Customize motorcycle

5 Tips to Customize Your Bike

(Sponsored post for our North American readers) When buying a new motorcycle or sports car, there are things you wish you could change. Most of the time, you end up living with these things, perhaps because you don’t have the time to make tweaks, or you dread the prospect of ruining your newly acquired asset. …

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WP Suspension

WP Suspension to suit more models

Esoteric Austrian suspension company WP Performance Sports GmbH which is owned by KTM Group has announced it is branching out into aftermarket units for other models. In Australia, WP Suspension is sold through KTM and has been available only for KTM models. However, a recent release from the company about its street suspension says WP …

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Quad Lock wireless charging head

Quad Lock adds wireless phone charger

Wireless charging is now available with the Aussie invention, Quad Lock, so you can more conveniently mount your phone on your bike and charge it on the run. Quad Lock already has a $A44.95 charging accessory, but you need to plug in a USB cable which is a little messy and time consuming (like about …

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Pillion Backrests Corbin seats

Are motorcycle backrests a waste of money?

Riders seeking extra comfort often add a backrest to their seat and pillions love them, but are they a good investment in comfort or simply a waste of money? Some big touring motorcycles come with backrest options, otherwise you can buy an aftermarket seat from brands such as American companies Sargent and Corbin which have …

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ClimaCommand hot cold seat

Indian develops ClimaCommand seat

Indian Motorcycle is looking after your backside with its patent-pending ClimaCommand thermoelectric technology that both heats and cools the seat. Indian says the seat costs $A1995 ($US1199.99) and is available for their 2014-2019 Thunderstroke-powered models and 2020 models without Ride Command. Many luxury cars have heated and cooled seats and there are motorcycles with heated …

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Step up to 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special spark plug

Best Spark Plugs for a Harley-Davidson

A spark plug is a device that delivers electric current from the ignition to the combustion chamber of an engine to ignite the compressed mixture of air and fuel.  All motorcycles, including those from the Harley-Davidson company, require a suitable spark plug for optimum starting as well as engine performance. Below are the best spark plugs …

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Roadone accessories contreoller

RoadOne controls bike accessories

The RoadOne controller replaces messy multiple switches to operate electrical accessories such as chargers, heated grips and seat, dash cams and auxiliary lights. It allows riders to switch these devices on and off with the wave of a hand and a voice command. Funding campaign French company Plug&Ride has launched an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to bring …

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Alarmbox motorcycle motion sensor alarm

Alarmbox may negate need for lock

The Alarmbox aftermarket motion sensor alarm could negate your need to physically lock your motorcycle with a chain or disc lock. Many aftermarket disc locks now have similar sensors. However, the Alarmbox is convenient as you may not need to use a physical locking system. It is similar to the motion sensors built into the …

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KodaKey keyring keys

Never lose your motorcycle keys

If you’ve ever lost your motorcycle key and don’t have a back-up, you’ll know how expensive modern keys can be to replace. Many modern motorcycle keys now have a security code for the ignition immobiliser. It can be etched on the key itself, written down on purchase documentation or owner’s manual, stamped on a card …

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131 Screamin' Eagle c rate motor

Harley unleashes 131 Screamin’ cubes

Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagles factory customs department has unleashed its biggest engine yet, the 131-cube (2147cc) crate motor. The Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee Eight 131 Crate Engine features the same 114mm (4.5”) stroke as the 114 Milwaukee Eight, but has been bored out from 101mm (4”) to 109mm (4.31”). Harley claims it makes 90kW (121hp) of power …

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