Bikers give blood for coffee

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Every good ride starts with a good coffee.
Now you can start your ride with a Merlo coffee, enjoy a ride with friends and help the Australian Red Cross.
Merlo’s 8th annual Red Ride for Life is on next Saturday (July 13) starting from their Bowen Hills Torrefazione in Thompson St at 10am.
The 30km ride goes to the Springwood Blood Donor Centre to raise awareness and donate blood for the Australian Red Cross. Bikes of all types are invited to participate.
“One in three Australians will need blood in their lifetime, and only one in 30 regularly donates – the Red Ride for Life aims to help balance this equation,” says Dean Merlo.
The annual ride has helped over 2,000 patients through blood donations over the past eight years.
To register, click here.

  1. Great to hear of bikers doing this sort of thing for charity and in the interests of community health and wellbeing!

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