used Motorcycles Tyres puncture

How to fix a motorcycle tyre puncture

Your motorcycle tyre can cop a puncture just about anywhere, not just out in the country. Most of the punctures I’ve ever had on motorcycles have been in the city, picking up nails and screws that have fallen out of trade utes. Riding on the road verge can be a particular trap. If you are …

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Jawa Classic Legends

Top 10 motorcycles for college students

(Contributed post for our Indian college readers) Who said that car is the best means of transportation? College students can make a choice in favor of motorbikes that provide the same speed and save you from traffic jams. Top 10 motorbikes to consider in college The time you spend in college is probably one of …

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Motul dry cleaning

Dry cleaning your dirty motorcycle

By dry cleaning your motorcycle we don’t mean sending it to the dry cleaners! We are talking about cleaning your motorcycle without using water. It’s especially an issue during this prolonged drought. Dry cleaning is also handy for those who live in apartments and can’t get access to a hose and have to clean their bike …

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An electric commuter/off-road motorcycle, a concept electric BMW and the new Yamaha Ténéré 700 adventure bike have been honoured with international iF Design Awards.

What Are the Best All-Rounder Bikes?

By Jim Bevin* 2020 is set to be a strange time for those who live outdoors and on the open road. That definitely applies to biking fans. Social distancing measures mean many of us will be stuck inside looking for things to do. Fortunately, the advent of the internet means there is actually plenty to keep …

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Clutch traffic lights

Do you hold the clutch lever at lights?

Does it damage the bike’s clutch to keep your motorcycle in gear with the lever pulled in while waiting at traffic lights and is it safe? RACQ technical officer and Triumph Bonneville rider Steve Spalding says the mechanical issue largely depends on the type of clutch your bike has. “Most bike clutches are wet which means …

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Honda CX500 customising diy

DIY advice for self-isolating riders

If you’ve responsibly chosen to park your bike during the pandemic, then you may be considering using the time to do some valuable DIY maintenance. We love a bit of DIY bike maintenance, but there are a few pitfalls that can trap the unwary home mechanic, warns RACQ technical officer and self-confessed mechanical “trainspotter” Steve Spalding. …

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Transport puncture flat tyre GT10009 move

How to Safely Transport Motorcycle During a Move

(Contributed post) If you’re preparing for a long-distance move, something that you’ll want to consider is how you’re going to transport your motorcycle. A long-distance move is typically any move that is outside a 50 to 100-mile (80-160km) radius. While any move is challenging, long-distance moves come with the additional challenge of not being able …

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Top tips for tight motorbike turns rising tide of female riders

What motorcycle suits women best?

I’ve read several articles that advise what motorcycle suits women best, but they all reach different conclusions. Really, the best bike for a woman is … every bike! Women come in different shapes and sizes with different interests in racing, adventuring, off-roading, commuting, cruising, etc. So why should women be restricted to one type or …

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EzySt fuel saver app

EzySt fuel app offers riders discounts

A new free app called EzySt not only shows you where the cheapest fuel is near you, but also offers special discounts and can find the cheapest fuel on your planned ride route. Unlike existing fuel price apps and schemes, it is not based on crowd-sourced information, but real-time data from local fuel retailers and …

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