Kawasaki Z900RS with radiator guard and centre stand accessories

What happened to motorcycle centre stands?

What has happened to motorcycle centre stands which are often only available as options (like on the above Kawasaki Z900RS) or provided as standard on just the biggest motorcycles? When I started riding in the ‘70s, most road bikes had them. Even some modern bikes regarded as touring bikes don’t have these utilitarian stands and …

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Corbin seat for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Corbin seat for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Famous seat manufacturer Corbin has introduced a new seat to soften the hard ride of the new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. If the mark of a successful model is the number of aftermarket accessory companies that provide premium parts, Royal Enfield is on a winner with the new Interceptor and Continental GT 650. Swedish premium suspension …

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Dainese airbag vest

MotoGP airbag vest for everyday riders

Last year MotoGP made airbag race suits mandatory and now Dainese has produced an airbag vest for everyday riders that goes under a normal jacket. Versatile vest Many riders have different jackets for summer and winter. It would be expensive to buy an airbag jacket for each season, so this idea of an airbag vest …

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Do you wear your pants tucked into your motorcycle boots or are you a loose legger with your over the top of your boots?

Are you a pants tucker or loose legger?

Do you wear your pants tucked into your motorcycle boots or are you a loose legger with your pants over the top of your boots? Look around at other riders and you will see examples of both. But why is there a difference and does it matter? We’ve asked around various riders and found there …

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Domio Pro Bluetooth helmet sound system

Domio Bluetooth helmet sound adds mic

The Domio Sport Bluetooth helmet system provides music without internal speakers and messy wires, but has now added a microphone system that has no internal or boom mic. The Canadian company launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds to start production of their Domio Pro unit with the mic. Their Facebook page says they …

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Motobrite hazard sign

MotoBrite sign for roadside breakdowns

Welsh invention MotoBrite increases the visibility of motorcycles broken down at the side of the road at night or in fog with its high-density LED hazard warning sign. The hazard sign is hidden underneath the number plate and can quickly be deployed in an emergency situation. It would be much more noticeable than motorcycle hazard …

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Macna Neutron wireless heated gloves

Macna Neutron heated gloves are wireless

Unlike many other sets of electric heated motorcycle gloves, Macna Neutron wireless heated gloves don’t have to be plugged into a bulky power supply. The waterproof gloves come with a discrete, wireless, rechargeable lithium battery in the cuff that lasts for four hours. Keeping your hands warm and dry is not just a matter of …

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Siima Sibirsky Adventure Glove for all weather conditions

First all-weather motorcycle glove

Just days after we lamented there was no such thing as an all-weather waterproof glove, along comes the Sibirsky Adventure Glove from Siima. As this video shows, you can convert the gauntlet glove into a short summer glove in seconds and then quickly pull a fully waterproof cover over them. The goat skin gloves are …

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X2 phone mount

X2 motorcycle phone mount has power

This universal X2 phone mount comes with power attachment at just $36, including postage. Many motorcycle and scooter riders now use their phone rather than a GPS to navigate, but most phone mounts won’t power your phone or electronic device. However, the X2 will keep you powered up all day long. It will fit just …

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Motocap Motorcycle clothing rating system launched abrasion tests

Why does riding gear fail abrasion tests?

Motorcycle jackets and pants tested in the MotoCAP safety and comfort ratings have failed in the abrasion tests, but could easily be made safer, says a technical expert. Back in 2015, Deakin University fibre science and technology senior researcher Chris Hurren warned that eight out of 10 of the most commonly worn motorcycle suits in …

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