MCCNSW Steve Pearce submission to Ombudsman over Oxley highway speed

Ombudsman plea over Oxley Highway speed

A plea has been sent to NSW Ombudsman Michael Barnes to halt the speed reductions on the Oxley Highway because of deceptive crash statistics. Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCCNSW) secretary Steve Pearce says the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) used inaccurate crash data to justify the speed change from 100km/h to 80km/h on 44km of the …

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Lionel Cook crashes in unsigned roadworks

Rider crashes in unsigned patch roadworks

Hervey Bay rider Lionel Cook says there were no roadworks warning signs visible when he crashed on patch repairs that left gravel across the road. While major roadworks often have warning signs for several days after roadworks are completed, “low-impact” patch roadworks on rural roads only have signage while the work is in progress. So, …

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Troy Bayliss announces racing comeback

Three-time World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss has confirmed he will make a comeback to racing on a DesmoSport Ducati 1299 Panigale R Final Edition in the 2018 Australian Superbike Championship. It should be just the kickstart the failing series needs to get more national and international attention. Troy won the 1999 British Superbike championship riding …

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Ducati V4 EICMA surprise safe

Is Ducati finally safe from sale?

Ducati seems safe from sale after two years of uncertainty over its future ownership with the Audi boss saying there is no need to sell the motorcycle company. This follows exactly two years of speculation that Ducati would be sold for up to $US1.5b to help pay the multi-billion-dollar VW debt for the emissions scandal. …

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Bruce Brown On Any Sunday

On Any Sunday director Bruce Brown dies

Bruce Brown, director of perhaps the greatest motorcycle film of all time, On Any Sunday, has died of natural causes, aged 80. The Academy Award nominated 1971 film was marked by the honesty and naive humour of Bruce’s narration. It kickstarted millions of riders in the ‘70s and is still a favourite for its coverage …

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Honda CB4 Interceptor GPS screen

Motorcycle tanks with screen displays

Motorcycle tanks may double as screen displays on future bikes if the Honda CB4 Interceptor concept (pictured above) and Bandit9 Odyssey are a gauge. The Honda CB4 was unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan last month featuring a satnav digital screen seamlessly built into the tank. It is unlikely to make it into …

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First Aid for Motorcyclists organisers Roger Fance Tracy Hughes

First Aid for Motorcyclists seeks new owner

First Aid for Motorcyclists founders Tracy Hughes and Roger Fance are leaving the business and looking for someone willing to pick up the reins. Roger says Tracy has unfortunately developed a “serious health issue” this year and undergone extensive treatment. “This will continue into 2018 and so we have made the difficult decision to put …

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Harley-Davidson motorcycles Harley days Thunder Run

Australians love their motorbikes

If you’re thinking of buying a motorbike to get around, you’re not the only one in love with the idea. The fastest growth in any kind of vehicle registration was for motorbikes, up 22% between 2010 and 2015. In the 10 years since June 2007, motorcycle registrations in NSW have gone from 125,000 to just …

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Ride the night away moon

Full moon ‘affects motorcycle rider safety’

Fatal motorcycle crashes increase 5% during a full moon and 32% during the annual supermoon, according to research published today (December 11, 2017) in the British Medical Journal. Riders should be particularly wary in 2018 as there will be two super moons: on January 2 and another just a few weeks later on January 31. …

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Cop blooper video

Motorcycle police in embarrassing blooper video

This blooper video of a South African motorcycle officer trying to get on to their bike is one of the most frustrating things you will ever watch. The combination of a heavy BMW R 1200 RT Police, a slope and a short – possibly female(?) – rider make to difficult to get on the bike, …

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