BMW R nineT tank with visible seam

BMW R nineT accessory tanks

The retro/modern BMW R nineT continues to show its chameleon abilities with new tank accessories to further personalise the bike.

While I’m not a fan of the styling and would have preferred the original Concept Ninety design by Roland Sands, the bike does lend itself to being customised.

BMW Concept Ninety
RSD Concept Ninety

And that’s what custom houses and riders alike are doing. Check out our stories below for some of the designs.

There have been some radical designs based off the bike and now you can even change the tank.

BMW Motorrad is expanding its range of accessories with a special aluminium fuel tank available in two versions: hand-brushed, gloss-varnished and with rough and visible seams or smoothed welding seams.

BMW R nineT tanks
BMW R nineT tank with visible seam

The rough-seamed tank gives it a “rat bike” style, although it doesn’t really suit the rest of the bike’s polished appearance.

As you would expect from BMW, the hand-crafted tanks are not cheap. Prices are €1695 (about $A2300) for the visible welding seam and €1795 (about $A2500) for the smoothed welding seam.

BMW says the fuel tanks are to be fitted by “BMW Motorrad partners exclusively”, but we’re not sure if those prices are fitted or if fitting costs extra.

BMW R nineT tank with visible seam
BMW R nineT tank with smoothed seam

BMW Group Australia corporate communications GM Lenore Fletcher says they expect the tanks to be available here in July, with pricing announced closer to the sale date.

Both aluminium fuel tanks are identical to the series production fuel tank in shape, volume and weight.

  1. Remember in the old days Triumph made several different sized tanks that all were in the same general shape. The enduro bikes (Jack Pine & TR-6C) got the smaller tanks and really enhanced the look. Too bad the Germans never got to see (or better yet ride) the English machines. I am tired of carrying around twice the fuel I need for a 70 km ride. And the RnineT I own looks a bit out of proportion. Just my 73 year old opinion.

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