tyre pressures Emergency braking - tyre noise

Tyre noise more nuisance than exhaust

Loud motorcycle exhausts are not causing as much noise pollution as tyre noise from large volumes of traffic. That’s according to a World Health Organisation report that found traffic-related noise pollution accounts for over one million “healthy years” lost annually to ill health, disability or early death in Europe. The report says one of the biggest …

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Triumph Bonneville fuel rules service station fuel economy

5 ways to improve motorcycle fuel economy

One of the many reasons people choose a motorcycle for their daily commute is its inherent fuel economy. A modern 250cc motorcycle will get you around 2.8L/100km (85mpg), and there’s not a car on the planet that can match that kind of economy. So, why not try to maximise the fuel economy of your bike to …

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Lemon Motorbike scams

Commonly used motorcycle scams

Much like the used car market, the second-hand motorcycle market is rife with scams. Many sellers attempt to shift bikes which are unsafe to drive, have a hidden history and could even be stolen, or they will attempt to steal your money from you before disappearing for good. The used vehicle market can be a …

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2017 Harley-Davidson Touring models get the 107 Milwaukee Eight engine Road King air-cooled

Is a bigger engine always better?

They say there is no replacement for displacement, but a recent ride on a couple of bigger Harley-Davidson models made me think otherwise. Like most motorcycle manufacturers, Harley updates their bikes by making bigger and more powerful engines. The latest update is the Milwaukee Eight 107-cube (1753cc) up from the 103 (1687cc) engine. I’ve ridden …

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HJC releases Star Wars and Marvel helmets Punisher tinted visors

Rider confusion over tinted visors

Australian and European helmet standards allow tinted visors that filter only half the available light, yet car windows can be much darker, filtering as much as 65%. In a strange twist, you can wear sunglasses that filter more than 90% of light. Furthermore, the interpretation of the helmet laws seems to vary in each state, …

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Tex the trike-riding dog

Meet Tex the trike-riding dog

Just about every dog loves to dangle its tongue in the wind and Tex the Toowoomba trike-riding dog is no exception. And do you blame him? Dog lovers Paul and Mel Goodin say their five-year-old mastif/dane has been riding with them in their Touroz trike for about nine months and he loves it. “We go …

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Should you jump start a dead bike? standing

Rider defends standing on footpegs

A young rider has successfully defended a fine for standing on the footpegs after NSW police deemed it unsafe. Over the past couple of years, all Australians states have changed the road rules to allow motorcycle riders to stand on the footpegs, with the caveat “when it is safe to do so”, or similar wording. Motorcycle Council of …

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Easter safety message

Easter motorcycle safety messages

There is usually a spike in road accidents over the Easter holidays as traffic volumes increase and riders have more time to go riding. Rather than preaching about being safe and responsible, we’ve asked several motorcycle luminaries for their road safety tips and Easter messages. Double demerit points And remember, in NSW, ACT and Western …

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Top 10 tips for short motorcyclists

Top 10 tips for short motorcyclists

Short riders have always been disadvantaged by the fact that bikes are designed for tall riders, although that has changed in recent years. Brands such as Harley-Davidson, BMW, Ducati, Triumph and others are now making models that have lower seat heights or are offering optional low seats for short riders. Even so, there are many …

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Look for bikes signs

Motorcycle road signs we’d like to see

“Signs, signs, everywhere are signs, blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind, do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs,” sang Five Man Electric Band in 1971. More than 45 years later, there are still signs blocking the scenery and breaking our minds. Let’s just hope they don’t break our bikes, too! I went for …

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