Slow moving vehicle pull over turnout sign traffic corner

Do motorcycles corner better than cars?

Riders are often held up in corners by drivers, yet on a racetrack a car can corner at a much higher speed than a race bike. Why is it so? First, let’s look at the physics. We recently investigated how a car can brake faster than a motorcycle because it has four tyre contact patches versus …

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Craig Lowndes races Casey Stoner brake

Do motorcycles brake better than cars?

There has always been conjecture about whether a motorcycle can brake in a shorter distance than a car. Many experienced riders believe they can stop faster than a car which is probably why they tailgate cars. Meanwhile, rider trainers warn their students to keep a safe following distance because a car can stop faster. So …

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How to break in a new motorcycle

There are many and varied theories on how to break in a new motorcycle from a softly, softly approach to giving it the berries right from the start. We’re not just talking about the engine, but also the brakes, tyres and other components. For more information on breaking in new tyres, read this article. As …

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Lane filtering: Watch for driver doors

The video below shows the danger to lane filtering riders of a driver who gets out of their vehicle while stopped at traffic lights. It’s illegal for a driver to leave their vehicle while stopped at traffic lights or on a roadway, unless parked at the roadside. It is also illegal to “create a hazard” by opening …

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speeding cameras covert

Cars bigger evaders of speeding fines

Speeding cars with obscured number plates are much bigger evaders of speed camera fines than motorcyclists without front number plates. A New Zealand authority earlier this year called for fixed and mobile speed cameras to be turned around to photograph the rear of vehicles after noting many motorcyclists evading fines. For years Australian police, safety …

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Police - Traffic offences

10 police tips for avoiding traffic offences

There is no guaranteed method for avoiding traffic offences except not committing them. However, you can use the following “expert” guide to lessen the impact, cop a lesser fine, prevent copping extra fines (such as being pulled over for speeding and ending up with vehicle defect notices as well) or, occasionally, get out of traffic …

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noise noisy exhaust pipes mufflers cars

Are cars noisier than motorcycles?

There are more cars with loud and faulty exhausts than motorcycles, yet the media has demonised riders in reports on the issue. The Environment Protection Authority Victoria released data in December showing that 5000 noisy vehicle notices were issued since January 2014. Ok, about 12% were for motorcycles which is about three times the proportion …

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Typical motorcycle rear-ender crash

This video shows a British courier driver hitting a motorcycle from the rear while waiting to give way at an intersection, a typical rear-ender scenario for motorcycles. The problem is that the van driver may have seen the rider, but then turns his head to the right to look for oncoming traffic. He obviously doesn’t look …

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2017 Kawasaki Z1000R convenient simple

The simple keys to riding faster

One of the simple questions many novice and advanced riders ask is how they can ride faster. The answer can be just as simple. However, the question can be a little vague. Does the rider want to get to their destination quicker, do they want to reduce their lap time at a track, do they …

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