DayGlo Queensland Police quotas

Do police traffic offence quotas exist?

The issue of police being directed to meet traffic offence targets or quotas are back in the news in Queensland and South Australia. The matter generally raises the ire of motorists who say it is proof that police are revenue raisers rather than performing road safety duties. Critics also say it leads to motorists being …

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LIDAR radar speed gun pulled

Tips when pulled over for speeding

Motorists sometimes inadvertently convict themselves for speeding when they are pulled over by the police, says traffic and criminal law specialist Chris Kalpage. We have previously offered tips on what to do if pulled over by the police as well as tips from the police themselves! Now, Chris has offered the following tips on what to do when …

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How to file a motorcycle accident claim in the US - crash motorcycle safety lawsuit

How Do I File A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

(Sponsored lawsuit post for our North American readers) The most likely scenario in which you would sue after an accident would be if you were injured, and the insurance settlement wasn’t compensating you sufficiently. Your case will be much better if you followed proper post-accident procedures, such as: Keeping an accurate record of the incident. …

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Lock it or lose it motorcycle theft tougher thefts preventing security

5 Best Security Gadgets for Your Motorbike

(Guest post on bike security for our North American readers) Motorbikes are excellent travel options for those who cherish adventurous trips on and off the road. Moreover, it is one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to beat heavy traffic in highly populated cities. Therefore, your motorbike is an investment that you need to …

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motorbike city insurance scooter

Most Common Month to Buy Motorcycle Insurance

Over the course of a given year, more than a million UK riders elect to insure their bikes. A survey by Devitt Insurance revealed that, for most of the year, renewals are in steady decline, punctuated by an abrupt threefold rise in March, from 4.4% of respondents to just over 13.5%. Now, we should state at …

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Gopro helmet camera 2015 ban

Riders charged over third-party GoPro evidence

NSW Police are charging riders with traffic offences based on GoPro video evidence obtained from other riders, says Sydney lawyer and Ducati 1098S rider Chris Kalpage. There have been many incidents of riders being charged after self-incriminating evidence was found on their GoPro footage, mobile phone data, GPS and even bike data loggers. However, Chris …

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How to Get a Motorcycle Loan and Avoid the Stress

How to Get a Motorcycle Loan and Avoid the Stress: This contributed guide will help you secure a loan for your new motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle seems fun and adventurous, but it’s harder than most people think. For those thinking about buying a motorcycle, consider taking lessons first. There is a population of people that only …

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