Saint store in Melbourne denim clothingSaint store in Melbourne denim clothing

Saint denim opens first store

Melbourne denim riding gear company Saint, which has developed a six-second single-layer denim, has now opened a flagship store in Melbourne. Saint began as an online store 18 months ago and has now opened a store at 154 Johnston St, Fitzroy.  Their “Unbreakable” range of riding jeans, jackets and gloves is made from a special blend …

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SlimBuds bike earphones add comfort

SlimBuds bike earphones add comfort

New SlimBuds motorcycle earphones are claimed to be the most comfortable and secure with an app that dampens wind noise, but highlights important sounds for safety. Mechanical engineer Alperen Topay came up with the idea of slim-fitting earphones while on his daily motorcycle commute to work as an R&D engineer at one of Europe’s largest TV and …

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Octane motorcycle Craker jacket

Octane motorcycle rider gear launches

Octane motorcycle clothing has launched in Australia with jackets, pants and gloves made to high safety and quality standards, but at reasonable prices. The gear will be offered through the new Motorbike Writer online shop. Click here to BUY NOW! Octane motorcycle gear importers are veteran New Zealand motorcycle riders who know the demands on …

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Arrow exhaust on Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R

Arrow exhausts liven up Triumphs

Motorcycle companies have a strong association with aftermarket exhaust companies such as Triumph has with Arrow exhausts. The first accessory most riders add to their bike is an exhaust system so it stands to reason that bike and exhaust manufacturers would forge strong links. Other examples are Suzuki and Yoshimura, BMW and Akrapovic and Ducati …

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iASUS XSound 2.1 helmet speakers sound

Add-on speakers improve helmet sound

A quick and cheap way to improve the quality of your helmet’s Bluetooth sound system is to buy some aftermarket plug-in speakers like the XSound 2.1 from iASUS. The problem with many helmet Bluetooth intercom units – even top-quality models – is that they seem to skimp on the sound quality of their speakers. They …

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BMW Motorrad creating digital riders information apps

Top apps for modern motorcycle fans

A good way of helping you get the most out of your motorbike trips is to download some useful apps that can help and entertain you in plenty of different ways. Here is a look at some must-have apps for motorcycle fans, including one with an important crash safety feature, plus traffic-busting data and ways …

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Shark RIDILL budget helmet

Shark unveils safe budget helmet

Who says you have to sacrifice your budget to afford a safe helmet when Shark has released the RIDILL helmet with a high safety score from just $199.95? Shark is the most prolific helmet brand in the industry-leading British SHARP helmet ranking survey with 24 helmets and all but one scoring four or more stars. That makes …

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Sena Cavalry motorcycle half helmet with bluetooth unit

Sena releases Cavalry half motorcycle helmet

Bluetooth experts have produced a Cavalry half helmet with built-in communicator mainly for the American cruiser market. There is no word on its availability yet in Australia through Sena distributors Earmold. Earmold owner Aaron Dalle-Molle says the Cavalry is available for sale in the US at $349. “So I’d be betting on late October before …

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Hedon Heroine Racer

Hedon launches full-face Heroine helmet

Exclusive European helmet brand Hedon will soon launch their first full-face model, the Heroine, in Australia. Hedon helmets are now being distributed in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia by Perth company, The Design Collective. Spokesman Chris Burke says they will hold an official launch of the brand and Heroine helmet in Sydney in April. “We are excited …

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KTM invests in Nuviz-770 HUD technology

KTM invests in HUD helmet technology

KTM appears to be joining BMW in pushing head-up display (HUD) helmet technology that integrates with their bikes and other motorists. The company’s parent, Pierer Industry AG, has invested in American HUD company Nuviz, the first to offer an aftermarket HUD accessory. The funds will help the company release their device, the Nuviz-770, which includes …

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