Davida Koura helmet

Davida Koura their first full-face helmet

UK helmet manufacturer Davida has launched their first first full-face helmet, the Koura, at the EICMA motorcycle show last week. Davida is better known for their open-face helmets, but now they have followed in the footsteps of brands such as Bell, Biltwell and Veldt in producing a retro-styled full-face helmet. Their open-face helmets have a …

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Hedon Heroine full-face helmet

Full-face Hedon Heroine helmet arrives

The Hedon Heroine helmet, the British helmet company’s first full-face model, is finally available in Australia. Hedon helmets are distributed in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia by Perth company, The Design Collective. Spokesman Chris Burke says Deus ex Machina in Sydney have a collection of Heroine helmets along with www.motofemmes.com and www.motorcyclestuff.com.au. He says there will be additional stores following …

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EZ-GO helmet strap

EZ-GO Strap carries your motorcycle helmet

If you find it inconvenient carrying your helmet around, you may be interested in this EZ-GO motorcycle helmet strap. The Chinese-made EZ-GO Strap sells for just $A22 (plus $A10 shipping) and you can buy it here online. EZ-GO strap in use We were sent a strap to use and were surprised at how often we …

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Guy Stanford Youtube videos helmet legal issues

YouTube videos explain helmet issues

Three YouTube videos have been launched today to help riders understand the rules and regulations, correct fitting and crash-protection purpose of helmets. The videos were made by the Motorcycle Council of NSW with funding from Transport for NSW. Presenter is MCC of NSW helmet expert Guy Stanford. He says the videos clarify some issues and …

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Annual police speed crackdown modular

Can you wear a modular helmet open?

Motorcycle police often ride around with the chin bar on their modular or flip-up helmets in the up position, but is it safe or legal? It makes sense that a modular helmet worn open is not as safe as when it is worn as a full-face helmet. In fact, the Hurt Report found that the …

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Skully HUD helmet fenix

Skully Fenix AR replaces HUD helmet

The defunct Skully AR-1 head-up display helmet will be replaced by an updated Fenix AR helmet in the middle of 2018. Skully Inc infamously crashed in July 2016 after the founders blew their $US2.4m crowd funding on fast cars and fast women. The new company, Skully Technologies, run by brothers Ivan and Rafael Contreras, launched a website …

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Skully HUD helmet

Skully HUD helmet set to return?

Skully — the world’s first commercially available HUD helmet — may return after it crashed in July 2016 when the founders blew their crowd funding on fast cars and fast women. A new company, called Skully Technologies, has launched a website that features the words “determined to make it right”. It seems to be a promise to …

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Clean motorcycle helmet avoids itchy scalp

Clean motorcycle helmet avoids itchy scalp

If you suffer from an itchy scalp when you are wearing your motorcycle helmet, it could be because it needs a thorough clean. Given how often you wear and sweat in your motorcycle helmet, it is important to keep it clean and free from bacteria. Based on the Gear Heads Motorcycles guide, the lining of …

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Absurd visor laws need simplification ripoff

The great motorcycle helmet visor ripoff

If you think the price of some motorcycle helmets is a ripoff, what about the exorbitant prices you face for a replacement visor? Visors are easily scratched from a mishap or just from bugs, dust, road grime and light gravel and stones. When they are damaged they should be replaced for your own safety. But …

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Harley-Davidson Street Rod hotter products

Five new motorcyclist gear products

More great products from the some of the best producers of motorcyclist clothing have arrived for the summer ahead. We take a look at five of the latest rider products which you can now buy online or in stores near you. Tourmaster Pivot Touring Jacket. This new jacket is waterproof with a convenient hood that …

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