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Education most important road safety strategy

A clear majority of road users believe education is the most important road safety strategy, according to a preliminary review of a major survey on attitudes to road safety strategies. Survey author Dr João Canoquena of the University of Notre Dame Australia says it is too early to reach conclusions from the survey. “Road maintenance was mostly …

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test rides demo motorcycle sales showroom selling motorcycles

Why don’t more dealers offer test rides?

Despite the continuing slump in motorcycle sales, too many dealers sill don’t offer test rides, one of the most important sales tools they have! You wouldn’t buy a car without a test ride, so why should riders be denied the opportunity to test out the bike first? Some dealers don’t even allow customers to sit …

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2016 Victory Octane key

Is traction control a key to safety?

The push for mandatory traction control in motorcycles seems to be starting already with a VicRoads safety campaign emphasising it is a key to rider safety. The campaign features an erroneous online quiz which suggests that traction control will “prevent you from falling off”. VicRoads is not alone in suggesting traction control and other electronic …

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night riding tips

Tips for Staying Safe While Riding at Night

(Sponsored post) Going on a night ride can be a calming and exhilarating experience for any motorcycle enthusiast. The absence of traffic and more quiet surroundings are just some of the reasons why riding at night is worthwhile. But apart from quiet and open streets, bikers still face considerable risks as the streets go darker …

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noise noisy exh plate

Noise cameras to nab loud exhausts

Australian police and transport authorities will monitor the British development and trial of prototype noise cameras that can detect loud motor vehicle exhausts. The UK Department of Transport will test the prototype cameras in the coming months, but will not fine offenders. Yet! Noise cameras “New camera technology to be trialled by the government aims …

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Basic Motorcycle Safety Tips For Beginners

(Sponsored post. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay) Getting out on the blacktop and feeling the wind rushing all around your body is a dream come true for drivers of all ages. For beginners, riding a motorcycle is a thrill but also a challenge. Riding a motorcycle is very different from driving a car or even a bicycle, …

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ABS VicRoads Always On safety campaign and quiz brakes

Take the online motorcycle safety quiz

A new motorcycle “Always On” safety campaign featuring an online 10-question quiz and video has just been launched by VicRoads but has already attracted some criticism. Click here to take the test and tell us how you went! Quiz quizzed Most motorcycle representatives we spoke to are pleased there is a campaign about motorcycle safety. …

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YouTube rider dies while texting

A popular YouTube channel rider has died after crashing his BMW motorcycle into a car while steering with his feet and texting a message on his mobile phone. Moscow rider Artem Boldyrev, 34, nicknamed Bolt, had 289,794 followers on his 18-plus Moto Nexus channel. In several of his videos, he reviews motorcycles while sometimes performing …

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autonomous automated Damon X safe motorcycle industry

Will hi-tech motorcycles save industry?

Safer hi-tech motorcycles, such as the Damon X above, will attract the future generation of motorcyclists scared of the dangers of riding and possibly save the industry from extinction, a motorcycle start-up says. Damon Motorcycles CEO and founder Jay Giraud has produced a white paper about the future of the motorcycling industry in which he …

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Parking fine

Hefty parking fine for motorcycle ‘overhang’

Riders could cop a hefty parking fine if their motorcycle is parked with its wheels inside a parking bay, but the body of the bike, handlebars or luggage leaning over the line as in the above photo. A Sydney rider found out the hard way when he copped a $263 fine for parking his scooter on …

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