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4 Road Violations Most Motorcyclists Commit in California

(Contributed post) Motorcycle accidents have been one of the major problems on the road in California. Motorcyclists don’t have a steel or sturdy material to protect them when accidents happen- as cars do. Hence, there’s a high chance they’ll be thrown away during any vehicular collision. Motorcyclists are less visible and conspicuous to other vehicle …

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Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Statistics & KY Helmet Laws

(Contributed post) Should Kentucky motorcycle riders wear helmets? There were 122,360 motorcycles registered in Kentucky as of 2018, according to the Kentucky Traffic Collision Facts, 2018 Report (Collision Report). And while motorcycles are part of less than 1% of all collisions, they amount to 7% of fatal accidents. Riders need to be aware that though …

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TruCAM II: Rider’s friend or foe?

While some riders may not like the hi-tech TruCAM II radar gun’s ability to more accurately measure speed, the device could also be considered a friend of the motorcyclist. Features which may appeal are its ability to target tailgaters, aggressive drivers, distracted driving and vehicles obstructing traffic. So why aren’t they used more for these …

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Determining fault in a motorcycle accident case

(Contributed post for our North American readers) When someone has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, they must determine liability if they want to pursue legal claims. Determining liability means figuring out which parties are responsible for causing the accident and the injuries. If another person or entity is responsible for causing your accident and …

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High speed leads to dangerous charges

Riders who are fined for high-range speeding over 45km/h are often also charged with driving in a “manner dangerous”, says NSW traffic and criminal law specialist Chris Kalpage. Our contributing lawyer says the extra charge is often based on the speed which may not be “objectively dangerous”. Chris has previously addressed the issues of dangerous driving, …

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How rona riders may self-incriminate

With riders facing hefty fines for breaking the coronavirus Home Confinement Direction, some have suggested rona riders should reserve their rights to silence when pulled over by police. While exercising your right to silence is usually a good idea, it might not be of much assistance here, says Brisbane lawyer Andrew Evans. Under the law, police …

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What to do if you are hit by a drunk driver

(Contributed post for our North American readers. Image source: Drunk driving remains a serious issue. In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 10,874 people died in drunk driving accidents. This should be enough reason to enforce laws that reduce the number of DUI cases per year. Then again, these cases do not exclusively …

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