange twist, you can wear sunglasses that filter more than 90% of light. Furthermore, the interpretation of the helmet laws seems to vary in each state, …

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Tex the trike-riding dog

Meet Tex the trike-riding dog

Just about every dog loves to dangle its tongue in the wind and Tex the Toowoomba trike-riding dog is no exception. And do you blame him? Dog lovers Paul and Mel Goodin say their five-year-old mastif/dane has been riding with them in their Touroz trike for about nine months and he loves it. “We go …

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Should you jump start a dead bike? standing

Rider defends standing on footpegs

A young rider has successfully defended a fine for standing on the footpegs after NSW police deemed it unsafe. Over the past couple of years, all Australians states have changed the road rules to allow motorcycle riders to stand on the footpegs, with the caveat “when it is safe to do so”, or similar wording. Motorcycle Council of …

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lane splitting lane filtering laws

Varied lane filtering laws explained

Lane filtering laws now extend to four states and one territory in Australia and lane splitting in California in the US, but more states may be coming on board and the laws vary. It makes it difficult for nomadic riders to avoid offending if the laws vary slightly in each state. While we welcome lane …

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Hiring a lawyer after a motorcycle crash

Hiring a lawyer after a motorcycle crash

A lawyer might be a necessary evil after a motorcycle crash, especially if it is your first crash, it wasn’t your fault or you are being hassled by your insurance company. A reputable and trustworthy law firm with experience in motorcycle crashes will evaluate your case for free, so you can get a clear understanding …

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RTR SA lane filtering traffic extends

Lane filtering extends to South Australia

Lane filtering extends to South Australia from April 15, 2017, when the state joins Queensland, NSW, Victoria and the ACT in allowing the road safety practice. It will have similar restrictions as in other states with a 30km/h maximum speed, fully-licensed riders only and banned in school zones, crossings, next to parked vehicles, between vehicles and the kerb and …

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Police cops speed speeding charity ride helmet cameras

How can police wear helmet cameras?

If police are fining riders for wearing helmet cameras, how can police wear them without breaking the road rules? The question has been asked by Australian Motorcycle Council representative Guy Stanford who says SOME police are misinterpreting the helmet standards and applying them to riders to harass them. “They don’t know what they are doing …

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Interphone F5XT Bluetooth for motorcycle helmets - Fatigue - road rules

Do you use a mobile phone while riding?

If you use a mobile phone while riding, or even if you pull over to make a call, you could still be unwittingly breaking the law. Australian Motorcycle Council representative Guy Stanford believes using a mobile phone while riding is dangerous and has stopped using a Bluetooth communicator.  But he says the laws about their …

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Charley Boorman congratulates MBW on copping a speed warning! speed fine police demerit

Do double demerit points apply to you?

Double demerit points apply in certain holidays in NSW, the ACT and WA, but do they apply to the licences of riders from other states? Unfortunately the answer is not a simple yes or no. There is no double demerit system in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory and South Australia. If you are a rider …

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Confusion grows on on helmet attachments

Confusion grows over helmet attachments

A South Australian rider has been warned about wearing a motorcycle helmet camera as confusion reigns over the laws on helmet cameras and bluetooth units. Adelaide rider Erica Aria went to the Sturt Police Station to submit video of drivers cutting him off in traffic but was surprised when he was instead given an official …

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