Aftermarket exhaust cars offenders

Repeat exhaust offenders could lose bike

What happens to repeat offenders who get a defect notice for an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust, bolt on the original to pass inspection then replace it with the aftermarket exhaust? That’s the question that was posed to us after we published an information article in response to persistent social media rumours of an imminent blitz on …

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Straight-lining corners

Can motorcycle riders straight-line a corner?

Many riders straight-line a series of corners by crossing broken white lines, but Victorian Police warn it’s illegal and recently fined seven sports car drivers for doing just that. VicPol recently recorded this video of a group of exotic sports cars straight-lining corners by crossing broken white lines on the Omeo Highway in north-east Victoria. …

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handlebars defect notice

Handlebar defect notices ‘incorrect’

Police who issued handlebar defect notices to riders involved in the recent Hells Angels Good as Gold charity ride may have got it wrong. Check out the claims of police harassment here. Several riders have complained on social media that their defect notices for having handlebars that are too wide or high were not correct …

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Sammy Harlee's Harley-Davidson Electra Glide police motorcycle impersonating police

Rider fined for impersonating police

A rider who bought a BMW R 1200 RT motorcycle that was painted and equipped to look like a police bike so he could feel safe in traffic has been fined for impersonating police. Darren Emanuel, 46, was stopped in London by motorcycle police officer PC John Harding who thought he was a colleague. He …

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Mt Mee downhill

Police defend covert downhill speed cameras

Police have defended their use of a covert Trucam mobile speed camera unit at the bottom of a 7.9km downhill section of the rider-popular Mt Mee Rd, northwest of Brisbane. This follows a call earlier this month from the Queensland Police Union for an immediate end to the use of unmarked and covert speed cameras, …

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Loud Pipes exhausts mufflers blitz

Police crack down on noisy mufflers

Victorian police launched Operation Muffler this month to crack down on noisy motorcycle and car mufflers after complaints from the public. The operation began on January 15 and will continue “for the foreseeable future”, says a Victoria Police media spokeswoman. “Operation Muffler was formulated in response to community feedback to the Police and the EPA …

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Average speed cameras

Are average speed cameras fairer?

Average speed or point-to-point cameras continue to increase their presence on our roads, but are they actually fairer than multiple speed cameras? Some of these cameras are front facing, so motorcyclists evade detection, but most are rear facing. The cameras are used in all states. However, in NSW (above photo near Inverell) they are only …

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texting drivers make riders maddest sentence

Maximum life sentence for killer drivers

Should dangerous drivers who cause death while using their mobile phones or speeding face a life sentence as is now the case in the United Kingdom? The UK maximum sentence is the toughest in the world for at-fault drivers in distracted driving crashes. It is equivalent to the penalty for manslaughter. The previous maximum penalty …

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