Tyre debris

Truck tyre debris a hazard to riders

Our highways are littered with shredded tyre debris mainly from trucks often using retreaded tyres, posing a significant danger to vulnerable riders. Ride down any highway in almost any country and you will see heaps of tyre debris, mainly from trucks. In the USA they quaintly call it “road gators” because they look like alligators …

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Crash accident wreck road safety tail-gate tailgate crashed comopensation

Determining fault in a motorcycle accident case

(Contributed post for our North American readers) When someone has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, they must determine liability if they want to pursue legal claims. Determining liability means figuring out which parties are responsible for causing the accident and the injuries. If another person or entity is responsible for causing your accident and …

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Motorcycle dealership sale finance defying

Finance tips for your next motorcycle

If you can afford to pay cash for your next motorcycle, that’s great, but if you need finance, there are a few things you should have done first before falling in love with a bike on the showroom floor. TYPE OF LOANS Thankfully financing a bike is a lot easier than financing your house or …

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Learn crash video

Learn from motorway ramp crash video

We can all learn something from this video from a Canadian truck’s dash cam that captures the moment a rider hits a freeway barrier and flies over the side of the off-ramp. It happened in Montreal last week and the unlicensed rider suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The male rider is lucky to be alive …

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Roadkill cows cattle CFMoto 650MT adventure

Warning to riders after cattle crashes

Two riders were injured in separate crashes with stray cattle over the weekend, promoting us to reissue our warning to riders now exploring the country after the lockdown measures have eased in some states. On Sunday (4 May 2020) a rider hit a bull at Wetheron north of Gayndah, Central Queensland. Paramedics treated him on …

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used Motorcycles Tyres puncture

How to fix a motorcycle tyre puncture

Your motorcycle tyre can cop a puncture just about anywhere, not just out in the country. Most of the punctures I’ve ever had on motorcycles have been in the city, picking up nails and screws that have fallen out of trade utes. Riding on the road verge can be a particular trap. If you are …

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Commuting traffic lane filtering speed wet NSW sydney police commuting

Commuting during coronavirus pandemic

Commuting to work is one legitimate way to ride and avoid the pandemic lockdown and travel bans, yet some riders are either scared for their safety or find it inconvenient. Motorcycle commuting is not only fun and challenging, but also handy for parking, faster than cars because of lane filtering and more convenient than public …

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Jawa Classic Legends

Top 10 motorcycles for college students

(Contributed post for our Indian college readers) Who said that car is the best means of transportation? College students can make a choice in favor of motorbikes that provide the same speed and save you from traffic jams. Top 10 motorbikes to consider in college The time you spend in college is probably one of …

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