Mitas Sport Force+ motorcycle tyres tested s flirting

Riders flirting with tyre dangers, survey

An alarming number of Australian riders are flirting with danger by riding on illegal, worn and incorrectly inflated tyres, according to an Australian survey. The Canstar Blue customer satisfaction survey of more than 350 riders reveals some startling findings about rider attitudes to their motorcycle tyres. Flirting with danger Almost half of Aussie motorcycle riders have …

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Mitas Sport Force+ motorcycle tyres tested s flirting

What are your motorcycle tyres made of? (Pt 1)

Have you ever wondered what your motorcycle tyres are made of, why they are black and shiny and whether scrubbing off the shine and warming up the tyres improves grip? Motorcycle industry veteran Dale Schmidtchen takes a look at tyre compounds and answers these questions in part one of a two-part insight into tyres. Click …

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Dale Schmidtchen and his Kwaka Mitas Sport Force+ tyres tested

Mitas Sport Force+ motorcycle tyres tested

Mitas is a well-known brand of motorcycle tyre among off-road riders, but is not so well known as a high-performance road tyre company. So when motorcycle industry veteran Dale Schmidtchen needed new tyres for his Kawasaki ZR-7, he was at first reticent about fitting Mitas Sport Force+ tyres to his bike. Here is his first-impression …

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Queensland Motorcycle Breakdown Service tyre punctures puncture-proof tyres flirting shoulder

Puncture-proof motorcycle tyres coming?

Cyclists have had puncture-proof tyres for ages, but we are still to get puncture-proof motorcycle tyres in Australia. There are two varieties that we have heard of: American-made RhinoTire tyre sealant and Indian-made CEAT tyres. RhinoTire technology from the USA is a quick-sealing polymer RhinoPlex gel inside a tyre, which will instantly seal any puncture or incision …

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Michelin Road 5 maintains wet grip with age

Michelin Road 5 claims wet grip win

Michelin’s new Road 5 tyre features a tread pattern that widens as it wears to maintain wet mechanical grip with age. The French tyre manufacturer claims it won an in-house braking test against its five main rivals: Metzler Roadtec 01, Pirelli Angle GT, Continental Contiroad track 3, Bridgestone Battlax T30 Evo and the Dunlop Roadmsart …

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Ikon Suspension upgrade review Ducati GT1000 Dunlop Sportmax Alpha 14 tyres Ducati GT1000

New Dunlop Sportmax tyres are hot!

Monza Imports sent us a set of new Dunlop Sportmax Alpha-14 tyres for our Ducati GT1000 project bike and they are hot, hot, hot! The Sportmax Alpha-13 tyres have been well loved by track riders for their high grip levels. The new Sportmax Alpha-14 tyres look very similar with minimal tread patterns. The tech sheet …

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Bridgestone airless bicycle tyre

Airless tyres coming to motorcycles?

Airless tyres for motorcycles has come a little closer to reality with the announcement that Bridgestone is working on an airless tyre for bicycles. Bridgestone Corporation and Bridgestone Cycle are working together to make the tyres from recyclable resin. Bridgestone is assessing the feasibility of the tyres and hopes to have a commercial version available …

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Researchers Katrina Cornish and Cindy Barrera Motorcyclists riding on egg shells?

Motorcyclists riding on egg shells?

Will riders of the future be riding on tyres made from egg shells and tomatoes? In Australia alone, 48 million used tyres are disposed of each year with two out of every three going to landfill, illegally dumped, sent overseas or simply stockpiled. Only 16% is recycled. It’s a huge environmental issue. Now Ohio State …

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Yamaha's Masters of Torque modelsYamaha's Masters of Torque models product

Top bikes and gear brands rated

Yamaha has replaced Harley-Davidson as the top brand rated by Australian riders, while Shoei is the top helmet, Aplinestars best for gear and Pirelli the best tyre. The results come from the second annual survey of 1079 riders by customer satisfaction research and ratings business Canstar Blue. Top motorcycle brands Only the seven most popular road …

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Continental SportAttack 3 tyres breaks in quickly parts made

New Continental tyre breaks in quickly

If you’re a bit impatient about riding on your new tyres, German tyre company Continental has updated their popular motorcycle sports tyre with the SportAttack 3 that includes fast break-in technology. It’s called Traction Skin that uses no greasy release agents on the tyre and leaves the tyre with a dry and tactile tread surface …

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