Five Fall Motorcycle Safety Tips

(Fall Motorcycle Tips is a sponsored post for our North American readers) Before a long winter, many motorcyclist enthusiasts are excited to break out their bikes and begin riding before adverse weather gets in the way. As more and more riders hit the road, it is important to gear up for everything the autumn riding …

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Yoga stunt rider world record relax

Three ways to relax on a motorcycle

Many riders talk about how riding their motorcycle makes them relax and “blows out the cobwebs”, yet I see so many tense riders. You can tell a tense rider immediately from their hunched shoulders and straight arms with locked elbows. It’s like they are shrugging or trying to strangle their bike. It’s a dead giveaway …

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2014 Yamaha SR400 returned riders motorcycles

Important safety tips for returned riders

Returned riders who have had several years off the motorcycle for various reasons, may be over-represented in the crash statistics, but that is no reason not to ride. (Above photo used for humour reasons only!) Some say the statistics are a furphy, while others (such as Professor Narelle Haworth of the QUT Centre for Accident …

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Lightning strike helmet

Lightning strike kills American rider

Riders on the Storm may be a great rock song, but it is not a good tip as one American motorcyclist unfortunately found last weekend when his helmet was hit by a lightning strike. Benjamin Austin Lee, 45, is one of 12 unlucky American riders struck and killed by lightning since 2006. Most have been …

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Could self-cancelling indicators prevent T-bone crashes? safety contract turning

Top Causes and Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

(Sponsored post for our North American readers) Some people consider riding a motorcycle, not just a pure hobby, but  a lifestyle. Sense of adventure, excitement, and passion are some of the significant reasons why motorcycle enthusiasts ride. However, it can also be dangerous. Several factors can contribute to motorcycle accidents. And, both new and trained …

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Grass clippings

Grass clippings a real risk for riders

Riders should add grass clippings to their list of road hazards and stay alert, take avoidance action and consider reporting the hazard to authorities. Grass clippings can not only be a slip hazard for motorcyclists, especially if they get wet, but also the dry grass can blow up into a rider’s eyes, blinding them. As …

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High heeled boots

High heeled boot causes fatal rider crash

A high heeled diamanté fashion boot that stuck on the footpeg caused a 29-year-old Polish woman to fatally crash her Yamaha, a British coroner has found. A Dorset Coroner’s Court heard that Monika Kunda looked down as she struggled with her left foot and lost control of her Yamaha and crashed in Bournemouth in August …

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