Motorcycle gun vault

Store your gun in motorcycle vault!

There may little call for it here, but one American company has created a special motorcycle vault to store your valuables such as a wallet, phone and even a gun! Console Vault who make vaults fr all sorts of vehicles says they are in the “peace of mind business”. I’m not sure that carrying a …

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AlpineStars gloves Alpinestars SP-Z Drystar

MotoCAP adds 12 gloves to ratings

If you’re in the market for a new set of motorcycle gloves, Australia’s internationally awarded MotoCAP now has safety ratings for 73 pairs. The safety intitiative that rates motorcycle jackets, pants and gloves, launched in September 2018 and is the first of its type in the world. It has now rated 223 items of clothing, …

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HJC Joker helmet

No joke: HJC launches Joker helmet

HJC Helmets has had a long association with Marvel Comics and Star Wars and now they add the DC Comics RPHA 11 Pro Joker helmet to their collections. Of course you’ll pay up to an extra $100 for the privilege of following your nerdy fashion tastes, but who cares when you can look like a …

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MV Agusta Rush 1000

MV Agusta partners with Akrapovic

MV Agusta has announced an industrial partnership with Slovenian exhaust systems manufacturer Akrapovič. The agreement includes the supply of exhaust systems designed and produced for specific MV Agusta models. Akrapovič has similar deals with other manufacturers and for several years has been supplying original mufflers for BMW and now Indian. It’s not unusual for motorcycle …

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Sena Outrush modular helmet

Wait for Sena Outrush modular helmet

Sena has released its first modular helmet with built-in intercom, but Australians will have to wait for the Outrush as it has still not been Euro-approved for sale here. At the moment it is only DOT approved for North American markets. There is no announcement yet on how long Aussie and European riders will have …

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Bass Sena Cardo

Helmet intercoms are all about the bass

First it was Sena who increased their 50 series speaker diameter to 40mm to enhance bass response and now Cardo have introduced the Packtalk Black with 45mm speakers. Packtalk Black is, of course, black, but all other features remain the same. They also offer 45mm JBL speaker replacements for existing Cardo units for use with …

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Hightail helmet hair

Hightail solves helmet hair issue

One of the biggest issues women cite with riding is how to deal with helmet hair, but now Aussie invention Hightail may have solved the problem. Hightail ($A55) is simply a hair net device that attaches to the back of the helmet and holds long hair in place. Obviously, it works for long-haired men as …

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Apple CarPlay Indian motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle joins move to Apple CarPlay

Indian Motorcycle will join Honda and Harley-Davidson in offering Apple CarPlay to owners of 2020 Chieftain, Roadmaster and Challenger models with navigation. Honda Goldwing was the first with Apple CarPlay in 2018 and Harley followed a year later with the software update to its Boom! Box GTS Infotainment Systems on their Touring models. Harley-Davidson was …

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Customize motorcycle

5 Tips to Customize Your Bike

(Sponsored post for our North American readers) When buying a new motorcycle or sports car, there are things you wish you could change. Most of the time, you end up living with these things, perhaps because you don’t have the time to make tweaks, or you dread the prospect of ruining your newly acquired asset. …

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Ducati Lenovo 5 laptop PC

Ducati fires up Lenovo 5 laptop PC

Chinese computer company Lenovo signed a multi-year agreement with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati in 2018. Initially the agreement was to support the Ducati MotoGP team with computer firepower, but also to develop products and collaborate on research and development. The result of this collaboration includes special products such as this limited-edition Lenovo Ducati 5 laptop …

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