Controversial Rainpal calls for patience

The inventor of the Rainpal electric motorcycle helmet visor wiper has called for customer and investor patience in the wake of extensive criticism for failing to deliver. British inventor Adam Aarons has released a statement this week saying it is a complex invention. This follows claims that the crowd-funded project was a scam and would …

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America's newest motorcycle company, Vanguard, has teamed up with fellow American Bluetooth company FUSAR and Isle of Man helmet company Veldt to offer an exclusive helmet.

Exclusive Vanguard Veldt helmet offer

America’s newest motorcycle company, Vanguard, has teamed up with fellow American Bluetooth company FUSAR and Isle of Man helmet company Veldt to offer an exclusive helmet. The Vanguard limited-edition helmets are being offered to celebrate the coming range of bikes due in 2018. There are two helmet models, Carbon and Aluminium. They are both made of carbon …

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Cable lock for ratchet helmet

Securing a ratchet helmet to your bike

Many helmets now come with quick-release ratchet-lock chin straps that present a problem in securing them to your parked motorcycle because they don’t have D-rings. Some people like ratchet locks because they are convenient yet others believe the D-ring is far safer. All motorcycle racers have D-rings. But it didn’t seem to help Marco Simoncelli. …

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Cosmo Connected emergency brake light and crash alert

Helmet has brake light and alert

A French company is set to produce an emergency brake light that sits on the back of a helmet and also senses a crash, alerting emergency services with your medical details. Cosmo Connected spokesperson Ilinca Spita says the device will be available in July from $U149 or SUS$249 in carbon finish. The Cosmo is 13.9cm long, 5.1cm …

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Davida helmet leather linier kits

Davida adds leather liner replacement

Now riders can replace the leather liner in their Davida helmet to prolong its life or create an alternative custom look to match your riding gear. The replacement leather liner kits for Davida’s English-made Speedster V3 and Ninety 2 helmets include the foam ears, strap covers and comfort liner. It does not include the satin …

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Harley-Davidson Australia 100th anniversary Bell Custom 500 helmet

Bell marks 100 years of Aussie Harley

A limited edition of 1000 Bell Custom 500 helmets has been produced to honour 100 years of Harley-Davidson in Australia, but you better be quick.   Dealers only have a limited supply in various sizes and all were quickly sold out at Morgan & Wacker on Saturday at their launch party for the week-long 100th anniversary …

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Helmet laws - helmet petition, helmet forum helmet forum right

How to choose the right motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmets are expensive so it is important to buy the right one for your budget, your head, your riding style and your confidence. We have published many articles about helmets. Just go to the search bar on this page and type in “helmet” and you will find many articles which offer advice. We have …

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Revolutionary Vozz Helmet ratchet

Revolutionary Vozz Helmets return to stores

Revolutionary Australian-designed Vozz Helmets which have no chin strap are returning to the shelves after a long hiatus for updates and European approval. They still cost $888, but the new ECE 22.05 certified RS 1.0 helmets are claimed to be more comfortable, quieter with a more secure seal. When we tested one early last year …

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Hedon Epicurist luxury

Hedon open-face luxury helmets

Most open-face helmets are cheap and nasty, but if you are a fan of the style and want luxury and comfort, one of the premium brands is the French-made Hedon. They are about to launch their first full-face helmet, the Heroine, in Australia next month, but it’s been the Hedonist and Epicure (pictured at top) …

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helmet temperature heat cold

How does temperature affect a helmet?

Extremes of temperature can affect your helmet so it’s important to store it somewhere that is temperate and dry. A rider recently posted the above photo of his adventure helmet which he had stored in his shed during summer. It’s obviously a polycarbonate shell which has melted in the extreme temperatures. While this is an extreme case, …

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