What jeans have most protection

Which motorcycle jeans have most protection?

A war of words has broken out between Australia motorcycle clothing companies Draggin Jeans and Saint over which motorcycle jeans offer the best protection. A Draggin Jeans spokesman contacted us a coupe of weeks ago saying they would issue a press release debunking protection claims by Saint. The promised release was delayed several times, but …

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Saint store in Melbourne denim clothingSaint store in Melbourne denim clothing

Saint denim opens first store

Melbourne denim riding gear company Saint, which has developed a six-second single-layer denim, has now opened a flagship store in Melbourne. Saint began as an online store 18 months ago and has now opened a store at 154 Johnston St, Fitzroy.  Their “Unbreakable” range of riding jeans, jackets and gloves is made from a special blend …

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Octane motorcycle Craker jacket

Octane motorcycle rider gear launches

Octane motorcycle clothing has launched in Australia with jackets, pants and gloves made to high safety and quality standards, but at reasonable prices. The gear will be offered through the new Motorbike Writer online shop. Click here to BUY NOW! Octane motorcycle gear importers are veteran New Zealand motorcycle riders who know the demands on …

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Saint Unbreakable Technical Black Denim Slim Fit Jeans

Single-layer Saint denim jeans review

Australian company Saint has been instrumental in helping develop a single-layer denim to protect motorcycle riders from abrasion injuries. Their “Unbreakable” range of riding jeans, jackets and gloves is made from a special blend of 34% cotton and 66% Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP) that they claim now meets CE standards for six seconds of …

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Vear wet weather riding pants

Easy-to-fit Vear motorcycle rain pants

The biggest problems with putting on wet-weather pants is having to sit down on the side of the road to pull them on and/or take off your boots. Now, a Denmark company has invented Vear pants which you can put on while standing up and with your boots on. And when they are on, they …

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Draggin Rebel jeans

Draggin Rebel jeans pass heat test

The new Draggin Rebel jeans have now become my favourite riding pants for the oppressive Queensland summer heat. The Rebel jeans ($299) feature a new version of their RooMoto lining which has almost double the abrasion resistance at 7.46 seconds. That’s comforting to know! But we’ve worn riding jeans before with a mixture of protective …

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draggin Rebel jeans have almost double the abrasion resistance

Draggin ‘doubles’ abrasion resistance

Draggin Jeans continues to improve its products with the latest Rebel and Revz jeans now featuring a 20% lighter lining and almost twice the abrasion resistance. According to Draggin’s testing, they will now withstand more than 7.46 seconds of road abrasion, that is, sliding down the road. The lighter lining is also more breathable, cooler and …

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Draggin jeans extreme clothing

Funding for safe motorcyclist clothing

Riders will benefit from $13.2 million of Federal Government funding for research into “future fibres”, including next-generation protective clothing. Longtime Australia motorcycle clothing manufacturer Draggin Jeans is one of the partners in the Future Fibres Hub research that will cover four different areas. The exact amount set aside for motorcycle apparel is therefore difficult to assess. …

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Draggin stylin’ up with Revz jeans

Revz jeans are the latest protective pants from Draggin Jeans who are celebrating 20 years of being a part of Australian motorcycle culture. The classic-style men’s jeans are part of Draggin’s Next-Gen range which won the Australian company a “best of the best” award this year in the inaugural Motorcycle Brand Contest run by the …

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Single-layer protective denim safer

Single-layer motorcycle clothing that passes safety tests is getting closer with DSM Dyneema gaining European approval after the latest tests. Their single-layer denim with elastic material and a large amount of Dyneema has passed the four-second abrasion test. It now gains an EN13595-1 approval for level 1 which means abrasion resistance of four seconds or …

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