adventure tips

7 tips for your first adventure ride

The adventure motorcycle market is booming and many of these riders are new to riding on the dirt, so we have secured these expert riding tips from UK racer Grant Draper. Grant started riding off-road at 17 years and has raced motocross and enduro. He says the main difference between the riding and racing he has …

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Roadkill fauna crash statistics

Report animals loose on the road

Riders have been encouraged to report animals – livestock and even wildlife – that are roaming loose on the roads as they have the potential to cause a severe motorcycle crash. Riders are advised to contact either the police, road authorities or the local council. The call comes as recent rains have spurred roadside vegetation …

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Guy Martin skill

Guy Martin proves skill beats power

This video of a Suzuki Hayabusa rider trying to keep up with Guy Martin on a Honda Africa Twin shows you don’t need a powerful sports bike to go fast, just skill! The YouTube video was posted yesterday by rider Justin Price in the “comedy” category after a Time Attack track day at Cadwell Park, …

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Only dopes ride high! marijuana Diesel spill transport department NSW roads traffic motorcycles spills friday 13th

Friday the 13th motorcycle safety tips

Whether  you’re superstitious or not, Friday the 13th is expected to be a bad day for motorcycle crashes; not because of the date, but the day. A Youi insurance claims accident frequency study found most collisions (16%) occurred on Fridays and were most likely to happen between the peak periods of 8am – 9am and …

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Kiwi drivers

10 ways drivers can share the road with riders

Motorcycles are the fastest-growing category of vehicles on our roads and are allowed to lane filter, so drivers should pay more attention to riders than ever before. Many crashes are caused by drivers not being mindful of motorcyclists. TorqueCars has published several articles about safe driving and has provided the following 10 tips for drivers …

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Cop asleep on motorcycle

Can you fall asleep on a motorcycle?

It seems a strange thing that you could fall asleep on a loud and exciting motorcycle, but it can and does happen; just not as often as in a car. In a car, you are seated in a comfortable and supported position, the temperature is controlled and noises are muted. It’s a conducive atmosphere for …

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Does music make you a safer rider? bluetooth asleep

Does music make you a safer rider?

Bluetooth helmet systems now allow riders on any type of motorcycle to listen to music while they ride, but are they safer or more distracted? Some riders say it helps them concentrate and quells the boredom of long spells in the saddle. Others say it causes a distraction. And then there are motorbike traditionalists who …

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Lane filtering lane splitting stop lines congestion danger

Other riders a danger in lane filtering

There are many dangers as well as challenges in lane filtering, but one danger we may overlook is fellow lane-filtering or lane-splitting riders. Of course, we still have to be aware of drivers suddenly changing lanes without looking or indicating, being in truck and bus blind spots, road are from jealous motorists and slippery white …

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Why riders suffer from sunburn

Why motorcycle riders suffer from sunburn

Riders can suffer from dangerous sunburn on their faces – even in winter and even in full-face helmets – unless they take precautions. It seems ridiculous to think about sunburn and skin cancer when your whole body is covered with protective riding gear. However, the face is often overlooked. Open-face helmets and even some of …

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