2005 BMW R 1200 GS

BMW in first motorcycle safety recall of 2014

The first safety recall notice of 2014 may be for some BMW motorbikes which could potentially burst into flames.
The North American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued the recall and usually these are followed a day or two later by a safety recall in Australia.
If the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission does issue a recall, you will read about it here first.
Meanwhile, BMW of North America is recalling some 50,000 bikes. They include certain model year 2005-2011 R series, 2005-2012 K series, 2010-2011 S 1000 RR sports bikes and 2006-2010 HP2.
In the affected motorcycles, the fuel pump flange (and the auxiliary fuel pump flange if equipped) could develop cracks and leak fuel possibly resulting in a fire.
Safety recalls are voluntary and usually the problem is fixed for free.
Click here to read about the safety recalls in Australian in 2013.

  1. About time… I am sick and tired patching up fuel pumps which are cracking up and start leaking fuel due to vibrations! Triumph had this very issue a few years back which was rectified very quickly, why did BMW had to wait so long is unsure 🙁
    A costly exercise for BMW now and a good outcome for the owners 🙂

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