ex-Cop faces hearing over throwing object at rider

Ex-cop faces jail over hitting rider

A NSW court has once again adjourned a hearing over the matter of a police officer throwing an object and hitting a motorcycle rider who then crashed. Video of the incident in November 2015 went viral but has now been deleted from YouTube. However, the incident is still available in this video from Channel 7. …

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Female stunt rider Joi Harris dies on set

Female stunt rider Joi Harris dies on set

The first African-American female professional road racer, Joi “SJ” Harris, has died while performing a stunt for the film Deadpool 2. Her motorcycle accelerated when it should have slowed while taking a corner and she crashed into a plate glass window. Joi was not wearing a helmet at the time as required by the script. …

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tax sale motorcycles novated lease buying selling tough times

Why are dealers facing tough times?

Australian motorcycle dealers are doing it tough, with slow sales, tough franchise agreements and pressure from manufacturers, says Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association boss Stuart Strickland. “I don’t think there is a motorcycle dealer in Australia who wouldn’t get out if they could. It’s really tough,” he says. His comments follow a significant -41.% downturn in …

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Harley Heaven Melbourne opening night dealers brain cancer Riders urged to support motorcycle dealers

Riders urged to support local motorcycle dealer

On the eve of the annual Aldi one-off motorcycle gear sale, riders have been urged to support their local motorcycle dealer. Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association boss Stuart Strickland says dealers are doing it tough and deserve rider loyalty. (Read more about why he believes times are tough.) However, he says there is no dispute with …

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Bailey Hensley shows how to lift a Harley

Girl shows how to lift a motorcycle

A three-year-old girl using the correct technique to lift her electric toy “Police” Harley has gone viral on YouTube. Dropping a heavy motorcycle is embarrassing enough, but not knowing how to lift it is even more embarrassing. It’s more embarrassing still to learn the correct technique from three-year-old Bailey Hensley of Alabama! Check out the correct …

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Edge lane filtering road rules

Move to prevent motorcycle edge filtering ban

A proposal to make lane filtering rules uniform across Australia seeks to ban edge filtering, according to the Australian Motorcycle Council. In its submission to the National Transport Commission, the AMC says the Australian Road Rules Maintenance Group (a group outside of the NTC made up of representatives from Austroads) has confused edge filtering with …

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gopro fine helmet camera cam freely

Motorcycle helmet laws ‘not freely available’

Riders are confused about the legality of helmets with Bluetooth and camera attachments because the rules are not freely available and too technical. In its submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) on uniform national road rules, motorcycle specialist legal firm Maurice Blackburn Lawyers argues that riders cannot hope to know the rules because they are difficult …

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Saint Unbreakable Technical Black Denim Slim Fit Jeans hipsters

Are hipsters good or bad for motorcycling?

There has been no more divisive group in motorcycling since the Hells Angels of the early 1970s than the current crop of hipsters. Motorcycle riders are a minority group, much feared, misunderstood and loathed by the public. You would think we would be an inclusive bunch, but we aren’t. Sport bike riders hate cruiser riders …

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Ducati Owners Club of Queensland quashed

Has Ducati sale now been quashed?

The sale of Ducati is reported to have been quashed by the Volkswagen supervisory board which has a majority of worker representatives. It is believed that the sale was quashed because money is no longer needed to pay “dieselgate” compensation after VW Group’s posted a half-year operating profit of €8.9 billion, up 19%. The sale …

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abs mandatory

Should ABS be mandatory on motorcycles?

Australia is planning to follow Europe in making anti-lock brakes (ABS) mandatory on all new motorcycles over 125cc and either ABS or combined braking system (CBS) for bikes under 125cc. We would join countries such as India, Brazil, Taiwan and Japan in moving toward compulsory motorcycle ABS. The Federal Government cites statistical research that claims …

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