Shoei Glamster retro helmet

Shoei launch retro Glamster helmet

Every motorcycle helmet seems to have a retro model after the recent Arai Rapide Neo and now the Shoei Glamster road helmet. Shoei already has the Ex-Zero which is more of a retro adventure helmet. While the Glamster is a handsome looking helmet and has all the usual Shoei hi-tech, quality finish and protection, the …

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Ghost D30 armour

D3O Ghost armour protects and comforts

Motorcycle clothing armour can be stiff, hot and make your gear tight, but new, thin Ghost limb protection armour from D3O is expected to cage all that. The CE-approved armour was unveiled by motorcycle clothing companies Furygan and Richa at the recent EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. D3O brand manager Blanche Maass says their protectors …

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Furygan airbag vest

Furygan airbag vest zips inside jacket

Furygan is the latest company to add an airbag vest that goes inside your jacket and can be easily reset at home after being triggered. Most airbag suits and jackets include the airbag and some airbag vests go over the top, while others go inside. We weren’t sure how an airbag exploding under your jacket in …

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Sygic traffic lights countdown app add-on

Satnav app adds traffic light countdown

A satellite navigation app that has a countdown to how long a traffic light will change has been recognised as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree. The Slovakian Sygic navigation app used by more than 200 million drivers globally has a new and free Traffic Lights countdown add-on. It is only working in the US at …

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loading motorcycle trailer

Self-loading motorcycle ramp

Loading a motorcycle on to a trailer or vehicle can lead to disasters and can take a lot of muscle and skill to get it right. However, Dutch company Porteos takes all the worry, muscle and skill out of the process. They are updating their self-loading motorcycle ramp with a lighter telescopic ramp that can …

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Chainbath messy chain cleaner

ChainBath cleans up a messy job

ChainBath could make the messy job of cleaning your motorcycle chain easy, either with or without a paddock stand. Canadian inventor Daniel Chiriac, 45, has a patent pending on his ChainBath device which he now plans to licence and produce. The brilliance of this simple device that sets it apart from others is that it …

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