Police using covert TruCAM laser speed camera

Police have strange interpretation of covert

It appears that Queensland Police are using covert hand-held speed cameras in cars with tinted windows seemingly against their own speed camera policy. These images of a Holden station wagon with tinted windows and an officer using a hand-held radar gun attached to a camera recording device was snapped on Westlake Drive, in Brisbane’s west …

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Charley Boorman South Australia road rules change

Motorcycle road rules farce nears end

Arcane road rules that affect motorcyclists and vary from state to state are gradually being addressed with South Australia the latest to see reason. Over the past few years, these varied laws have exposed riders to being fined for: Having a GPS on their bike; Not wearing the correct helmet/visor; Having blinkers too close together; Wearing a …

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association laws innocent

How do new laws affect innocent riders?

A new Bill replacing Queensland’s so-called VLAD “anti-bikie” laws indicates there is less chance of innocent riders accidentally consorting at a Toy Run, charity event or shop ride. These new laws were passed on Tuesday night with support from members of the Katter’s Australian Party who were concerned about law-abiding riders being targeted by police. The …

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Slow moving vehicle pull over turnout sign traffic

Slow-moving cars should pull over

Slow-moving vehicles should be made to pull over when they have a conga line of vehicles following and police should patrol for the offence. One of the most frustrating things for riders and other motorists is slow drivers who refuse to pull over to allow a string of traffic to pass them. Most great motorcycle …

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Painted motorcycle helmets

Are painted motorcycle helmets legal?

A lot of riders have painted motorcycle helmets to express their individuality, but are they legal? Given the police propensity to fine over minor helmet issues and after a reader asked this very question, we thought it prudent to check the legality. We approached helmet law experts, helmet painters, and transport departments and police in several …

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road safety commuter - austroads

Open letter to car drivers from riders

To all car drivers, Don’t hate motorcycle riders or be jealous of us. Be thankful that we are there as we are making the roads better for you! Jealousy You drivers seem to have a show of animosity toward riders, but we know it’s probably just jealousy. You see us as freedom-loving easy riders who slip through the traffic and …

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