Motorcycle Club Computer game

Top 5 Motorcycle Computer Games

(Contributed post on computer games) If you haven’t been able to go for a ride for some time because of the current lockdown, you may consider motorcycle video games as a substitute. It might not get you outdoors but they can help you to relax and have fun. In the presence of thousands of good …

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Riderbuds earphones

Warning over crowd funded bike products

We warned riders about supporting the crowd-funding campaign for RiderBuds earphones after customers had still not received products almost a year after the promised delivery date. However, two customers in Holland and Canada have now contacted us to say they have finally received their RiderBuds and are happy with their performance. We are satisfied they …

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GPS tracking

What are benefits of tracking system on your motorbike?

(Contributed article) You may have heard about vehicle tracking systems and wondered whether the investment is worth it. With bike theft on the rise and insurance costs shooting up they certainly are. Whether you’re an individual motorbike aficionado, or a business owner who needs to track a fleet of motorbikes, here are three main arguments …

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Lego Ducati Panigale V4 R

Lego adds Ducati Panigale V4 R model

Ducati has joined Harley-Davidson and BMW as the only motorcycle companies with Lego models. The Lego Ducati Panigale V4 R is the first Lego motorcycle model to include a gearbox. It sits 32cm long, 16cm high and 8cm wide and will be available for €59.99 (about $A102) from June – possibly a bit too late to keep you …

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iASUS Rekon motorcycle intercom

IASUS Rekon is a classy helmet intercom

Audio company IASUS is about to release its classy Rekon intercom that promises top audio quality, long battery life and the ability to connect up to 6000 riders on one channel. We have tested their audiophile-quality XSound auxiliary helmet speakers and they are the best we have come across with clear highs and deep bass. So …

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American Motorcycle Simulator computer game

Bike simulator ideal for isolation

If you have to self-isolate during the current pandemic, then we suggest reading heaps of Motorbike Writer articles … or maybe playing a computer motorcycle simulator game! There is a host of such games around and early next year they will be joined by American Motorcycle Simulator which takes you through the USA, including the …

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Revan dashcam HUD bluetooth unit

Revan camera may replace mirrors

Future motorcycles may not need mirrors with this Revan helmet-mounted live-feed camera that screens images to a head-up display (HUD). Some may find this bulky camera and HUD device as a safety feature that eliminates blind spots while others may view it as a dangerous distraction. The Revan system includes an intercom for VoIP-based group …

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Garmin zūmo XT gets smarter

Garmin zūmo XT now smarter, brighter

Garmin has unveiled its new zūmo XT GPS which is brighter, smarter and packed with more features. It would want to be, too, as it now costs  $A849 in Australia and $US499 in the USA. If you have the Garmin Drive app it will also allow riders access to smart notifications, real-time fuel prices, live traffic reports and weather …

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