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How motorcyclists can vote this election

Which ever shade of politics revs you up, there is little on offer from the political parties specifically for motorcyclists in this federal election. MotorbikeWriter does not support any one politician or party, so we approached them all, asking for their motorcycle-specific policies as we have done in previous federal elections. This time we only …

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TMR bike inspect road hazards

Motorcycle used to inspect road hazards

VicRoads has rejected the use of a special motorcycle to inspect for motorcycle-specific road hazards, preferring to use specially trained inspectors. Last month Coroner Paresa Spanos found that a bump that caused the death of rider Mark Rodgers and pillion Jodi Walsham may not have been detected by VicRoads because it scans roads in a …

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Ducati GT1000 carbon wheels farkle project tall used

Tips to buying a used motorbike in 2019

(Sponsored post) The moment you get tired of taking the public transport every time and decide to actually get yourself a suitable personal means of transportation, many questions pop into your mind at once like what means of transport you think will apply to you the most (e.g., car, bicycles, motorcycles), or what model of …

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Whopper lane filtering

Lane filtering a Whopper to drivers

Burger King now has motorcyclists lane filtering their Whopper burgers to hungry Mexico City drivers who can be stuck in traffic for up to five hours a day. The delivery system is so popular Burger King is planning to extend the service to other cities with traffic problems such as Los Angeles, São Paulo and …

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victoria nsw cops police Horror bike crashes in two states collision vehicle multi

Rider injured in Melbourne hit/run

Police are appealing for witnesses after a Melbourne rider was thrown from his motorbike and injured in a collision with a car that stopped, but then left the scene. It follows a spate of hit-run crashes involving cars and motorcycles in Melbourne in the past couple of months. This latest incident occurred in East Malvern …

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crash Accident motorcycle road safety approved ratings killer wearing compensation

Crashed riders miss out on compensation

Riders injured in single-vehicle, no-fault crashes may be failing to make compensation claims for fear of facing negligent riding charges, Motorcycle Council of NSW Chairman Steve Pearce says. NSW has moved to a no-fault system for CTP compensation which was expected to lead to an increase in compensation claims. However, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority …

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Steve Pearce chairman of the Motorcycle Council of NSW Look for motorcyclists in Motorcycle Awareness Month roadside assist ignores compulsory

Compulsory third party for riders, not motorbikes

Riders should pay compulsory third party (CTP) insurance only once for themselves, not for each motorcycle they own, says the Motorcycle Council of NSW Chairman Steve Pearce (above). He says it is the rider that is the insurance risk, not the motorcycle. “If you buy a motorcycle, the insurance risk is based on you and your …

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Racer X electric motorcycle

Racer X is wildest electric motorcycle yet

We’ve seen some weird and wonderful designs in electric motorcycles, but nothing comes close to the Racer X with its big “X” design. The uncomfortable-looking bike is the work of Mark Atkinson of Speed of the Cheese Racing custom motorcycle company in Utah, the same state that hosts the Bonneville Salt Flats speed records. Fellow …

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Crashed riders survey Dr Ellaine Hardy

Survey seeks crashed rider help

Riders who have crashed in the past decade are being invited to do a survey into rider behaviour that expands on a previous pilot study into the effects of ABS in motorcycle crashes. Click Here to participate in the “Dynamics of Motorcycle Crashes Survey”. Pilot study In 2016, UK motorcycle road safety researcher Dr Elaine …

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victoria nsw cops police Horror bike crashes in two states collision vehicle multi

Rider dies in two-bike collision

A motorcyclist has died and another is being airlifted to hospital following a collision between two bikes in Shepparton East this morning (4 May 2019). Victorian Police say the two motorbikes collided on Coach Road near the Midland Highway just after 12.30am. One male rider, who is yet to be formally identified, died at the …

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