Talk 'N Shoot action camera app and Bluetooth headset

Tell your helmet camera when to shoot

If you are frustrated with helmet cameras because you can never tell if they are switched on and recording what you want, then Talk ’N Shoot may be the answer. Imagine being able to tell your action camera when to start and stop recording and then hear a verbal reply as confirmation rather than having …

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Isle of Man TT game

Aussies design bikes for Isle of Man TT game

The latest Isle of Man TT video game “Ride on the Edge” features motorcycles rendered by Brisbane computer graphics production studio Virtual Mechanix. Managing director and former rider Andrew Porter says they began working on the 3D model bikes for the developer Kylotonn about 18 months ago. Check out their results in these video trailers …

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Mad Max Fury Road motorbike action cameras

What to look for in motorcycle action cameras

Riders may want to buy action cameras for their motorbike for various reasons, such as recording exciting rides to share with friends or other bikers on social media. They may also consider equipping their bike with a camera for insurance purposes in the unfortunate event of an accident. Bike cameras are also called helmet cameras, …

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Quad Lock mobile phone mount

Google Maps to add motorbike mode

Google Maps introduced a two-wheeler mode for motorcycles and scooters for India in December 2017, but it may soon be coming to other countries including Australia. Google Maps currently provides travel routes, navigation and travel time estimates for public transport, bicycles, cars and walking, depending own your device. Google Australia communications manager Kristine Arnott says India …

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helmet cameras

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras in 2018

Currently, helmet cameras are considered as very important accessories by both professional motorcycling sportsmen and even leisure and transportation users. Helmet cams act as a record of evidence in deciding on insurance-related claims, capturing epic and energetic sportsmen stunts during races, and also exclusive coverage of field excursions for record keeping, professional documentation, and sharing …

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LeanGP home motorcycle simulator

First home motorcycle simulator raises funds

The world’s first affordable home motorcycle simulator has moved closer to reality with a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign that surpassed its goal in less than a day. LeanGP CTO Adria Saz Marti says the simulator has plug-and-play capability so it is ready to play right out of the box and will be fully compatible withPlaystation4, …

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TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider 550 is ‘faster’

TomTom says their Rider 550 GPS will be smoother, faster and “techier” with built-in wifi for faster and easier map and traffic updates. Rider 550 is powered by a quad-core processor so it loads maps and routes faster than before. It will be available in Australia in Spring with local pricing yet to be confirmed.  …

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Virtual reality oculus rift vr

Counterpoint: Maybe VR Will Help Motorcycles

Nearly a year ago Motorbike Writer posted a piece about the threat posed to motorcycles by virtual reality or VR. Our guest writer says the logic isn’t actually all that difficult to understand. VR goes further than traditional games to simulate real world experiences, such that a motorcycle game, at least theoretically, can feel like the …

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