Seats heights short

What are the lowest motorcycle seat heights?

One of the barriers to more people enjoying our favourite recreation is the traditionally high motorcycle cramb;ereat which precludes many women and shorter people. Now you can check the seat heights of your favourite motorcycles and compare them with the comprehensive list we have at the end of this article. Thankfully, motorcycle companies are starting …

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Instrument condensation speedometer

How to remove speedo condensation

Speedometer condensation used to be a common thing on motorcycles and even in some cars, but today’s instruments are much better sealed against moisture. While modern cars have air-conditioning to keep the humidity level down, motorcycle instruments are still exposed to the weather, so they can still be vulnerable. Heavy rain, prolonged high humidity such …

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Migration abroad

What riders need to know when moving abroad

International relocations are more common than ever and they require wholesale changes. However, embracing certain factors from your old life can make the transition far smoother. As a motorbike rider, taking your wheels abroad with you can be one of the best solutions. Migrating with a bike is a lot easier than doing it with …

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Lock theft thief stolen steal clever steal

Make bikes harder to steal, cheaper to repair

If motorcycle manufacturers want to arrest the global decrease in sales they can make their bikes more difficult to steal and cheaper to repair. Motorcycle theft is rampant around the world because motorbikes are so easy to steal, but probably none more so than in London. Rampant theft Thieves steal 14,000 bikes a year in …

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Motorcycle theft hot spots keyring thieves miserly CCTV

CCTV may save your bike from theft

If you are leaving your motorcycle parked in a public park, look for CCTV cameras and park in the line of their sight, if that is possible. Most railway parking stations and public carpark areas such as shopping centres have CCTV cameras that are monitored by security staff. However, they are not always trained on …

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Harley-Davidson Street Bob Softail Dyna Handlebar maximum measurements challenged

Handlebar maximum measurements challenged

Arbitrary maximum heights and widths for motorcycle handlebars have no basis in science or safety research, yet many jurisdictions enforce maximum measurements with no relationship to rider posture. In Australia the rules vary from state to state, but they are generally that the lowest part of the hand grip must not be higher than 380mm …

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Tools care maintenance

10 Key Tips For Motorbike Care

While they might have half as many wheels, motorbikes still share a lot of qualities with automobiles in terms of care. The most important is regular maintenance in order to maximise the life of the vehicle and minimise the amount of trouble it causes you. While our handy care tips will help you keep your bike …

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Blackstone TEK Black Diamond carbon fibre wheels for Ducati GT1000 fitting Oliver's Motorcycles hype rims

How to avoid scratched motorcycle rims

Have you ever had new tyres fitted and then found that the rims have been scratched and the fitter claimed the scratches were already there? Annoying and avoidable! However, there are things you can do to ensure that your shiny rims are not damaged. 1 Find a good fitter Almost all tyre fitters use a …

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Triumph Scrambler out of fuel breakdown

How to avoid a motorbike breakdown

While modern motorcycles are much more reliable than they used to be, you can still be inconvenienced by a breakdown. And when you have a motorcycle breakdown, it is not always easy to get back on the road. In a car, you can carry emergency gear that can get you going again. However, not all …

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