Ducati Memorabilia

Ducati racing memorabilia now on sale

For the Ducatisti tragic who has everything, how about this collection of Ducati racing memorabilia from MotoGP and World Superbikes that is now on sale. The first load of limited-edition gear includes crankshafts, camshafts, pistons and con-rods with more being added over time. Each item of memorabilia comes in a smartly styled plexiglass display case …

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BrakebuTT links front and back brakes

If you are a convert to linked brakes or hand-operated rear brakes, the Aussie-designed BrakeBuTT invention could be what you are looking for. Inventor Jay Thompson, 54, of Perth, says he came up with the idea of an affordable retrofit linked-brake system after an embarrassing crash. “Showing off while riding with the young boys about …

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SP Connect Moto Mount Pro kit

SP Connect challenges Quad Lock phone mount

Austrian SP Connect is taking on Australian-designed Quad Lock in the race for your handlebar phone mount. Handlebar phone mounts have grown in popularity as more riders use their phones for GPS, music and communication. Some motorcycle instruments also now connect directly with your phone and, in future, they may be replaced by your phone. …

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loading motorcycle trailer

Self-loading motorcycle ramp

Loading a motorcycle on to a trailer or vehicle can lead to disasters and can take a lot of muscle and skill to get it right. However, Dutch company Porteos takes all the worry, muscle and skill out of the process. They are updating their self-loading motorcycle ramp with a lighter telescopic ramp that can …

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Chainbath messy chain cleaner

ChainBath cleans up a messy job

ChainBath could make the messy job of cleaning your motorcycle chain easy, either with or without a paddock stand. Canadian inventor Daniel Chiriac, 45, has a patent pending on his ChainBath device which he now plans to licence and produce. The brilliance of this simple device that sets it apart from others is that it …

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Sargent seat

Sargent seat improves Ducati comfort

Since your backside is on the seat most of the time, it is the most important ingredient in rider comfort, so I chose a Sargent Seat to improve the comfort on my Ducati Scrambler Icon. The standard seat is an ugly, flat and uncomfortable piece of plastic with a tacky white “Ducati” on the tail. …

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motorcycle motorbike parts engine accessories miserly expensive

Why are motorcycle parts so expensive?

Motorcycles might be at all-time affordable prices, but parts continue to be expensive, not just for premium brands, but even for some budget models. So why are parts so expensive in Australia? We asked various industry sources and found the issue is quite complex and varied. One of the biggest influences on parts prices is …

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