A Newbie’s Guide to Responsible Biking

Sponsored post Nothing beats the experience of riding a 400cc motorbike along an open highway. For many people, it’s one of those moments that gives a rush excitement and a feeling of adventure. Indeed, nothing ever comes close to matching the exhilaration you get while biking. Still, for a lot of newcomers to the world …

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Self-riding BMW technology Connectride

BMW unveils ConnectedRide self-riding motorcycle

BMW Motorrad is the latest motorcycle company to reveal its self-riding technology with its ConnectedRide R 1200 GS Adventure fitted with autonomous computer tech. The German manufacturer had already telegraphed its intentions with the “crashproof” Vision Next 100 self-balancing motorcycle concept. And British company AB Dynamics used a BMW C1 to develop by a self-riding scooter to …

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Electric Royal Enfield Charging Bullet documentary trailer

Electric Royal Enfield stars in documentary

A British engineer is planning to ride his electric-powered Royal Enfield Bullet the length of Britain to film a documentary called Charging Bullet to promote sustainable transport. The film project is a collaboration between engineer Fred Spaven and filmmaker Finn Varney who met in their local Yorkshire pub 10 years ago. Fred has converted a …

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Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire leads parade smart desert

Harley-Davidson adds Silicon Valley R&D

Harley-Davidson is certainly serious about electric motorcycles with the announcement of a new research and development facility in California’s Silicon Valley for its coming line of electric motorcycles and bicycles. The new facility, serving as a satellite of the Willie G. Davidson Product Development Facility in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is expected to open in the fourth …

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Triumph Motorcycles London UK England

Safe motorcycling on the road this UK Summer

Contributed post When you get some great summer weather in the UK, what’s better than to jump on the bike and hit the open road! But how often do we actually think about our safety before we put on the lid, drop the visor and “head out on the highway”? We may have been Born …

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Shoei Ex-Zero retro helmet

New Bikes for 2018/19

Contributed post Retro is all the rage at the moment, with scooters, scramblers, bobbers and cafe racers from many manufacturers blending ultra-modern technology with classic styling from the past. But for those preferring their new bike to look like it’s a 21st century marvel there is also plenty of choice. Here’s a selection of what’s …

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Patrick Simmons Doobie Bros Harley-Davidson politics

Harley-Davidson avoids politics at party

Thanks “Don’t let politics divide us,” a Doobie Brothers guitarist told the crowd at the Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary celebrations in Milwaukee at the weekend. It’s the height of rudeness to discuss politics at a party. So Harley executives have refused to talk politics, tariffs and President Donald Trump at their all-weekend party. Instead, they concentrated on …

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Curve signs - Oxley Highway may set safety standard Austroads read Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) Signs

Vehicle sensors read speed signs 

Future motorcycles and other vehicles may have sensors that read roadside speed limit signs and electronically intervene to limit the vehicle’s speed. Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) is already included in some luxury cars and could soon be more widespread as automated cars, buses, trucks and even motorcycles become available. The technology uses sensors which “read” …

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