Macklemore on his Moosercycle

Bike fan Macklemore raps for SSM

Motorcycle and car fan Macklemore (Ben Taggerty) will perform a same-sex song at the NRL finals on Sunday night, prompting a chorus of opposition from the “No” campaigners.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott Tweeted his concerns about the rapper bringing politics to the event by promising to perform his hit song Same Love, which is about same-sex marriage.

It is one of four songs Macklemore will perform.

We’re also hoping the motorcycle fan performs Downtown.

In the video, Macklemore rides a “moosercycle”!

Downtown also features a chariot being pulled by four Royal Enfields and a brace of scooters to rival Quadrophenia.

It begins with Macklemore reclining on a Vespa P 125 X scooter. It then moves to a scooter store where he buys a moped and goes wild in the streets.

He passes Harleys and a Ducati doing a wheelstand, then rides his moosercycle!

The lyrics are also pretty good, led by the line “have you ever felt the warm embrace of a leather seat between your legs?”.

There are some other great lines such as:

Whitewalls on the wheels like mayonnaise

Dope, my crew is ill, and all we need is two good wheels

Got gas in the tank, cash in the bank

And a bad little mama with her ass in my face.

I’m so low that my scrotum’s almost dragging up on the concrete

My seat is leather, alright, I’m lying, it’s pleather

But girl, we could still ride together.

SSM controversy

Macklemore is known for splurging on expensive motorcycles and cars and for his support of same-sex marriage.

He is unrepentant about his plans to perform Same Love at the NRL Grand Final on Sunday.

He told an American radio show: “So I’m getting a lot of tweets from angry old white men in Australia who I think there was a petition today to ban me from playing it.”

  • What do you think of Macklemore’s plan to sing Same Love at the NRL finals? Leave your comments in the section below.
  1. So, he gets a tweet he doesn’t like, & immediately jumps to the conclusion the sender is male, white, & from Australia. That’s pretty intolerant.
    If he wants to see anti-gay bias, he should look at what happens in Africa where being gay is frequently illegal & people openly advocate harsh punishments for gays.

  2. I won’t be watching the GF regardless, but I’m getting sick of being preached to about SSM, regardless of my personal views.

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