Harley-Davidson brand bites

Trump’s trade wars bite Harley-Davidson

President Donald Trump’s trade wars are hitting Harley-Davidson hard with a 22% bite in profits to $US426m after a 8.4% drop in international sales in the last quarter. The Milwaukee company now expects to ship about 212,000 to 217,000 bikes in 2019, compared with their original estimate of 217,000 to 222,000. Last year Harley opened …

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Ducati test ride demo motorcycle sales showroom selling motorcycles pace sales slide

Election shares motorcycle sales crash blame

A continuing downturn in motorcycle sales, as well as car sales, in the first half of the year has been blamed on the Federal election, floods, drought and tight financial lending. There is little relief from the bleak news with road bike sales suffering the biggest loss of -17.7% as sales of all motorcycles, scooters …

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test rides demo motorcycle sales showroom selling motorcycles

Why don’t more dealers offer test rides?

Despite the continuing slump in motorcycle sales, too many dealers sill don’t offer test rides, one of the most important sales tools they have! You wouldn’t buy a car without a test ride, so why should riders be denied the opportunity to test out the bike first? Some dealers don’t even allow customers to sit …

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Turban Sikh sikhs helmet global plea

Two-wheeler global sales slide

Australia isn’t alone in the motorcycle sales slump with global sales down 5.4% in the first quarter of 2019, mainly due to slumps in the largest motorcycle markets, India and China. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) motorcycle spokesman Rhys Griffiths says the contraction of Chinese and Indian markets is one of the biggest threats to …

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Honda CX500 journalist regret

Do you suffer from seller’s regret?

You may have heard of buyer’s regret, but there is also seller’s regret and many riders suffer from this more than buyer’s regret. If you don’t think riders could ever have buyer’s remorse, read this. Seller’s regret Riders can also experience seller’s regret. Now, we’re not talking about the regret people feel when they get …

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MotorCycle Holdings TeamMoto offers free motorcycle licence

TeamMoto offers free licence training

In a bold move to get more riders on motorcycles, TeamMoto has offered free motorcycle licence training if you buy a motorcycle from them this month (May 2019). It’s a clever sales tactic as sales continue their two-years-plus slide. While all dealers are feeling the pinch, the most public example is TeamMoto whose parent company MotorCycle …

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Diverse Harly-Davidson riders women youth public transport

Harley claims buyers are more diverse

Half of all new Harley-Davidson motorcycles are bought by riders aged up to 34 years, female and ethnically diverse, says CEO and president Matt Levatich. His claims came in the announcement of the 2019 first-quarter results which show global sales down 3.8% to 49,151. Revenue was down $US1.38b (10.2%) and net income down $US127.9m. International …

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Ducati test ride demo motorcycle sales showroom selling motorcycles pace sales slide

Motorcycle sales slide picks up pace

Motorcycle sales are continuing their slide and even picking up pace with a 14.6% drop in the first quarter of 2019. It’s the biggest quarterly drop since the slide began in 2017 and cause for concern. According to data released today by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), 18,438 motorcycles, ATVs and scooters were …

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Suzuki GSX-S1000

Ride-away deal on Suzuki GSX-S1000

Suzuki Australia is offering free on-road costs on their GSX-S1000 streetfighter saving riders $1200 from March 2019. The bike was updated for last year’s model with more power, torque and control, plus some cosmetic updates. It cost $16,690 ride away, but it is now being offered at $15,490 ride away in two new colours: Metallic Triton …

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Harley and Indian announce 2018 sales results electric scooter bicycle

Harley and Indian announce 2018 sales results

Electric bicycles in the snow, bikes made in Thailand and Europe, lower prices, higher costs, tariff wars and removable batteries are all part of the Harley-Davidson and Polaris 2018 sales and revenue results. Snow business Harley-Davidson spent the weekend showing off its new electric bicycle and scooter to young thrill-seekers at the X Games in …

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