Lane filtering: Watch for driver doors

The video below shows the danger to lane filtering riders of a driver who gets out of their vehicle while stopped at traffic lights. It’s illegal for a driver to leave their vehicle while stopped at traffic lights or on a roadway, unless parked at the roadside. It is also illegal to “create a hazard” by opening …

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2017 Kawasaki Z1000R convenient simple

The simple keys to riding faster

One of the simple questions many novice and advanced riders ask is how they can ride faster. The answer can be just as simple. However, the question can be a little vague. Does the rider want to get to their destination quicker, do they want to reduce their lap time at a track, do they …

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Motorcycles Gold Coast Canungra learners training road craft

Call for motorcycle road craft courses

Australian riders are desperately short of road craft advanced riding courses after the closure of a subsidised course on the Gold Coast five years ago. Rider Tod Parkes asked us if there were any road craft courses available to teach advanced survival skills to licensed riders in the real world of riding. We did some research …

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Lane filtering heatwave

Lane filtering a saviour in heatwave

Heatwave conditions are bad enough for riders, but moving slowly in heavy city traffic makes it so much more important that you keep moving by lane filtering where legal. HOW TO PREVENT DEHYDRATION Melbourne rider Ray Lindner describes his recent ordeal riding his Triumph Tiger XC in heatwave conditions in slow-moving traffic. Share this article …

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Riders dies of dehydration in heatwave

Rider dies of dehydration in heatwave

The current heatwave has claimed the life of a Queensland rider from dehydration after riding in the forests of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Thirty-year-old father Matthew Hall, pictured above with wife Emily, started to feel sick from dehydration and by the time the paramedics arrived he was feeling confused and his body temperature was 42, despite an ambient …

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Outback adventure Royal Flying Doctor Service

Outback riders rely on Flying Doctors

The uniquely Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service attends a “significant” number of rescues of riders involved in motorcycle crashes in remote parts of our Outback. So the RFDS has urged motorcyclists riding in the Outback to plan their journey properly and exercise caution. In the past year, the South Eastern Section of the Royal Flying Doctor …

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Kangaroo wildlife roadkill -

What animals are riders’ worst enemies?

In Australia, the kangaroo, wallaby and pademelon (yes, that’s right!) are the biggest enemy of riders accounting for 70% of all crashes with animals. However, but you’d be surprised what other animals are on the list, according to Suncorp insurance claims data. Dogs are next with 7.7% of all motorcycle-versus-animal strikes, but it would have been worse years …

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