action photos

Adding action to your motorbike photos

Motorcycles are about action, yet we rarely see any motorbikes in motion in Facebook photos. I’m getting a bit tired of the same old photos of motorcycles in car parks or parked outside cafes. The proliferation of these is probably because we are too busy riding and having fun to stop and think about taking …

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AGV X3000 retro helmet review

AGV X3000 retro helmet review

Everything old is new again in the world of helmets and the latest to join the retro helmet rage is the very stylish AGV X3000 race replica. The X3000 range is led by a $999 limited-edition tribute to the legendary 15-time world motorcycle champion, Giacomo Agostini. There are 10 colour choices ranging in price from $599 in solid colours to …

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Draggin Stealthz leggings

Rider leggings get poor safety ratings

The world’s first motorcycle clothing safety ratings program, MotoCAP, has given just half a star each to three sets of rider leggings and mixed reviews on gloves. MotoCAP launched in September with ratings for 10 leather jackets and 10 pairs of rider jeans. Last month they added ratings for 10 textile jackets which rated lower than the …

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LDM ExoFlex jacket

LDM introduces ExoFlex waterproof jacket

UK brand LDM is a relative newcomer to the market with a range of affordable riding gear including this LDM ExoFlex all-weather jacket with a trendy hood. Lorenzo Luiso, founder of LDM, says he set up the company three years ago as an online retailer of well-known motorcycle clothing brands including helmets, gloves, and accessories. …

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Giacomo Agostini Ago AGV tribute helmet

AGV adds retro X3000 and X70 helmets

Retro-designed AGV X3000 full-face and X70 open-face helmets are now available in Australia with two race legend tribute helmets. The X3000 range is led by a $999 limited-edition tribute to the legendary 15-time world motorcycle champion, Giacomo Agostini (pictured above). Top of the open-face X70 range is the $499 Pasolini which is a tribute to GP legend …

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MotoChat message warning sms

Bike SMS seeks final crowd funding

A French company which plans to produce LED signs for motorcycles and cars so riders and drivers can communicate with each other by SMS is having a second go at funding its product. The idea is you use voice activation to dictate a written message to traffic which is displayed on an LED sign. It could …

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Forcite smart helmet

Forcite Helmets seek test pilots

Australian motorcycle helmet startup Forcite is looking for riders to act as test pilots for their ultralight but ultra-hi-tech smart helmet. The smart helmet revolution is coming with several hi-tech helmets or add-on units hitting the market in the next few years, changing riding forever.  Not to be outdone by Silicon Valley and Asian tech …

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Jarvish X-AR augmented reality HUD smart helmet revolution

Jarvish offers smart helmet discounts

Taiwanese company Jarvish has launched a crowd-funding campaign and discounts to produce their X and X-AR smart helmets that include a host of technology as well as voice-only access to Siri, Amazon Alexa and OK Google control. Other features are a carbonfibre shell, front and rear 1080p 360-degree cameras, Bluetooth audio, active noise cancelling to reduce …

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Kobe Smart Case smarter

Kobe Smart Case neatly secures your helmet

If you’ve ever had your helmet stolen from your bike or accidentally knocked or blown off your bike, then the stylish rear-rack-mounted Kobe Smart Case could be your solution. It electronically secures your helmet to your bike when parked and neatly folds away when not in use to be visually discrete and aerodynamic while riding. …

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Xmas Christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts For Motorbike Fans

(Contributed post) Are you looking for a gift for a motorbike enthusiast? When someone is a fan of something or passionate about something, it is always a good idea to get them a Christmas gift based on this. However, you need to purchase something they will actually use – not something that is gimmicky or …

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