Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport ceramic coating

Ceramic coating protects your motorbike

A ceramic coating on your paintwork, pipes, chrome, forks and other hard parts will not only protect them from road grime and UV fading, but also make it easier and quicker to keep your bike clean. We have heard of products with nanoceramic properties, but applying them is a long, expensive and arduous process. So …

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Cleaning matte motorcycle surfaces

Many modern motorcycles have matte or satin paint surfaces rather than high-gloss paintwork which gives them a mean and macho appearance. However, that low sheen surface can easily look ugly when it is covered in fingermarks, road grime, rain specks and petrol splashes. They show up more than on a glossy surface. If you’ve ever …

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cleaning bugs off helmet visor and bike

How to clean bugs off visor and motorbike

If you’ve ever been showered with bugs on your ride, you will know how difficult they are to remove from your helmet visor and your motorcycle. That’s because the wind quickly dries them out and they become very hard and stick like glue to any surface. Cleaning bugs off your bike While bugs on a …

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How to protect and clean your helmet visor

Your visor is your window to what lies ahead so it is important to protect it and keep it clean for your own safety. It also advisable to look after your visors because they can be expensive to replace. Read about the “great visor ripoff” here. Protecting your visor You can lengthen the life of …

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California Custom cleans motorcycles

Motorcycle cleaning products that promise miracles usually fail to deliver, but not California Custom. The sole importers and wholesale distributors of California Custom cleaning products in Australia for the past 20 years recently sent me several products to test at just the right time. My usually pristine Triumph Bonneville T100 was looking very second-hand after I took …

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Stylmartin motorcycle boots

Protecting motorcycle boots and leather gear

My favourite pair of motorcycle boots are these Stylmartin Legend RDs. They are waterproof and so comfortable yet supportive, that I have been wearing them off-road, touring, you name it! I’ve ridden in the rain, stomped through muddy bogs and even gone for a splash in a creek wearing them. I love the way they …

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Motul motorcycle helmet cleaner - tinted visor fine

Tips for cleaning your motorcycle helmet

Cleaning your motorcycle helmet is not only about pride in your appearance, but also safety, cleanliness, odour and a long life for your most important riding accessory. A dirty visor will obviously affect your ability to see and therefore your road safety. But a sweaty helmet liner will also make you feel uncomfortable which will …

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