Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R ad fire risk blipping
Thruxton R

Blipping throttle stalls Triumph Thruxton

Blipping the throttle while the clutch is in may make 2016-18 Triumph Thruxton and Thruxton R engines stall.

Triumph has issued a global recall for a free recalibration of the engine management software on affected bikes.

Owners will be advised and the official recall notice has been issued.

VIN ranges of affected motorcycles

  • Thruxton: VIN from 743684 to 872978
  • Thruxton R: VIN from 740405 to 872978
  • Thruxton 1200 dual sea: VIN from 754589 to 872978
  • Thruxton 1200R dual seat: VIN from 749685 to 872978

This is the second recall for the new Thruxton and the third for the new Bonneville range.

Triumph Bonneville Thruxton R blipping
Thruxton R

Meanwhile, they should refrain from blipping the throttle, a practice that is often used on downshifts. It helps the engine match road speed and avoid rear-wheel lock-ups. Click here to read more about why you should learn to blip the throttle.


Recall notices are issued by the manufacturer through a voluntary industry code under the ACCC. Despite hundreds of recalls by various automotive manufacturers, none has ever been mandatory.  All have been issued by the manufacturer. While any recall is not good news for the manufacturer, it shows that they are largely diligent in fixing problems. If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502. To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites: • Australia • USA • UK • New Zealand • Canada

  1. I wish I had known about this issue prior to buying my Thruxton. I’ve had the bike in the shop with no success in rectification as yet. I’ve found this issue very very dangerous when in traffic, the last stall happening when I left the Triumph dealership after it was in the shop for a week.

  2. Triumph successsfully fixed the problem with a change in the fuel map. It’s a quick fix. Mine was bike 0. Triumph was super supportive and worked the issue aggressively. I have had no further issues since the fix.. Bike is spot on.

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