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BMW & Belstaff combine for motorcycle jackets

BMW and Belstaff have combined to make eight motorcycle jackets costing up to $2600. But what else could you expect from these two aspirational brands?


Now BMW Motorrad Australia has announced the arrival of the jackets designed and made by British clothing company Belstaff. They will only be available through Southbank Motorcycles in Melbourne.

The collection of eight jackets – two for women and six for men – feature long and short styles made of either leather or the more traditional hand-waxed cotton which is breathable and semi-waterproof. I’ve found these jackets repel water for a certain amount of time, then suddenly turn into a sponge! There are special waxes you can use to retreat the material, but I’ve always used surfboard wax to good effect.

Belstaff claims they are also windproof, but that’s not my experience of waxed cotton. If you want windproof with high abrasion resistance, try the leather jackets. All come with CE-approved armour.

Each jacket is identified by a vintage-look BMW emblem on the inside of the jacket, not on the outside! Mens sizes come in small to 4XL (46-58) and women’s sizes 30-44 (German sizes) or 36-50 (Italian sizes).

Men’s motorcycle jacket prices:

motorcycle jacketLoton Park $2600

Birling motorcycle jacketBirling jacket $1800

motorcycle jacketDonington jacket $1600

motorcycle jacketBrooklands jacket $1000

motorcycle jacketCrosby jacket $950

motorcycle jacketGlenn Duff Racer jacket $800

Women’s motorcycle jacket prices:

motorcycle jacketDarley jacket $1900

motorcycle jacketHairpin jacket $1200

  1. I had one of the originals back in the mid 70’s , they weren’t THAT good , even back then . I think i eventually donated it to Vinnies or gave it away , people often look back on older stuff with rose coloured glasses .These new prices are hipster prices , I’ll stick with a locally made leather jacket .

  2. I remember when Belstaff were motorcycle jackets and not a fashion accessory. My first bike jacket was a Belstaff and I even purchased the waterproof pants as well.
    At these prices you’d want to stay bloody dry while riding in the rain.

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