Harley-Davidson cooling vest keeps you cool

Rider vest and bag keep you cool

Keeping your cool while riding in summer heat is difficult, but this cool vest and bag from Harley-Davidson will help. The cooling vest (98215-18VM) costs $94.90 for sizes S-XL and $110.50 for 2XL-5XL. It consists of a mesh vest made of HyperKewl material with four interior pockets that contain removable cool packs and a handy …

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Guns N' Roses Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson partners with Guns N’ Roses

Harley-Davidson has teamed with rock legends Guns N’ Roses to launch a range of men’s and women’s long and short-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops. The partnership leads us to believe that the band could be a highlight act at the motorcycle brand’s 115th celebrations next year in Milwaukee from August 29 to September 2. …

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Only dopes ride high! marijuana eye

What is the best rider eye protection?

In some states of the USA riders don’t have to wear a helmet, but they must have eye protection, while helmets are mandatory in Australia and glasses are not. It seems strange that eye protection has not been made mandatory in our nanny state. After all, your eyes are the most important thing to protect …

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Belinda McPhee in fur-collar leather motorcycle jackets

Motorcycle jackets for the fashion-conscious

Motorcycle jackets don’t have to make you look like you’ve just set the fastest lap at Phillip Island or ridden around the world with Charley Boorman. Blackbird Motorcycle Wear makes fashionable motorcycle jackets that offer all the abrasion and crash protection for the road, but can still be worn to a fancy restaurant. It’s the brainchild …

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Kiwi company Roadog launches winter layer

Kiwi company launches winter layer

With winter just around the corner, Kiwi company Roadog has launched a new line of thermal layers specifically designed for motorcycle riders. I came across it when I was in New Zealand riding around the bottom of the South Island in single-digit temperatures. One of the Kiwi journos was wearing one and he swore by …

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Octane motorcycle Craker jacket

Octane motorcycle rider gear launches

Octane motorcycle clothing has launched in Australia with jackets, pants and gloves made to high safety and quality standards, but at reasonable prices. The gear will be offered through the new Motorbike Writer online shop. Click here to BUY NOW! Octane motorcycle gear importers are veteran New Zealand motorcycle riders who know the demands on …

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Ventz motorcycle jacket vents - pain

Jacket Ventz make hot riders cool

These weird gizmos are called Ventz and they are designed to hold open your motorcycle jacket cuff to allow fresh air up your sleeve. BUY VENTZ NOW AT OUR ONLINE SHOP   I tried them in very hot and humid conditions and was surprised to find they work straight away. I thought they wouldn’t be …

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Draggin jeans extreme clothing

Draggin boss debunks Kevlar myth

Australian motorcycle clothing company Draggin has been using genuine DuPont Kevlar since 1997 and CEO Grant Mackintosh has now debunked some unsubstantiated claims about the material as myths. Those claims include that it degrades in the sun or when washed and that they get hot and burn or melt on to the skin in a …

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MBW beats the heat in his BMW Coldblack Airflow suit cool

Keeping cool in summer riding

Spring is here and hot temperatures are just around the corner, but cool relief is on the way, thanks to German and American scientists. Harley is now following BMW with the use of Schoeller Textile’s Coldblack fabric from Germany that reflects the sun’s rays to keep riders 5C cooler and provide up to 80% UV …

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Bamboo Textiles products

Bamboo is a rider’s best friend

Many riders already know the advantages of bamboo socks and underwear which keeps you cool/warm and nice to be near with its antibacterial properties. I had heard a lot of riders rave about bamboo but had never been tempted to buy any because I have sensitive skin (although some say I have a hide like …

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