Touratech Endurance soft bags

Touratech soft pannier system

Are you a hard or soft pannier adventure rider? Each has its virtues and each has its disadvantages. Hard panniers can be locked, offer better protection for contents, can withstand high impacts, are easily accessed, they are quick to release and lock on, and they can even be used as camp seats when taken off. However, they are …

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Henty CoPilot backpacks

Backpacks for motorcycle commuters

Motorcycle riders not only arrive at work happier than other commuters, but can also looking fresh and neat thanks to the Australian-designed Henty CoPilot range of backpacks. The clever two-in-one Henty CoPilot backpacks consist of an outer garment bag that protects against crushing and wringing your clothes, and a spacious grab 20 litre inner utility bag. …

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Kawasaki silicone watches in lime green and black

Kawasaki lime gifts for Christmas

If you’re a Kawasaki fan and looking to make this a lime Christmas, the brand has a couple of products right up your street. Kawasaki Australia has released its water-resistant Silicone Watches in black or lime at $45 each through their dealerships. Only a true Kwaka fan would want the lime green, but the back …

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Dowco Willie & Max leather saddlebags

15 new Dowco motorcycle luggage items

Wisconsin motorcycle luggage manufacturer Dowco has launched five new Willie & Max leather saddlebags and 10 complimentary accessory bags. The 100% leather cruiser-style bags have a universal fit and function to integrate easily with most motorcycles. Dowco claims they are easy to install if used with their universal hard-mount system. They are Finished off with chrome …

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Oxford Quick Release tank bag

Oxford tank bag fits tank filler

We love a tank bag for the convenience of having what you need right in front of you, including your wallet, phone, maps, etc. Magnetic or strap-on tank bags tend to scratch your tank and they aren’t very secure. Now Oxford, the makers of those handy grip warmers and other bike accessories, have released a …

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X-Over motorcycle bag

Versatile X-Over motorcycle bag

This German-designed X-Over motorcycle bag is versatile, light, waterproof and comfortable. In fact, it is our bag of choice while we travel around Mexico over the next month with Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Adventures. This motorcycle bag comes in 10-litre and 12-litre sizes for $170 and $205, respectively, plus postage. Now, that’s quite expensive, but you don’t …

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Dowco Iron Rider motorcycle Bag

Dowco motorcycle bags for trendy riders

The ubiquitous army surplus shoulder bag is being replaced by more trendy and useful motorcycle bags with special compartments and extra features. Riders love a one-shoulder bag because it is easy to access, but they can also tend to flap around and get in your way, and they often don’t have many compartments or much …

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Wheelrider top box

Motorcycle top box converts to wheelie bag This is the ultimate motorcycle luggage for people who travel as this top box converts to a wheelie bag, leaving a rack to secure your helmet, a USB to charge your phone and rain covers for your seat and helmet. So far the Wheelrider is only a prospective product, but the inventors are running …

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Weekender motorcycle luggage

Motorcycle luggage packs laptop

Is it a sign of the times when motorcycle luggage includes a special pouch for a laptop? Usually the weekend motorcycle getaway is just that – a getaway from the weekday computer drag, not dragging it around with you. However, the modern laptop and tablet have become so versatile and robust with their unbreakable flash …

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