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How to choose the right motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmets are expensive so it is important to buy the right one for your budget, your head, your riding style and your confidence. We have published many articles about helmets. Just go to the search bar on this page and type in “helmet” and you will find many articles which offer advice. We have …

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Revolutionary Vozz Helmet

Revolutionary Vozz Helmets return to stores

Revolutionary Australian-designed Vozz Helmets which have no chin strap are returning to the shelves after a long hiatus for updates and European approval. They still cost $888, but the new ECE 22.05 certified RS 1.0 helmets are claimed to be more comfortable, quieter with a more secure seal. When we tested one early last year …

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Hedon Epicurist luxury

Hedon open-face luxury helmets

Most open-face helmets are cheap and nasty, but if you are a fan of the style and want luxury and comfort, one of the premium brands is the French-made Hedon. They are about to launch their first full-face helmet, the Heroine, in Australia next month, but it’s been the Hedonist and Epicure (pictured at top) …

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helmet temperature heat cold

How does temperature affect a helmet?

Extremes of temperature can affect your helmet so it’s important to store it somewhere that is temperate and dry. A rider recently posted the above photo of his adventure helmet which he had stored in his shed during summer. It’s obviously a polycarbonate shell which has melted in the extreme temperatures. While this is an extreme case, …

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Shark RIDILL budget helmet

Shark unveils safe budget helmet

Who says you have to sacrifice your budget to afford a safe helmet when Shark has released the RIDILL helmet with a high safety score from just $199.95? Shark is the most prolific helmet brand in the industry-leading British SHARP helmet ranking survey with 24 helmets and all but one scoring four or more stars. That makes …

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Sena Cavalry motorcycle half helmet with bluetooth unit

Sena releases Cavalry half motorcycle helmet

Bluetooth experts have produced a Cavalry half helmet with built-in communicator mainly for the American cruiser market. There is no word on its availability yet in Australia through Sena distributors Earmold. Earmold owner Aaron Dalle-Molle says the Cavalry is available for sale in the US at $349. “So I’d be betting on late October before …

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Hedon Heroine Racer

Hedon launches full-face Heroine helmet

Exclusive European helmet brand Hedon will soon launch their first full-face model, the Heroine, in Australia. Hedon helmets are now being distributed in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia by Perth company, The Design Collective. Spokesman Chris Burke says they will hold an official launch of the brand and Heroine helmet in Sydney in April. “We are excited …

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Encephalon hi-tech motorcycle helmet

Hi-tech motorcycle helmet keeps you cool

A hi-tech motorcycle helmet with cooling fans, cameras, electronically adjustable-tint visor, noise-cancelling sound and other hi-tech features is nearing the end of development. The Encephalon (Brain), from Nand Logic in the USA, is about to go to a crowdfunding campaign with the developers expecting the price to be under $US1000 (about $A1300) when it is …

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Kirsh motorcycle helmet

Kirsh helmet claimed world’s safest

An American inventor has developed a motorcycle helmet using silicone to reduce impact and has claimed his Kirsh helmet is the safest in the world. Jason Kirshon, who rides a Harley-Davidson Softail Rocker, says most helmets are too big, too heavy, or don’t offer enough protection. So he set about constructing his own helmet in …

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Helmet safety motorcycle crash accident

Does helmet safety match cost?

Does helmet safety match how much money you spend on the helmet? It’s an often-asked question that we try to verify with statistics. The Bell helmets ad campaign of 50 years ago “If you’ve got a $10 head, wear a $10 helmet!” may have been true then, but is it now? We could not find …

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