thongs riding gear HOG rally peeves

Dealers say no to thongs as riding gear

If you arrive at a Triumph Motorcycle dealer in India dressed in thongs (flip flops), shorts and a t-shirt, they may not hand over your new motorcycle. This comes as police in Victoria want minimum riding gear standards that include gloves and boots in an effort to reduce the rising motorcyclist road toll. The debate on …

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Harley-Davidson safety gear

Harley-Davidson offers riding gear

While many riders stretch their finances just to buy a motorcycle and then can’t afford to buy decent safety gear, Harley-Davidson has a solution. HD Australia products manager Sébastien Bureau says they are offering customers finance deals that include up to 10% of the price of the bike to be spent on riding gear. “It’s …

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Wellco army boots

US Army boots make great riding boots

When we began riding in the 1970s, all our motorcycle riding gear came from the army disposal shop because the gear was strong, reliable, weatherproof, warm/cool and, best of all, cheap! These days most people only wear riding gear made by specialist motorcycle outfitters. It’s also strong, reliable, weatherproof, warm/cool, but sometimes expensive. It seems that …

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Indian Red Wing Boots

Indian Motorcycle Red Wing boots coming

Indian Motorcycle has partnered with Red Wing Shoes to create a three-model line-up of stylish riding boots for men and women. The good news is that they will be coming Down Under, says Indian Motorcycle Australia and New Zealand Country Manager Peter Harvey. “The Indian Red Wing boots are very cool and we are looking …

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Boots protector

Slip-on protector saves your boots

Here is a simple answer to the age-old problem of protecting your boots while riding. Rubber gear shifters leave black marks on your boot and metal shifters can scuff, scratch and eventually ruin your boot. This Shifter Boot Protector is a simple leather protector on an elastic strap that easily fits over any size boot and …

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Axo Freedom Adventure boots

AXO Freedom Adventure boot review

The first thing you notice about the new AXO Freedom Adventure boots ($299.95 through is the absence of bulky clips and latches typical of most adventure or off-road motorcycle boots. Instead, they feature the “Boa” latching system which is used in ski and snowboard boots. It consists of a click-knob and wire harnessing system. …

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