Helmet scratch repair

Helmet Scratch Repair – 5 Top Tips

If you have been riding for any time then chances are you have managed to scratch your motorcycle helmet – more than once! In this article we look through five top tips to help identify, repair or reduce the prominence of scratches on your helmet. Disclaimer: Consult a qualified expert or retailer if you have damaged …

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John Eacott with his new Schuberth C4 Pro helmet

Schuberth C4 Pro helmet review

German company Schuberth helmets have been producing helmets for motorsport and riders for more than 90 years with the top-of-the-range C4 Pro now available. Their quality helmets have only recently come to Australia through MB Motorcycles since our helmet laws were opened up to European standards. We asked Australian Motorcycle Council executive John Eacott to …

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Motorcycle Helmets label and sticker

Choosing The Right Bike Helmet For A Safe Ride

(Contributed post) When it comes to riding a motorbike, having the right safety gear is of utmost importance. Riding is far more enjoyable when you have the confidence you are safe. A helmet is the most important part of your bike safety gear as it protects your head and face. In the event of an …

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AGV K6 helmet

AGV K6 helmet offers more protection

The new AGV K6 carbon helmet has more shell area and less visor mechanism for maximised protection, though the visor still offers peripheral vision of 190°. It arrives in March from $699 for mono colours and $799 for multi colours. The lightweight 1220g road helmet is based on technologies derived from the Pista GP R …

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Atlas 2.0 helmet

Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet review

British helmet company Ruroc is about to launch its updated Atlas 2.0 carbon-fibre helmet with several improvements and a clever magnetic quick-release chin strap clasp. The official launch is on 27 February  2020, but we’ve had one for a couple of weeks now and been testing it in the real world. The carbon-fibre Atlas 2.0 …

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EyeRide HUD has unlimited group chat

French company EyeLights already makes head-up display units for cars and is now planning to move into motorcycles with a revolutionary EyeRide connection system for large group intercom. Instead of using Bluetooth to connect, it uses a data connection to a Discord app server. While EyeRide promises virtually unlimited group chats with others on the …

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Tali Connected and Livall smarter helmets

Smart motorcycle helmets getting smarter

Smart helmets are coming and they are getting smarter by the day with the latest calling emergency if you crash and fitted with blind spot detectors. For several years smart helmet concepts have been been revealed with hi-tech features such as the ability to display vital motorcycle information on the visor or a small periphery …

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Bell Broozer convertible helmet

Bell adds Broozer convertible helmet

Bell is introducing a new convertible helmet, called the Broozer, where the chin piece clicks out to convert from full-face to open-face. The American-made Bell is now available in Australia at $399.95 in sizes small to XXL. Convertible helmets It’s not their first convertible helmet after it introduce the Bell Rogue in 2013 with its removable …

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halley helmet hanger

Win a Halley helmet hanger for Xmas

How would you like to win this elegant Halley Accessories motorcycle helmet display hanger that not only looks good, but safeguards your helmet liner? To win this $208 hanger, simply click here to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter. If you’re already one of our almost 4000 subscribers, simply find the Facebook post on our …

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Win for emergency call motorcycle helmet

US college student Ty Uehara has won $US2000 to develop his ConTekt helmet that will call emergency (911) if you have been in a crash. He’s not the first. Several other helmets are also being developed, including the Encephalon (Brain) from Nand Logic in the USA, the Indian-made Quin and even a Thai Helpmet. There is also …

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