Carberry Enfield 1000cc engine vibration
Carberry Enfield 1000cc engine

Carberry Enfield V-twin engine on sale

Adelaide’s Royal Enfield custom builder, Carberry Motorcycles, has released its first Indian-made 1000cc V-twin engine for worldwide sale.

Called the Double Barrel 1000, it consists of two joined carbureted 500cc single-cylinder Royal Enfield engines.

The V-twin engine produces about 42kW of power at 4800rpm and 108Nm of torque at 5250rpm, compared with the single-cylinder’s 20kW at 5250rpm and 41.3Nm at 4000rpm.

However, the engine is not cheap. It costs about $13,000, which is some $4000 more than a whole Royal Enfield Classic 500 costs on the road!

Carberry Enfield 1000cc engine
Carberry Enfield 1000cc in a Royal Enfield

Customers have to pay 50% deposit on order and it could take up to seven months for delivery.

The engine comes with primary drive, five-speed gearbox, seven-plate clutch, heavy-duty starter motor, 3.7-litre oil tank and the lifters and oil pumps have their own housings to protect the engine.

It doesn’t include the exhaust system which depends on the frame of the motorcycle it is being fitted into.

Carberry plans bike and EFI

Developer Paul Carberry says the engine will fit most custom motorcycle frames.

Carberry Enfield 1000cc engine
Paul Carberry

Paul has been working on the project for a number of years and last year moved engine operations to Bhilai, India.

Complete Carberry bikes will be available later this year when they move operations to Pune, he says.

Paul is also working on a V-twin based on the new fuel-injected 500cc single.

Royal Enfield’s own twin

Royal Enfield 750 spy shot - Carberry
Royal Enfield 750 spy shot

Meanwhile, Royal Enfield is set to release its own twin later this year.

The parallel-twin 750cc could be called the Interceptor or GT750 and it is now expected to come in two versions after spy shoots were released of the bike with a solo seat and a double seat.

It features a twin-spar frame and oil-cooled, fuel-injected parallel twin with the oil cooler between the front bars of the frame.

Royal Enfield GT750

There are two peashooter-style mufflers, twin rear shocks, dual instruments pods, single round headlight and flat bars, rather than clip-ons as used on the GT Continental.Royal Enfield GT750

The 750 will compete more with the Indian-made Harley-Davidson Street 750 and new 750cc Street Rod. Harley currently dominates the over-601cc market in India, according to Harley international sales VP Marc McAllister.

Harley-Davidson Street Rod - GT750
Harley-Davidson Street Rod

The Royal Enfield 750 is billed as British-designed, engineered and built, but has been spied being tested in the UK and India, so it is likely a joint development project.

Perhaps the bike will be built in both India and the new $6.5m Royal Enfield technical centre and factory in Leicestershire, England.Royal Enfield GT750

The bike is expected to give the company a hefty boost in sales, particularly in India where it would be classed as a “super bike”.

Royal Enfield had a record quarter from April to June with a 24.2% rise in sales to 183, 731, with 97.5% of those sold in the Indian market, mostly Classic 350s.

The Indian motorcycle market is the biggest in the world selling almost 2 million two-wheelers last year, well ahead of China with 1.6 million sales.

  1. I have read with much interest the Birth of the Carberry Enfield I am excited that s bike is being built that will take it to Harley Davidson and kick sand in its face. Wow my Dad if he was alive would have been at the head of the line to buy one

  2. Boris
    I’ve known Paul for many years and we use to call him Rags. He is a genuine guy and this engine use to be made in launching place Vic
    About Severn years ago we had a carburetor thunder ride and all bikes manufactured to that date turned out
    I have photos
    If you wanted to visit the original factory where they were made I could put you in contact
    I think I rode bike #1 and remember the pallet of engine cases cranks and engine parts. From memory it ran HD lifters. Preordered bikes use to cost $20k
    Many people in the broadford racing faturnity will remember them at trackside
    Anyway. Enjoyed your article and great to hear recent news of Paul

  3. The torque boost of the V-twin is impressive.
    The red demo bike in the pics could use a front brake upgrade.
    On the other hand, a grunty Carberry V-twin in a flexy and underbraked frame could be the modern re-interpretation of the Vincent that the world is waiting for.

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