Case adjourned on cop throwing object at rider

The case of NSW Senior Constable Brett Rossiter, charged with allegedly throwing “an object” at a motorcycle rider, has been adjourned to October 25, 2016.

The incident occurred while the specialist command Senior Constable was performing random breath tests on Hannahs Road at Narwee, in Sydney, on Friday, November 6, 2015.

The above video of the incident comes from Dashcam Owners Australia.

It will be alleged the officer threw an object at the rider who did not stop at the RBT location. Although it cannot be seen in the video, it is alleged the rider crashed and suffer minor injuries.

The officer was charged with ‘intentionally throw object at vehicle / vessel – risk safety’ under the NSW Crimes Act 1900 – Sect 49A which carries a maximum penalty of five years’ jail.

In a recent incident where North Queensland Cowboys players threw eggs at vehicles, two of the offenders received $2500 fines.

This is the second time the case has been adjourned.

  1. Yes, the rider was an idiot and deserves whatever punishment the Courts dish out.
    The cop is also an idiot…he broke the law also, so it’s only fair that he also faces whatever punishment the Courts see fit.

    It constantly amazes me how some people will berate “Joe Public” for breaking the law but will then happily condone the Police doing the same thing… :/

  2. Cop should have hit him with a baton. The rider is an idiot and should be loose his licence. What if he hit the cop. Similar situation in Qld a few years ago where the cop got hit and lost a leg

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