USA America Sturgis Rushmore South Dakota rally crowd

Sturgis is biggest crowd since pandemic

Motorcycle riders are about to inherit a bad reputation around the world as hundreds of thousands crowd into the 80th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this weekend. As riders start to roll into the town, organisers predict attendance will be about 250,000, down from an annual average of almost half a million. Yet it will still …

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Yamaha water bike

Is water power the future for motorbikes?

Yamaha is the first major manufacturer to give some credence to the theory that future motorcycles and other vehicles could be powered by water. In 2016, the company commissioned industrial designer Maxime Lefebvre to provide a concept for a 2025 Yamaha motorcycle. That’s just five years away! After three trial efforts, Yamaha has now officially …

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Road surface trial shreds tyres and riders

Riders risk being torn to shreds on trial surface

Riders could be torn to shreds by a rough “tyre-shredding” road surface designed to stop “hoons” doing burnouts and drifting, according to an ex-bike cop and now riding instructor. George Foessel joined Queensland Police in 1983 and became a bike cop and a driver/rider trainer as well as a qualified crash investigator. “My concern is …

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Roadworks speeds limit - potholes Halloween Rider successfully sues over roadworks crash Resurfacing Roadworks

Are roadworks speeds set too low?

While roadworks speeds in some jurisdictions can be as low 40km/h (25mph), the UK may be heading toward a standard 60mph (about 100km/h) on highway roadworks. Speed limits through roadworks are reduced for the safety of road workers. However, some riders question the low speeds when work is not happening and when workers are behind …

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KTM sells RC16 GP bikes as sales fall

Despite KTM Group’s boss saying sales were up during the pandemic, the Austrian company has suffered a one-third sales slump as it offers two rare RC16 race bikes for sale. In the first six months of 2020, sales of KTM Group motorcycles, which also includes Husqvarna and Gas Gas, were down 33% from 135,711 to …

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snake attacks Thai rider

Snake attacks Thai motorcycle rider

This video of a 2m snake attacking a motorcycle rider in Lampang, Thailand, will send shivers down your spine! Many riders will have experienced the same sort thing where a snake stands up to attack as you ride past. This Viral Hog video shows the rider lifting his feet up to avoid being bitten. Obviously …

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motorcycle crash accident injury

Motorcycle Traffic Collision Injury Statistics You Should Know

(Contributed article for our North American readers) People love motorcycles because of their low purchase cost, ease of maintenance, fun and adventure. These machines, though, pose an extra risk to riders. Riders are more susceptible to injury and death due to the lack of protection in the event of an accident. People involved in motorcycle …

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Doubts over Chinese Harley-Davidson HD350

Doubts over Chinese Harley-Davidson HD350

This image from the Chinese Patent Office shows a Qianjiang QJ350 motorcycle with a parallel twin engine stamped with the words “Harley-Davidson Motor Company”. This is a collaboration that was part of former Harley CEO Matt Levatich’s plans to move into more markets and niches. It was supposed to have been released in June, but …

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Transport puncture flat tyre GT10009

How to ship a motorbike across country

(Contributed article for our North American readers) There are several reasons why you might need to ship a motorbike across country. You might have bought a new bike across the other side of the country and need to get it shipped to your home. It might be because you’re relocating and don’t have the time …

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Blood Bikes Australia Peter Davis tests

Riders help relay COVID-19 tests

Bloodbikes Australia is playing an integral part in transporting COVID-19 tests from suburban testing centres to medical laboratories. Founder Peter Davis says they recently extended their free service offers from delivering blood to other medical products including breast milk. However, they are currently being primarily deployed to take COVID-19 tests to medical laboratories. “Our first …

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