Bikers 4 Christ religion

Bikers take religion for a ride

For some, motorcycling is a religion and for others it seems motorcycles and religion are intrinsically linked.

There are many motorcycle clubs and groups around the world with religious links and one such group is the Bikers 4 Christ who were formed by Dave Horan, Ross Crouch and a few others in South East Queensland back in the 1980s.

National Co-ordinator Dave Donges says they now have about 45 members nationwide and even a member in the USA and one in New Zealand.

Ross or “Roscoe” says the idea of the Christian motorcycle group is to witness to others about their life as Christians and bikers.

He says he was a member of the Christ’s Ambassadors which became the God’s Squad in the 1980s.

“We’re a fellowship group, not a bike club as such” he explains. “We visit a lot of youth camps, shed nights, school fetes, etc and have a basic presence, just being there as a witness to the community.”

Bikers 4 Christ religion
Bikers 4 Christ riders with Dave and Roscoe at front

I met up with a group of riders from Bikers 4 Christ recently on their monthly ride and they were riding a variety of motorcycles and sported a variety of rider gear styles.

Dave says they haven’t been hassled by the police under the current VLAD “anti-bikie” laws in Queensland.

“I was approached once at a service station by an officer and asked whether I was in an outlaw gang and I showed him my patches on my jacket and he must have apologised about five times. he sad it was his job to ask.

“We ride around in groups up to about 20 and we’ve never been pulled up or targeted.”

Roscoe says they don’t minister to or associate with so-called outlaw bikie clubs the way some other Christian motorcycle clubs do, but minister to the general community and invite non-Christians along on term rides.

Bikers 4 Christ religion
Bikers 4 Christ on their monthly ride

“We provide fellowship amongst a diverse Christian biker community without argument or attempt to convert or convince one another that a particular doctrine is right ore another is wrong,” he says.

There are Bikers 4 Christ and associates throughout Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Mackay, Bowen, Cairns, Townsville, NSW, Victoria, WA, New Zealand and Colorado, USA, as of 2015.

Members are required to be Christian, agree with their Mission Statement and have no involvement in the occult, cults, illegal drugs, or addictions. They must also own a motorcycle 250cc+ to keep up with the group!

The annual subscription is $15 and a shield patch worn on the front of vest only is also $15. There are no compulsory meetings or rides.Bikers 4 Christ religion

For more information on Bikers 4 Christ, click here to send an email.

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