Burning police car

Burning police car story takes a twist

The story of a Queensland police car that caught fire after a hot pursuit of an allegedly speeding motorcycle rider has taken a few twists since it was unveiled on Monday (October 5, 2015).

It now seems complaints may be made about the driving behaviour of the police officer and the matter is under investigation.

On Monday afternoon, an officer began pursuing a rider on Splityard Ck Rd at the back of Mt Glorious, a popular motorcycle road.

It appears he police car pulled over the rider at the T junction with the road that winds up to Mt Glorious.

Police media have issued a statement saying the police vehicle was stationary and when the officer moved it, the rear wheels lost traction and it slid sideways down the embankment into long, dry grass.

The hot muffler is believed to have started a grass fire under the car which has then caught fire and been destroyed.

Early reports say the rider was stopped, then took off when the police car slid into the ditch. He was even reported to have stopped up the road and looked back to see the unmarked patrol car on fire.

However, photos of the incident show the rider being issued with some sort of infringement notice.

Burning police car

Police say they have no record of any infringement being issued. However, the officer may have given the rider a fine or a notice to appear in court, which would not show up in the central police system.

Now it appears a truck driver at the scene plans to make a complaint about the driving behaviour of the officer, saying he overtook his truck on a blind corner over the crest of a hill.

Police had confirmed that the officer will not be reprimanded over the incident, but late this afternoon they confirmed the matter was under investigation and that they could not comment until the investigation was complete.

Eyewitness Scott Rider says he rode past when car was burning and checked to see if everyone was ok and there were no injuries.

“I had a giggle,” he says.

The truck driver also says the rider was allowed to drive home without charge.

If you know any more information, please get in touch.


  1. Well I was just amazed at this hoon doing donuts blasting the horn and flashing his lights you can see all the skid marks on the road where he was going in circles then he lost it and slid down an inbankment this guy on a motorcycle stopped to help the fool and the guy gave him some sort of letter. Sorry what’s that you’re from the police and you need to clarify what happened? The guy was a policeman and the motorcyclist was speeding?
    Yeah right a motorcyclist riding safely must have been speeding and that’s really dangerous but a guy in a two tonne car going faster just to give him a ticket and crashes is really making our roads safer!

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