Can Am Spyder F3 submission
Can-Am Spyder F3

Can-Am Spyder F3 is a muscle cruiser

The 2015 Can-Am Spyder F3 will be a cruiser-style three-wheel roadster with forward controls.

Made by made by Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products, the Spyder F3’s forward controls should make it a more relaxing ride. 

That should help Can-Am attract some of the cruiser set who are getting a little too old to hold up a two-wheeled conventional cruiser as well as drivers interested in the freedom of a motorcycle but lacking the confidence to take on a heavy cruiser.

Can-Am Spyder F3BRP Australia spokesman Simon Kendrick says he doesn’t have anymore information but expects it to be released in 2015. “The Australian release date may become known after the official unveiling on September 23,” he says. “As for pricing, we don’t have that available usually until just prior to stock availability in Australia.’

The Spyder F3 might have cruiser-style forward controls, but it has an aggressive front end that looks more like an American muscle car than a trike. It also expected to be powered by the RT’s liquid-cooled 1330cc in-line triple. It is claimed to have 85kW of power at 7250rpm and 130Nm of torque at 5000rpm. That’s more aggression than most cruisers.

The Spyder F3 will probably also have the RT’s six-speed gearbox with electronic clutch control and come in a choice of manual and automatic transmissions with Can-Am’s Vehicle Stability System like the other Spyders.

What we do know is that it has larger front wheels, a new trellis swingarm and ABS.

With the growing trend toward trikes noticed at recent rallies as the motorcycle population gets older, a new rocket like the Spyder F3 will certainly attract some attention.

I haven’t ridden the 2014 models, but I did go to the 2013 model launch in New Zealand. Read my review here.

Also check out the 2014 model updates here.

  1. This Spyder is HOT no bones about it. With a 1330 inline Ace triple, it’s going to be a rocket. BRP nailed the “Y” design by moving the two wheels upfront. This eliminated the instability of the “two in back” mode (as in the Harley trikes) in cornering. This is going to be a BEAST of a machine that should really boost BRP’s bottom line sales wise. I would be proud to add this to my current ST and GS lineup!!!

  2. I still think that trikes have to have the two wheels at the back. I just can’t come at the design of the Spyder.

    On the other hand I think that more people will take up the Spyder as an alternative because Harley can’t get their trikes approved for Australia which is ridiculous.

    I personally would move to a Harley trike when I couldn’t hold up two wheels, or just as a more convenient mode of travel without resorting to a car.

    1. Erik,
      There are a lot of riders out there that feel it is not for them, as it does not meet their expectations in some form,
      the Spyder is more motorcycle than trike, and has allowed a lot riders to feel the exhilaration of riding for various reasons and with the inclusion of the new F3 cruiser Can Am has a model to suit most tastes

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