High heeled boots

High heeled boot causes fatal rider crash

A high heeled diamanté fashion boot that stuck on the footpeg caused a 29-year-old Polish woman to fatally crash her Yamaha, a British coroner has found. A Dorset Coroner’s Court heard that Monika Kunda looked down as she struggled with her left foot and lost control of her Yamaha and crashed in Bournemouth in August …

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Five tips for riding wooden bridges rhythm

Enjoy the rhythm of your riding

The most satisfying and enjoyable ride is not always the fastest or quickest, but the one where you develop a pleasant, flowing and almost musical rhythm. Rhythm generally means a “movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions”. It’s all about finding a suitable rhythm in …

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Western Australia WA government lane filtering consultation paper and online survey traffic look

10 traffic hazards on rider lookout list

Apart from scanning the road for hazards such as potholes and gravel, riders need to be on the lookout for potential hazards in the traffic. Motorbike Writer reader Moe Adamson approached us with a number of suggestions for traffic situations that could be particularly hazardous to riders. We have increased his list to 10 and …

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Could self-cancelling indicators prevent T-bone crashes? safety contract turning

Motorcycles vulnerable to turning crashes

Most accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles occur when the other vehicle is turning across their path. The result can be lethal as the rider hits the car in a t-bone fashion, rather than a glancing blow. There are a number of scenarios of turning-vehicle crashes where the rider is completely blameless and others where …

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Dangers of organised group rides numbers pass

How to pass in a motorcycle pack

Riding in a group can be fun, but it also has its hazards, not the least being how to pass other vehicles on the road and whether you should pass other riders in your group. These issues involve tactics, patience, safety and courtesy. One of the great joys and advantages of riding a motorcycle is …

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Flying Eyes glasses sunglasses eyes

Does riding in the wind hurt your eyes?

We love the wind in our faces, but the wind in your eyes can cause them to dry out, leading to itchy eyes and possibly blurred vision. Most riders wear goggles or windproof, wrap-around sunglasses when wearing an open-face helmet. However, the wind can also leak in through the visor of many full-face helmets and …

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