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What are the best bikes for tall riders?

Tall riders have almost as much trouble finding a bike to suit their build as short riders and it’s not just about seat height. For short riders, seat height is the most important factor. So we put together a comprehensive list of seat heights of your favourite motorcycles to compare. Click here to check all seat …

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air hoses tyre pressure gauge accurate

Which air hoses are the most accurate?

If you are precious about your motorcycle tyre pressures, you should carry an accurate portable pressure gauge as many service station air hoses are damaged or inaccurate. That’s because they are often abused by motorists. Modern flexible air hoses with the digital pressure display on a separate fixed post are more accurate and less likely …

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Chain belt shaft

Chain versus belt versus shaft drive

What is the best transmission for a motorcycle: chain, belt or shaft drive? Some say motorcycle riders only wear black t-shirts and jackets because old chains used to cover them in oil. That could also be why BMW riders with shaft drive tend to wear lighter and brighter colours like scooter riders with their fully enclosed …

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Is your motorcycle tail tidy legal?

Is your bobbed motorcycle tail tidy legal?

Many riders and custom bike builders “bob” the tail of their motorcycle for a tidier appearance, but are they legal? We’ve heard of police harassing riders over their motorcycle tails and mudguards, and issuing fines for non-compliance. But what exactly is compliant? And do the police even know! In 2014, the Federal Government removed the mudguard …

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Continental SportAttack 3 tyres breaks in quickly parts made

How motorcycle tyres are made (Pt 2)

Do you know what the codes on the sides of your tyres mean, what sort of tyres you are riding on and how they are made? Motorcycle industry veteran Dale Schmidtchen takes a look at the construction of your motorcycle tyres in part two of a two-part insight into tyres. Click here for part 1 …

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Odo reading mileage

Should you buy a motorbike with high mileage?

If you’re out looking at buying a second-hand motorcycle this weekend, no doubt you will check the odometer reading to see if the bike has high mileage. Often two similar bikes will be advertised for sale at substantially different prices, the cheaper bike usually has the higher mileage. But is the odometer reading really an …

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