DayGlo Queensland Police witnesses

Witnesses sought for car hitting Harley

Witnesses are being sought after a 2004 blue Honda Accord sedan merged into a lane with a 2012 blue Harley-Davidson causing it to crash on the Logan Motorway at Springwood last Wednesday (November 7, 2018). Forensic Crash Unit investigators have released this video as part of an appeal for information. The crash happened about 4.50pm …

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Resurfacing Roadworks

’Tis the season for resurfacing roadworks

Riders should be aware that spring and summer is the season for resurfacing roadworks in most southern areas because the warmer weather makes asphalt more stable and easier to compact. NSW alone has more than 175km of road resurfacing scheduled over the next few months. However, asphalt resurfacing occurs all year round in Queensland, north NSW …

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Blackstone TEK Black Diamond carbon fibre wheels for Ducati GT1000 project spokes

Riders urged to check motorcycle spokes

Riders have been urged to check the spokes on their motorcycle wheels more frequently in the wake of one rider finding his badly handling bike had 10 loose spokes. The result of loose spokes can be poor handling and can cause rapid tyre deflation on tubeless tyres. Brisbane rider Mark Taylor says he had loose spokes …

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Continental brake assist automated

Move to emergency motorcycle brake assist

German automotive technology company Continental AG plans to be the first with a motorcycle emergency brake-assist system that applies extra brake pressure when it senses a crash. Their system would not be automatic like in some cars that take over braking duties from the driver. Continental recognises that motorcycles are different to cars and say …

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New Mt Glorious roadworks fail in first rain speed reduced

Wot-thu! Road improved but speed reduced

What is the point of improving the quality of a road at millions of dollars expense to the taxpayers and ratepayers only to then have the speed limit reduced 33%? That is exactly what has happened on one of our favourite motorcycle routes – Mt Nebo Rd – and it is not alone. In recent …

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Heatwave kills rider and hiker in outback

The current heatwave sweeping the nation has claimed the life of a motorcyclist in the Outback, again highlighting the danger to riders of dehydration. The body of rider Daniel Price was found near the Gibb River Rd in the remote Kimberley district of Western Australia yesterday afternoon. He had been missing for several days while average …

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New Mt Glorious roadworks fail in first rain

New mountain roadworks fail in first rain

Famed motorcycle nirvana Mt Nebo Rd has been upgraded at massive cost to the taxpayer to make it safer only to fail and collapse in the first heavy downpour. What’s worse is that the speed will be permanently reduced to 40km/h even after the road has been improved! Roadworks on Mt Nebo Rd between the …

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When will drivers learn lane filtering is legal? assist

When will drivers learn lane filtering is legal?

Just when will drivers learn that lane filtering is now legal? This latest video of a driver trying to hit a legally lane filtering motorcyclist with his car comes from the ACT where filtering became a permanent law just last month. Lane filtering is now legal in all states and territories (except NT and WA …

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Triumph Street Scrambler video stream

Stream video of your Triumph manufacture

Triumph Motorcycles customers will next year be able to stream videos of their custom bike being made at the factory in Thailand. They will also be able to make last-minute changes to the features and accessories on their bike just before it goes on the assembly line. And they will receive an accurate delivery date …

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Motorcycle and scooter riders urged to make a submission to the Brisbane City Council draft transport plan - parking BCC bicycles lip

Transport plan lip service to motorbikes

Motorcycles rate just five “motherhood statements” in a 115-page Brisbane Transport Plan that pays lip service to riders and sought no input from any motorcycle group representatives. Despite the statements that acknowledge motorcycling benefits, the plan includes no strategy to encourage motorcycling. Meanwhile, whole sections are devoted to cycling and how it can improve traffic, …

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