Ripple strips on the Oxley highway

Riders challenge Oxley Highway ripple strips

Ripple strips on double white lines and edge lines on two sections of the Oxley Highway have been challenged by local riders as slippery, dangerous and “madness”. However, the Roads and Maritime Services says they will prevent drivers dangerously crossing on to the wrong side of the road and follow complaints raised by riders in November …

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Wire rope barriers better roads austroads report hazards

Riders warn governments on ‘safety’ barriers

Governments which install roadside barriers that are potentially lethal to riders could be criminally culpable for any deaths or injuries, warns the Motorcycle Advocacy Group (MAG). The group points out that there are registration and ongoing requirements for engineers involved in roadworks and failure to take into consideration the safety of motorcyclists would constitute a …

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bikie vilification huts all riders

Bikie vilification ‘hurts all riders’ – IRG

Bikies have long been fighting police discrimination and resultant public vilification as the above 1970s Brisbane bikie protest photo shows, but in recent years they have faced tougher laws including even associating with them. Now the vilification is stepping up as Tasmania and Victoria appear set to toughen anti-association laws. Longtime motorcycle campaigner, Motorcycle Riders …

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Dangerous precedent: motorbike insurance ban

Dangerous precedent in motorbike insurance hike

A dangerous precedent has been set with an American road safety report suggesting insurance companies price some motorists and vehicles off the road. The Road to Zero report from the USA’s National Safety Council doesn’t mention motorcycles in reference to insurance. However, it does suggest pricing risk-taking motorists off the road or into safer vehicles. …

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Epidemic of reduced speed limits in 2016

Are there too many changes in speed zones?

Despite a 2014 Austroads report finding there are too many speed zones and the frequency of zone changes is too high, chances of authorities making any changes as a result of the report are minimal, an Austroads official admits. The 116-page “Model National Guidelines for Setting Speed Limits at High-Rick Locations” report is not a …

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Bosch rider aids blind spot warning sensors automated radar

Bosch jet thrusters prevent motorcycle slides

Rocket-style thrusters that blast a jet of air out the side of your motorcycle could be used to prevent low-side slides, says German tech company Bosch. The company is now testing the gas-powered anti-slide system. No it’s not April 1. Bosch sees a future for safe motorcycles with intervention aids that have been standard in …

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Prince Purple Rain rebel Hondamatic

Prince’s Hondamatic motorcycle up for auction

Prince’s 1981 Hondamatic motorcycle, adorned with purple and pink love symbols, that he rode in the film version of “Purple Rain” is going up for auction on Friday (May 18, 2018) at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York. The bike is the feature item in the auction which includes 156 of the music legend’s …

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Lions Rd Lions TT bridge roadworks police motorcycles reopened

Lions Rd reopened, but no more Lions TT?

The famous Lions Rd on the Queensland-NSW border has reopened after 18 months of bridgeworks, but it will never be suitable for a Lions TT, say Kyogle Council representatives. The official launch of the bridgework was held this week and the road is again suitable for all types of motorcycles. One small patch of gravel …

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Columnist crosses line on call for motorbike ban

A tabloid newspaper columnist who called for riders to be banned from “motorcycle roads” because they pose a risk to other motorists has attracted national and international attention and ire. Newcastle Herald columnist Jeff Corbett (pictured above) has certainly done his job of attracting readers. Click here to read his column. His column suggests: Riders …

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Parts Ducati Lamborghini parts warehouse cheaper

Motorcycle parts should be cheaper and faster

A new Ducati and Lamborghini parts hub in Italy is an indicator of how automotive companies are centralising parts distribution which should lead to faster delivery and cheaper parts for riders. The old system of national distributors keeping a comprehensive store of motorcycle parts just in case they are needed is expensive. While it means …

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