BMW K 1100 RS
BMW K 1100 RS

BMW erection case goes limp

BMW has lost a major marketing tool with the dismissal of a case in which a Californian man complained that his K 1100 RS gave him a permanent erection for almost two years.

Henry Wolf claimed the BMW and his aftermarket Corbin seat triggered his medical condition after a four-hour ride in September 2010. The complaint, filed in in the California Superior Court in April 2012, claims he “suffered” a permanent erection for 20 months. In more medical terms it says the “ridge-like” saddle caused a “long-term case of priapism”. Wolf sought compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress and general damage from both companies.

However, after almost two years, Judge James J. McBride threw the case out for a lack of supporting evidence. The court accepted testimony from urologist Dr Jack McAninch that the plaintiff suffered from priapism, but rejected the testimony of neurologist Dr Jonathan Rutchik that vibrations from a motorcycle could cause the problem. Wolf’s defence also included evidence from the bike’s former and subsequent owners. We imagine it couldn’t have been too hard to sell!

Meanwhile we will just have to make do with the emotional arousal caused by BMW’s sexy new R nineT naked bike.

BMW R nineT
BMW R nineT

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