Buying Tires for a Motorcycle

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The motorcycle is a fast and effective means of transport. It can take you anywhere when vehicles are stuck in traffic. Statistics show that in some countries people prefer bikes to cars. The reason is simple – they are convenient and cheaper. As motorcycles are two-wheeled vehicles, it is obvious that tires are one of the most important parts. In fact, this is the only part of any bike that has direct contact with the road. That is why tires must be of great quality and chosen in accordance with weather conditions.

Numerous people purchase used bikes because they are cheap. At the same time, it has certain risks. First, you do not know whether the vehicle has been damaged. Luckily, you can check it with the help of vin lookup. Second, you do not know for sure how old tires are. This should be checked at the service station. If the mechanic states that tires must be changed, hurry up.

Tire Types and Features

Once tires become worn out, you have to change them. Choosing tires can be a complicated task. You have to make choice based on various factors, including tire quality. One thing you need to remember that tires must be of excellent quality. It does not mean they should be extremely expensive. Another thing to take into consideration is riding conditions. Different roads require different types of tires with different compound and tread pattern.

Tire and its entirety are manufactured from the compound, which is basically the material. Tread refers to the rubber on its circumference that has direct contact with the surfaces. The tread consists of the crown of the tire and its shoulders. Tread pattern is also a special design that has channels and grooves for channeling water away from the contact patch. This prevents motorcycle tire from losing grip on the road in wet conditions.

Tyre tire tires

There are four basic types of tires: radial, tube type, bias-ply, and radial. Tube-type tires consist of the tire and tube with valve and rim. Tire manufacturing companies are working in direction of tubeless tires. Why? It is safer, as in case of a puncture, tube type tire are exposed to instant leakage. The tubeless tire does not lose air quickly, which allows getting to the nearest service station.

Tire Brands

Buying high-quality tires does not mean buying expensive tires. There excellent cheap motorcycle products that are characterized by great features. If you have extra money, you are free to buy premium tires. However, for everyday driving in a city, it is better to choose inexpensive tires manufactured by budget brands. Good news is that some premium companies own budget brands producing low-cost motorcycle tires of nearly the same quality.

If your budget is not limited and you prefer premium brands, Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, and Bridgestone are on the top of the list. Check moto manual to make sure, which size is needed for your vehicle.

Get the best tires for your motorcycle to feel safe and sound.

  1. My husband needs new tires for his motorcycle. I agree with you that tires of excellent quality are a must. I will help my husband find a service that provides high-quality tires.

  2. Any decent tyre will have a “DOT” (US Department of Transportation) code cast into the sidewall which should allow anyone to determine the week and year a tyre was made.

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