Andras and Thomas Torkos wth DSD Motoring Helmet lock

Robust lock secures motorcycle helmet

Made with a stainless steel transmission chain, this DSD (Dirty Side Down) Motoring helmet lock appears to be the strongest and most secure we’ve seen yet. It’s the labour of UK father and son Andras and Thomas Torkos who bought special milling machinery and a lathe to make the helmet locks. The helmet lock is …

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KTM Australia adds WP Suspension and gear

KTM Australia adds WP Suspension and gear

KTM Australia has a new range of PowerWear street, race and adventure gear available in Australia and is now distributing KTM-owned WP Suspension. The new range of gear is in collaboration with specialist companies such as Shoei and Alpinestars. Street gear includes the Street Evo Jacket ($399.99), while race gear adds the Speed Gloves ($99), …

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chain monkey

Chain Monkey wins Dragon’s Den

The Chain Monkey invention which is claimed to increase motorcycle chain life has won the British Dragon’s Den competition and is now keen to expand in Australia. Chain Monkey, made by Tru-Tension, is currently sold and distributed by Andy Strapz. However managing director Chris Frappell from Bristol says he is keen to exploit the promotional …

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Anderson Stands

Anderson Stands returns to business!!

The famous Australian motorcycle stand business Anderson Stands has started 2018 with a rejuvenation of the business, workshop and manufacturing. Previously it was under the umbrella of CBA Engineering as the parent company, but has now been purchased from owner Chris Anderson by passionate Sydney-based motorcycle racer Michael Jeffrey, who is a mechanical engineer, fitter …

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Fobo Bike tyre pressure monitor

Fobo Bike tyre pressure monitor review

Correct tyre pressures are vital for your safety and long tyre life, but many riders forget to check their tyre pressures or find it too difficult, so a tyre pressure monitor could help. Brisbane rider and workshop manager Ryan P. says he is pedantic about checking his tyre pressures every time he rides, but found …

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Farkle custom motorcycle

When is enough farkle enough?

For most riders the farkle (motorcycle accessories and bling) starts to appear the day you buy your new motorcycle and doesn’t stop until it’s sold or crashed. So the answer to the question in this article’s heading is “never”! Diminishing returns However, there is a law of diminishing returns on any motorcycle accessories. So it …

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Blackstone TEK Carbon Fibre Rapid TEK wheels

Rapid TEK carbon fibre wheel

South African carbon fibre manufacturing company Blackstone TEK has added a beautiful five-split-spoke wheel to its line-up that can be swapped between bikes. The Rapid TEK features an interchangeable high-pressure-forged carbon hub. That allows you to quickly swap it between up to 30 Japanese and European sports models. If you want to make one modification to …

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Incharger Baseline oval grips

Are oval hand grips more comfortable?

Oval shaped handlebar grips are more ergonomic and comfortable for long trips, says European motorcycle accessories manufacturer Incharger. Their new Baseline collection for Harley-Davdson motorcycles only features grips that are oval shaped to reflect the shape of your palm. They claim it gives you more control with an especially relaxed hold during long trips. It …

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Ducati GT1000 carbon wheels farkle

Do carbon wheels match hype?

There is a lot of hype about carbon wheels improving handling and braking, but do they really live up to that hype? I’ve ridden many bikes with carbon wheels, but never been able to compare them back-to-back to a bike with heavier standard wheels. Until now. South African carbon manufacturer Blackstone TEK supplied a set …

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Moriwaki exhaust Honda Grom

‘Forgotten’ Moriwaki brand bounces back

The Moriwaki performance motorcycle parts brand has been largely forgotten in our market, but now Bikebuilders is attempting to return it to its former glory. The Brisbane-based company has added the Japanese brand to its inventory and plans to actively import parts. Bikebuilders partners Leif Martinsen and Yosuke (Yoshi) Kawamura are good friends of MD …

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