Incharger Baseline oval grips

Are oval hand grips more comfortable?

Oval shaped handlebar grips are more ergonomic and comfortable for long trips, says European motorcycle accessories manufacturer Incharger. Their new Baseline collection for Harley-Davdson motorcycles only features grips that are oval shaped to reflect the shape of your palm. They claim it gives you more control with an especially relaxed hold during long trips. It …

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Do carbon wheels match hype?

There is a lot of hype about carbon wheels improving handling and braking, but do they really live up to that hype? I’ve ridden many bikes with carbon wheels, but never been able to compare them back-to-back to a bike with heavier standard wheels. Until now. South African carbon manufacturer Blackstone TEK supplied a set …

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Moriwaki exhaust Honda Grom

‘Forgotten’ Moriwaki brand bounces back

The Moriwaki performance motorcycle parts brand has been largely forgotten in our market, but now Bikebuilders is attempting to return it to its former glory. The Brisbane-based company has added the Japanese brand to its inventory and plans to actively import parts. Bikebuilders partners Leif Martinsen and Yosuke (Yoshi) Kawamura are good friends of MD …

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Clever motorcycle throttle and brake lock

Clever grip locks secure your bike

Motorcycle theft is rampant in many capital cities, in particular London where four are stolen every day, and riders are always on the lookout for a clever lock that is quick and easy to use. There are many clever locks on the market that secure the wheel, handlebars and/or the whole bike to a solid …

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Ikon Suspension upgrade review Ducati GT1000

Ikon Suspension upgrade review

Australian company Ikon Suspension has been around in one form or another making riders more comfortable and safer since 1962. So when we wanted to update the very basic suspension on our Ducati GT1000 project bike we went with Ikon. Standard suspension on most road bikes is usually a compromise. However, even a budget set …

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Mark Zach Oliver's Motorcycles Ikon suspension Ducati GT1000

How to update your motorcycle suspension

A suspension update is a black art with every suspension expert having differing opinions. You could go up and down the MotoGP pit lane and find differing viewpoints from every garage. While it looks like a simple job to unscrew some bolts, swap the shocks and fork springs, then bolt them back in, there is …

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Ikon Progressive or linear suspension springs?

Progressive or linear suspension springs?

If you’ve looked at improving your suspension, you have probably run into the argument about whether progressive for linear springs are better. Our Ducati GT1000 project bike suffers from under-sprung and over-damped suspension like a lot of Ducati road bikes with standard suspension. The resulting effect is head-shake, chattering, harsh ride and loss of mechanical …

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Ducati GT1000 project bike mirrors

Updating your motorcycle mirrors

Even the most expensive machines seem to have inferior motorcycle mirrors that look out of place, don’t give a clear rear view, are plasticky or have a blurred view because of engine vibration. And if you happen to drop your bike, they are often the first thing to break. Then there are those annoying motorcycle …

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