Call for calm on bikie laws

Arlo Guthrie bikie lawsBike riders usually don’t talk politics or even ask other riders what they do for a living. Most of the conversation is usually about bikes and where you’ve ridden … And fallen off!
So it is out of kilter to be discussing this issue of anti bikie laws.
However, the fundamental issue here is freedom.
What do bike riders cherish the most … Freedom!
What do they think a bike gives them … Freedom!
If this legislation takes away some of that precious commodity, then we need to let government know that we won’t stand for it.
So we will gather peacefully on Saturday at 9am in Canungra and do what most bike riders normally do … Talk about our bikes.
If the media is there we won’t give them a show, but will explain calmly how we have tired of the current discriminatory harassment with licence checks and cannot tolerate greater harassment powers for the police.
Meanwhile, let’s hope the good folk of one of our favourite towns makes the most of it by selling plenty of lattes and big breakfasts.
In an effort to maintain good humour over this issue I will leave you with the words of folk singer Arlo Guthrie (pictured): “I don’t want no pickle, I just wanna ride my motor-cycle.”
Maybe that should be our theme.
Click here to hear the song.

  1. You have to ask ,who is next ? Cyclists maybe or perhaps skateboarders , yeah they are all bastards that annoy people at shopping malls , lets get them next .

  2. Aside from losing our own personal freedoms to choose who and how many people we wish to ride/associate with, these laws will also affect charity rides that are put together to help the less fortunate or the unfortunate, or just to flat-out raise awareness, there is a higher percentage of law-abiding riders out there than trouble-making ones, and a fair amount of trouble-making ones also give back to the community, with charity rides etc! How soon people forget these things.
    There are a lot worse offenders in our communities who get more protection than they deserve!
    There is good and bad in every demographic in society. People should be dealt with individually. Can only imagine what would happen if we dared to do this to a religious, cultural or ethnic group, some of who have committed far more despicable crimes!

  3. Ride in Three’s. Everybody everywhere ride in groups of Three.

    There won’t be enough Plod to keep up and it will drive them MAD! ):]

    It’s called passive resistance and might get the message across better than lots of tub-thumping and shouting. (But let’s still have all that anyway :])

    When you get stopped by Plod you’ll need something to sing, soooo:

    “Ride in Threes Ride in Threes
    Ride in Threes oh Ride in Three’s
    We will keep you working … Ride in Three’s”

    (Sung to ‘Let It Be’)

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