Resolve Group airbag leather suit patented

Full-length airbag leather suit patented

Professional racers and amateurs alike could soon be wearing patented airbag leathers that fully cocoon the rider and automatically call emergency services if they crash. British company Titan Technologies plan to launch the one-piece leather suit in September along with “the most advanced augmented reality helmet available” and a “secret” third product. Company spokesman Adam …

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Macna men's jacket range

2019 Macna men’s jacket range released

European motorcycle clothing company Macna makes some advanced technology gear with a lot of street smarts, although some of the colours and designs in their 2019 range might be a little adventurous for some riders. Bright blues and yellows are not your typical motorcycle fare. But there is also some basic black and charcoal colours …

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Visorcat reader deal Motosafe earplugs

Reader deal: Buy Visorcat, get free earplugs

Clear vision and protecting your ears seem to be important for our readers so we are offering a special reader deal of a free set of MotoSafe Tour earplugs with each Visorcat wiper/washer tour pack bought through our shop. When we published a review of the Visorcat a few weeks ago, we expected a lot of …

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Senzar sensor unit monitors blind spots rear ender crash

Senzar warns of tailgating crash

While motorcycle companies are developing integrated motorcycle sensors to detect and warn of an impending rear-ender, Senzar has produced an aftermarket device. Companies such as Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki and Suzuki are developing radar sensors for their bikes. Ducati will be the first manufacturer next year to add front and rear radar sensors to its motorcycles …

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inVIEW helmet Brake light and indicator

inVIEW helmet light shows brakes, turn

This inVIEW helmet light not only indicates when brakes are applied or a rider slows down on the throttle, but also shows a rider’s intention to turn. There have been several products designed to attract the attention of tailgating motorists such as Cosmo helmet light. We also sell a unit that activates your bike’s rear …

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wipey visor

Wipey promises clean helmet visor

There has been no shortage of inventions over the years to keep the rain off your visor and now there is Wipey which is a portable windscreen wiper. Wipey is a snap-on device which fits in seconds to your visor and uses a small electric motor to wipe it clean like a car’s windscreen wiper. The …

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TCX Street Ace Air sneakers

TCX Street Ace Air commuter boots review

TCX Street Ace Air boots join the booming trend in recent years for commuter riding shoes that you can wear on and off the bike in equal comfort with some protection. The trend is understandable. The last thing most city riders want is to have to carry a spare pair of work/casual shoes because their motorcycle …

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Merlin Maple glove gloves

Icon gloves combine leather and denim

These Merlin Icon street-style gloves look stylish with their mix of denim and leather, but they don’t offer fashion at the total expense of protection. Merlin Maple gloves The $79 Icon gloves come in either grey or blue denim with black leather in sizes small to XXXL. Despite having denim on the backs of the gloves, …

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honda helmet key fob radar smartest

Honda facial-recognition helmet acts as key fob

Honda has filed a patent application for a facial-recognition helmet that would act as a key fob to unlock your motorcycle. It features a camera on the inside that identifies your face and then activates the motorcycle. Don’t expect that this will happen any time soon. It’s sort of an answer to a question no …

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