Suzuki Tunnel vision patent

Suzuki files patent for tunnel vision technology

Suzuki Motorcycles believes riders are vulnerable in a tunnel where they can disappear into the darkness, so they have invented a beacon light that shines on the roof to make traffic aware of the rider’s presence. It seems a lot of effort and expense to solve a problem that would be a fairly rare occurrence …

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Ride Vision road safety automated vehicle autonomous riderless dirverless

Ride Vision technology promises 360° vision

Ride Vision will be the first aftermarket hi-tech collision avoidance and warning system available to riders of any type of motorcycle. The system will use standard action cameras mounted front and back, linked by an ECU that monitors traffic hazards and sends visual alerts via lights in the wing mirrors as well as an audio …

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Ducati Supersport S

Ducati recalls ‘hot’ Supersport S

Ducati has recalled the 2017-2018 Supersport S over melting fuel tank overfill hoses which may be too close to the horizontal exhaust manifold. The recall has so far only affected Canada, but it could extend worldwide. Canada was recently the first to recall the Panigale V4 after a Canadian rider’s new bike burst into flame. The …

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Petition to change handlebar height rules Burleigh bars

Petition to change handlebar height rules

Lane filtering riders would hit fewer car mirrors if handlebar height rules were relaxed, says Gold Coast handlebar manufacturer Burleigh Bars Australia. They have started an online petition to have the rules changed to allow higher bars for a number of reasons including safety, control and health reasons. Click here if you would like …

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Harley-Davidson internships

Harley-Davidson announces prized internships

Eight millennials from around the world have been awarded prized Harley-Davidson summer paid internships which include learning marketing skills and how to ride, plus they get to keep their motorcycle at the end! More than 7500 people applied for the #FindYourFreedom internships from more than 30 countries including Australia, South Africa, Russia, China, Argentina, France and …

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Tyre pressures track day

How to Get the Most of a Track Day

There is little more invigorating than riding your bike on tracks and territories that you haven’t experienced before, and if you want to ride your bike in a safe and controlled environment without the threat of speed cameras or other hazards dampening your speed, then a track day may just be the answer to your …

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tax sale motorcycles novated lease buying selling tough times discounts

EOFY discounts on new motorcycles

End of financial year, or EOFY, motorcycle sales are in full swing with thousands of dollars in savings and incentives across a variety of brands in Australia. While these sales are the result of continuing poor sales, they are a boon for riders. Some companies are offering direct discounts of thousands of dollars, others are …

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Ride Sunday trebles charity funds

2018 Ride Sunday trebles charity funds

The second annual Ride Sunday event raised three times the funds raised in its first year with organisers saying it will become “the world’s largest motorcycling charity event by the year 2020”. The June 3 event attracted 1300 riders to 239 events globally and raised almost $200,000 in funds for 59 charities. The inaugural 2017 event, …

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Loose helmet strap Julian Collis

Rider challenges loose helmet strap fine

A Perth rider who took off his gloves and loosened his chin strap to talk to police who pulled him over is challenging a fine he received for not having his chin strap done up securely. Julian Collis says he wrote a letter to police the same day – 30 May 2018 – advising he …

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Call to challenge exhaust noise fines

Petition to change motorcycle exhaust noise rules

Following a police crackdown in at least two states on motorcycle exhaust noise and heated discussion on our website, a Queensland sports bike rider has launched a petition to have the noise rules changes. Click here to sign his petition to Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads director-general Neil Scales. It has attracted more …

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