Learner rider Mitch Hamrey tackles the HART slalom course austroads competent

Are you really a competent rider?

Unlike car drivers, most riders seem to want to learn to be a competent rider and improve their skills so they are safer, quicker and can enjoy their chosen recreation more. However, not every rider learns the same way. I have been to numerous road and off-road car and motorcycle training sessions in my couple …

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Losing weight large

How to lose weight riding motorcycles

We are bound to put on a bit of Christmas “pudding” over the coming holiday season, but did you know you can actually lose weight while riding your motorbike? It seems strange because most riding is a sedentary and social recreation. However, an 80kg rider will burn 40 more calories an hour riding a motorbike than driving a …

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Slow moving vehicle pull over turnout sign traffic follow

Do motorcycle riders follow too closely?

A new study has found that one of the most common motorcycle crashes is riders running into the rear end of vehicles in front because they follow too closely. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute motorcycle crash study for Motorcycle Safety Foundation chose 100 volunteer riders to carry cameras so they could study their behaviour. They …

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motomedics insurance hurdle

Insurance all-clear for MotoMedics

Insurance hurdles have held up the start of a volunteer riders group acting as first responders to injured motorcycle riders while they wait for the ambulance to arrive. It’s called MotoMedics Queensland and they will finally be operational this Sunday on Mt Glorious and Mt Nebo near Brisbane with hopes of extending their free service …

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Dehydration motorcycle gear

10 tips to beat dehydration this summer

Summer is a great time to ride, but the heat can be dangerous and it’s time to think about the hazards of dehydration. Riders tend to be a bit blasé about dehydration. Maybe it’s because riding doesn’t take a huge amount of effort. However, we are quite vulnerable to dehydration because of the drying effect of …

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Yvonne Everett Road of Death dirt bike learning

Learning to ride for Death Road

Yvonne Everett has been riding motorcycles since she was 16, but recently went back to bike school to sharpen her dirt skills so she could ride the Bolivian Death Road. Here’s her story. I’m spinning my wheels in the dirt and splashing through muddy puddles at the HART (Honda Australia Rider Training) facility north of …

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10 tips to riding safe and warm in winter

There is no doubt that a warm rider is far safer than one who is frozen solid in the winter chill. Being too cold can lead to shivering, exhaustion, confusion, memory loss, slurred speech, drowsiness, low energy, slow reaction times, and stiff and sore joints. None of these is advisable for a rider to stay …

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Target fixation

Make target fixation work for you

Have you ever heard of target fixation? It’s where your eyes focus on an obstacle and you end up riding your motorcycle straight into it. My wife had a big case of target fixation on her learner course: she saw the fence, thought she would hit it, didn’t take her eyes off it and … …

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