Alpinestars GP Plus 2R gloves

Alpinestars gloves score top safety rating

Alpinestars GP Plus R2 motorcycle gloves (pictured) have become only the second pair of gloves to be awarded a full five stars for safety by MotoCAP. The internationally awarded safety and thermal comfort ratings system for motorcycle clothing has added 15 more gloves to its list of tested gear. The Australian safety intitiative, launched in September 2018, is the first …

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cleaning bugs off helmet visor and bike

How to clean bugs off visor and motorbike

If you’ve ever been showered with bugs on your ride, you will know how difficult they are to remove from your helmet visor and your motorcycle. That’s because the wind quickly dries them out and they become very hard and stick like glue to any surface. Cleaning bugs off your bike While bugs on a …

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American Motorcycle Simulator computer game

Bike simulator ideal for isolation

If you have to self-isolate during the current pandemic, then we suggest reading heaps of Motorbike Writer articles … or maybe playing a computer motorcycle simulator game! There is a host of such games around and early next year they will be joined by American Motorcycle Simulator which takes you through the USA, including the …

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Motorcycle Helmets label and sticker

Choosing The Right Bike Helmet For A Safe Ride

(Contributed post) When it comes to riding a motorbike, having the right safety gear is of utmost importance. Riding is far more enjoyable when you have the confidence you are safe. A helmet is the most important part of your bike safety gear as it protects your head and face. In the event of an …

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Revan dashcam HUD bluetooth unit

Revan camera may replace mirrors

Future motorcycles may not need mirrors with this Revan helmet-mounted live-feed camera that screens images to a head-up display (HUD). Some may find this bulky camera and HUD device as a safety feature that eliminates blind spots while others may view it as a dangerous distraction. The Revan system includes an intercom for VoIP-based group …

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Roadone accessories contreoller

RoadOne controls bike accessories

The RoadOne controller replaces messy multiple switches to operate electrical accessories such as chargers, heated grips and seat, dash cams and auxiliary lights. It allows riders to switch these devices on and off with the wave of a hand and a voice command. Funding campaign French company Plug&Ride has launched an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to bring …

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MV Agusta introduces Piquadro smart luggage

MV Agusta has Piquadro in the bag

MV Agusta has collaborated with Italian travelware company Piquadro to introduce a stylish range of branded keyrings, wallets, backpacks and travel bags. The MV Agusta – Motorcycle Art collection in textile and leather will be available online through the official MV Agusta website in May and there are no prices yet. We checked out the …

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Garmin zūmo XT gets smarter

Garmin zūmo XT now smarter, brighter

Garmin has unveiled its new zūmo XT GPS which is brighter, smarter and packed with more features. It would want to be, too, as it now costs  $A849 in Australia and $US499 in the USA. If you have the Garmin Drive app it will also allow riders access to smart notifications, real-time fuel prices, live traffic reports and weather …

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AGV K6 helmet

AGV K6 helmet offers more protection

The new AGV K6 carbon helmet has more shell area and less visor mechanism for maximised protection, though the visor still offers peripheral vision of 190°. It arrives in March from $699 for mono colours and $799 for multi colours. The lightweight 1220g road helmet is based on technologies derived from the Pista GP R …

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